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Finding the best Employee Travel Reward Program

Finding the best employee travel incentive program will depend on what kind of experience a business owner or company executive wants the employees who are awarded incentive travel to have. One of the most outlying factors is the type of location that is chosen: a tropical destination where employees and hang out and relax on […]

What can Employees Expect from a Company Travel Incentive Trip?

One’s imagination probably runs wild when thinking about all the great experiences, scenery, adventures, and tourist locations that come from going on an incentive travel trip. Whatever a person imagines what will happen once embarking on the incentive travel trip, you can bet that all that one imagines revolves around extreme positivity and excitement. Because […]

Does Experiencing Different Cultures Enhance Creativity?

You are probably aware of the benefits of incentive travel programs, such as relaxing and reenergizing employees and workers who have earned the right to acquire the incentive travel based on hard work, performance, and output. Recent research also indicates that additional benefits are provided when awarding employees with incentive travel as it relates to […]

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What Does an Incentive Travel Company do for Business?

An incentive travel company is a provider of unique, exotic, one-of-a-kind incentive travel destinations for employees who have earned the right to participate in the program by reaching certain company provisioned objectives, which were originally set forth by company managers and/or executives responsible for such decisions. Incentive travel serves as a solution that inspires employees […]

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Things that make Incentive Travel Programs Successful for Business

        Many corporations have already realized the benefits of incentive programs, but some are reluctant to participate, for fear the program may not be a success.  Understanding how the programs work can quickly alleviate any apprehension. An incentive travel trip acts as a motivational tool to improve productivity and achieve business objectives. […]