Destination Matters – Incentive Travel Trip Planning

Destination Matters
Choosing a destination requires matching a client’s goals and objectives with budgets and travelers expectations.   The key to a successful destination search is experience and yes, more experience. The Team at Incentive Travel Solutions has operated incentive trips in 97 countries and over 200 cities around the world. Without an intimate understanding of a destination’s strengths and limitations, an incentive trip may not be successful.

Irish Eyes Are Smiling
In 2005, Incentive Travel Solutions had the pleasure of operating a client incentive trip for 80 of their key distributors and guests. After a lengthy destination search, Ireland was selected as the host country.  With many towns and regions to choose from in Ireland, it was decided to stay three nights in Killarney, two nights in Adare and a night in Ashford Castle.  The trip was a tremendous success primarily because the winners and their guests bonded so well with the local Irish people and the hotel employees. Experience with knowing the client’s personality and history, as well as their attendees for many years, help the ITS planning Team select the perfect destination year after year for this company’s President’s Club Trip.

Papal-Basilica-Saint-Peter in the Vatican.

Incentive Trips Crafted with Imagination & Vision

“I got a guy”… as the saying goes. At Incentive Travel Solutions we have many “guys” and ladies around the world that are critical to our success. Our key destination partnerships are vital to a flawless and memorable incentive travel program.

One such partnership is extremely special. The ITS travel partnership in Italy goes back almost 25 years. The partnership has become a friendship, and we are proud to share this relationship as well as all of our travel relationships with you, our clients and their special guests.

In 2014, our partners in Italy offered Incentive Travel Solutions and our clients a special event. Imagine your guests gathering for an evening out in Rome.  Imagine passing by the St. Peter’s Cathedral, one of the most recognizable churches throughout the world. Then, imagine turning into St. Peter’s square with your guests as they stare out the window, anxious to take pictures of this beautiful basilica. Now imagine, a private tour of the Vatican and Sistine Chapel without the thousands of visitors.   And, following the private tour, imagine a reception and dinner in the gardens of the Vatican. This dream can now be a reality thanks to the Incentive Travel Solutions planning Team and our special partnerships in Italy.

An incentive trip starts with an imagination and a vision. Turning that vision into a reality takes years of experience and dedication. Incentive Travel Solutions Team looks forward to sharing our vision and experience with you and your guests.


Trains, Planes and Gondolas – Creative Incentive Travel Trips

Incentive Travel Solutions operates 75% of its client’s annual trips internationally in Europe and around the world. Read on to discover how remarkable we make incentive travel trips for your team.

When traveling abroad the ITS planning team incorporates many different modes of transportation. Touring in a motor coach day after day can be monotonous, boring and not very creative. The ITS Team, for example, incorporates train transfers throughout Europe whenever possible. The trains are affordable, efficient, clean and unique for many American travelers. During the train experience we include magazines, and many times upgrade the meals and snacks on board. In addition to trains, the ITS Team utilizes boats, vintage cars, trams, trollies, limousines, rail cars, and many other unique transfer methods.

In 2012, ITS operated a client incentive trip in Vienna, Austria. The final night black tie gala dinner was being hosted at the Schonbrunn Palace, the Summer home of the Austrian Royal Family. With a group of 350, it is sometimes difficult to transfer guests through major European cities without a motor coach. Yet, with creative planning, a first class travel team, and years of logistical expertise anything is possible. The ITS planning and on-site Team was able to transfer all 350 guests to their formal dinner in horse and buggies…AND with a glass of champagne along the way. The client’s winners and their guests loved the evening open air transfer and the event was a great success.

Creating special memories during incentive trips does not always have to increase our client’s budget. The Team at Incentive Travel Solutions takes pride in making recommendations that give a wow factor experience and keep costs in line.


Mountains & Mozart – Splendor in Banff, Canada

It is the goal of everyone at Incentive Travel Solutions to exceed expectations.  Our destination partners are very important to our success and we welcome their suggestions, experience and local relationships. However, even the best destination suppliers can get into a habit of presenting the same concepts over and over. Therefore, we take pride in custom designing every function, tour and group activity that we present our clients.

In 2014, Incentive Travel Solutions had the honor of creating a client incentive trip for their 180 winners and guests to Banff, Canada. During a site visit, we toured a local ranch that could be used for horseback riding during the day or host groups for a traditional western style dinner show in the evening. The venue was fantastic and the setting was beautiful. However, the Incentive Travel Solutions Team was looking for a real wow, something that the guests would remember for a lifetime.

In speaking with one of the ranch hands, he mentioned a field atop the mountain that he would take the horses to run. He offered to show us the location. There was only one way to visit the area, so the ITS Team mounted horses and began the journey. Upon arriving, it was clear that the scenery from this mile-high location was unique. The 360-degree view across the Canadian Rockies was spectacular. The field however, was a bit raw and would require quite a bit of grooming. The ranch hand was proud of his secret location and was anxious to help us in any way.

So the day arrived.  This was to be a signature event and everyone at the ranch was excited to witness the occasion first hand.  The client’s winners and guests arrived and were greeted by the ranchers and local artisans.   Outfitted in western attire, the group traveled by horses and wagons. Accompanied by cowboys, and a riding western trio, the group blazed a trail into the mountains.  Soon, the group entered the clearing atop the mountain. The setting was breathtaking. Before their eyes, was the amazing view of the Canadian Rockies. At the end of the summit was a marquee tent adorned with summer flower centerpieces, crystal stemware, and servers in black tuxedos to greet the group. Outside the tent, an orchestra performed tunes from the Sound of Music. The client, his top performers and their guests were speechless. They were wow’ed that all of this was created just for them. White and red wine was being poured and the first ever white glove western bar-b que was underway.

An incentive trip must be memorable and inspiring.  Taking something ordinary and turning it into a once in a lifetime memory is what the team at Incentive Travel Solutions challenges themselves with each and every day. Contact Us today to get started.


Work & Fun: How Can a CEO Deliver This Winning Combination?

From permitting beer drinking in the workplace to allowing employees to work from home, employee-friendly CEOs have tried about everything to make work feel less like work and more like fun. While most employees are gracious enough to accept whatever concessions a CEO throws their way, the fact remains: Some types of rewards are more effective than others at combining work and fun in a manner in which the latter doesn’t detract from the former.

Incentive-Based Trips Are a Great Option
Incentive-based trips are exactly what they sound like: travel opportunities that employees receive when they meet the requirements to receive them. At most companies, incentive-based trips are based on financial objectives. For example, a CEO might offer an incentive-based golf trip to his or her sales team if they exceed last year’s sales goals by 20 percent, or offer the same trip to members of management if they reduce annual operating costs by a similar margin.

Unlike wacky types of fun that could decrease business productivity, such as permitting drinking in the workplace, offering employees an incentive-based trip makes perfect sense from a business perspective, both for employees and the company for which they work. If you are a CEO who is looking for a way to deliver a winning combination of work and fun that improves workplace morale, below are four important reasons to consider offering an incentive-based trip.


  1. The Reward is Tangible

As a reward for hard work, there is nothing subjective about an incentive-based trip. Employees know that, if they meet the stated goal, they will be golfing in Ireland, snorkeling in Key West, soaking up spa treatments in Malibu, or enjoying a similarly fun type of trip. As they work toward the goal, they can continually envision the reward to help them stay motivated to succeed.

  1. Employees Know What to Expect

Employees at thriving companies know they’ll receive raises and bonuses for working hard. However, exactly what those raises and bonuses amount to is often unknown, until employees see it at year’s end on paper. An incentive-based trip doesn’t involve any guesswork. Employees know what they will receive, which can make them more motivated to receive it.

  1. Encourages Business Productivity

One of the problems of combining work activities and fun activities in the same environment is that the spirit of fun can usurp the commitment to productivity. Often, it is a better idea to make “fun” a reward for hard work instead of combining fun activities with work processes. Ultimately, the goal is to boost productivity in a capacity that increases the bottom line. Making an incentive-based trip the light at the end of the yearly work tunnel helps promote productivity.

  1. Can be Highly Cost Effective

Incentive-based trips can be a cost effective way to reward employees. For example, say you have a sales team of 25 people that would receive raises and bonuses totaling $1 million at year’s end based on their current performance. Now, imagine offering a group trip that would cost $250,000 and reducing raises and bonuses by a total of $350,000. That’s an easy way to add six figures to your company’s bottom line by using a trip as a performance-based reward.

Contact Us Today
If you are a CEO who would like to add more fun to the work environment, offering employees an incentive-based trip is a good option for the reasons above. However, to make the trip a success, you may need some assistance from a professional facilitator of incentive-based trips. If so, the experienced specialists at Incentive Travel Solutions are here to help.

We have assisted many businesses and organizations with planning captivating trips to desirable destinations worldwide. From helping you choose a destination, to negotiating the best travel prices, to handling web-based registration processes, we can facilitate almost any aspect of an incentive-based trip. Simply put, we handle the legwork while you focus on business.

For more information about our services, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you plan an amazing trip to remember!