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Incentive Travel Trips: 6 Benefits of Corporate Travel

Incentive travel is an unfamiliar term to many, but specially planned incentive travel trips to amazing destinations can play an essential role in making top business performers feel adequately compensated, and motivating them to perform at a high level to qualify for the next incentive travel trip. Employees benefit from the trips for the relaxation and pleasure they offer. Employers benefit from the high level of productivity that justifies offering the exciting journeys.

Benefits for Employees and Companies

Over the past five years, studies have revealed statistics from various organizations that point to the need for incentive-based travel that provides a much needed vacation away from the workplace, but incentive travel trips have important benefits for the companies that offer them, too. Below, we look at three benefits for employers and three benefits for their employees.

  1. For Employers: An Incentive Travel Planner Handles Arrangements

When we say we handle arrangements, we mean that we literally plan and oversee all aspects of the trip, from securing airline contracts, to negotiating hotel accommodations, to ensuring that enjoyable activities occur as planned, and much more. The same detail to attention also applies to the return trip.

  1. For Employees: Employees Develop Camaraderie With Coworkers

Your employees may already enjoy a good sense of camaraderie; otherwise, they wouldn’t work together well enough to qualify for incentive travel. But incentive travel trips can bring them closer together, as they share rich, cultural experiences that promote friendship and not just a sense of professional respect.

  1. For Employers: Dedicated Travel Staff Attend the Entire Journey

When you and your top performers embark on the amazing journey, you travel with a team of sidekicks who are our very own travel staff. These staff members attend to your wants and needs during the trip and resolve any unforeseen discrepancies in the travel itinerary. On a a standard vacation, you would do this on your own. On an incentive travel trip, they are handled on your behalf.

  1. For Employees: The Trip is Anything but a Common Vacation

Because incentive travel is offered to top performers, many of whom are well-compensated enough to afford their own phonomenal vacations, the key to up the ante and provide a journey that has two key characteristics: a world class destination that involves activities that would impress an international diplomat on his or her initial trip to the appointment’s destination.

  1. For Employers: Employees Return With a Renewed Sense of Vigor

It can be a bit of a shock going from leisurely back to the daily grind, but studies have shown that incentive travel doesn’t turn employees into beach bums who don’t want to lose their tan. Rather, it helps them return to work with a renewed sense of vitality that has a positive impact on coworker relations and morale. Your next travel trip promises the same results.

  1. For Employees: The Trip is a Novel Reward Compared to Others Trips

Performance bonuses, big raises, stock options, promotions: These are common ways that companies reward top performers. While “money talks”, as the famous saying goes, incentive travel can speak even louder when it comes to rewarding workers who seemingly “have it all” in the financial department. There’s a reason we say our trips “create memories that last a lifetime.”

Ready to Add Incentive Travel to the Employee Reward Program?

If so, partnering with Incentive Travel Solutions to develop an incentive travel trip puts your interests in the hands of a company that has extensive experience creating trips whose destinations, activities, and sense of luxury are highly distinctive. Over the years, we’ve found that the trips we create with the help of our clients provide a tangible reward for business success and serve as great motivator for employees whose compensation is tied to performance.

To get started on creating an incentive-based travel plan to reward employees whose success is imperative for the success of your company, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or use our contact form. We look forward to hearing about your wants and needs that will define your travels.






Luxurious Incentive Travel Trips: 4 Ways to Make Trips More Luxurious

Now more than ever before, luxury is a subjective term. For example, almost everyone sees an off the rack Armani suit as a luxury item, but the luxuriousness of the suit might not meet the standards of a bespoke suit from Kiton, which could cost thousands of dollars more.

The same principle applies to luxurious incentive travel trips that companies use to motivate business performance. There are lots of “luxury” options, but not all of them offer the same level of luxuriousness. If you want offer your employees a trip that truly typifies luxury, including the following elements in the trip is an excellent way to kick off the trip planning process.

  1. First Class Travel

Luxurious incentive travel trips begin the moment you board the plane, train, or boat to embark on your journey. When creating a trip that focuses on luxury, first class is the only way to travel. Regardless of how you travel, first class accommodations typically offer the most room, the most comfortable seating, and the highest level of access to the transportation provider’s value-added services, such as gourmet meals, diverse IT capabilities, and digital entertainment.

  1. Five Star Hotel Accommodations

After you set the standard for luxurious incentive travel trips by scheduling first class travel arrangements, it’s important to extend the luxuriousness to the hotel where you stay. Options for five star hotels involve some familiar names, such as Ritz Carlton and Four Seasons, but there may also be independent luxury at the destination that offer the same level of service. An incentive travel trip planner will apprise you of the five star hotel options at the destination, and help you decide which of them most offers the type of luxury you’re looking for in the trip.

  1. Activities Involving Luxury Products

Examples of activities that involve luxury products include visits to famous wineries, eating at the best restaurants, and taking excursions to famous foot shopping districts, such as Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills and Savile Row in London. If you’re dedicated to offering the most luxurious trip, activities at the destination should ideally feature access to luxury products that your hard working employees typically don’t sample of purchase just every day.

  1. On-Site Travel Staff

Another key aspect of a luxurious trip is having on-site travel staff with you for the duration of your journey. From resolving unforeseen glitches in the travel itinerary, to scheduling additional activities at the destination, to assisting travelers with personal wants and needs, on-site travel staff essentially function as assistants that help you enjoy the leisure that typifies luxury travel.

Who We Are

Incentive Travel Solutions is full-service planner of luxurious incentive travel trips, with over 15 years of experience in the business. When a client wants a truly luxurious excursion, we step to the plate and present a fine range of options that helps the client plan a trip that’s both luxurious and unique.

To put our expertise in incentive travel to work for your company, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you create a luxury travel trip that creates memories that last a lifetime, helps bring employees closer together as a team, and motivates them to achieve a high level of success to qualify for future trips.


Using Corporate Incentive Travel Services: Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate incentive travel services are designed to help companies create luxurious, unique trips that reward employees for reaching business goals that make them qualify for incentive travel — a form of travel that helps employees come closer together as a team, share unforgettable experiences, and motivates them to qualify for future incentive travel trips.

If your company is looking for new ways to reward performance, and this is your first time considering using corporate incentive travel services, you may have some questions about what you can receive from us a your trusted trip planner. That’s why we’re taking the time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions about our corporate incentive travel services.

  1. Can you help me decide who qualifies for the trip?

Many companies establish their own travel trip qualifications, but we can certainly provide with examples of qualifications that other companies have used to great success. Once you decide how many people you want to potentially qualify the trip, it becomes easier to set qualifications.

  1. Do you facilitate travels to foreign destinations?

Yes. In addition to providing corporate incentive travel services for U.S. destinations, we provide the same services for foreign destinations. As long as it’s safe for you to travel to a particular foreign country, we’ll ensure that you get there in style, and thoroughly enjoy the destination.

  1. How will I handle hotel and travel reservations?

You don’t need to handle hotel and travel reservations; that’s what we’re here for. We have years of experience in airline contract negotiation and negotiating hotel contracts. In addition, we help you select methods of travel and forms of lodging that help make the trip unique.

  1. Can you help me plan an itinerary of activities?

Yes. This is another area of incentive travel that we specialize in. When we plan your travel itinerary, we strive to deliver what we call the “wow factor”, which means that your travelers will literally be wowed by the activities that they experience on the trip, from start to finish.

  1. What role does your on-site travel staff play?

Our on-site travel staff go with you on the trip to handle any unforeseen wants and needs, and to ensure that the travel itinerary delivers the ultra pleasurable experience you anticipate. Moreover, our travel staff let you focus on the trip without worrying about it going as planned.

  1. How long do your travel trips typically last?

How long a trip lasts is ultimately up to you, although the duration of the trip obviously depends on your budget, and what you think delivers a meaningful incentive. With that said, most incentive travel trips last several days — enough time to let you truly enjoy the destination.

Start Planning Your Trip Today

Incentive travel trips are more than unique, enjoyable journeys that create lasting memories among coworkers. They also serve as a major motivator for improved business performance, especially for employees who are compensated to the point that receiving significant, annual salary increases and lucrative, quarterly performance bonuses is nothing novel or new.

To get started on using our corporate incentive travel services to plan a travel trip that rewards your workers in highly unique ways, give us a call today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you choose the best options for your unique vision of what should comprise an incentive travel trip for your best performers.



Full Service Incentive Travel: What Constitutes Full Service?

Companies use incentive travel trips to motivate employees to reach business goals, but all employees need to focus on is qualifying for the trips. As their employer, planning the details of the trips up to you. If you don’t specialize in arranging incentive travel trips — which is the case for most companies that participate in incentive travel — implementing full service incentive travel will likely require the help of an experienced incentive trip travel planner. When you use us as your trip planner, your trip is arranged to be “full service” in the following six ways.

  1. Budgetary Considerations

An incentive travel trip is no fun at all if it doesn’t synchronize with your company’s travel budget. This is why the first step of a full service incentive travel trip is selecting a destination and activities there that accommodate your budget. With our assistance, you can plan a fantastic trip that doesn’t compromise your budget concerning other business travel needs.

  1. Destination Selection

When companies conjure up their version of the best travel destinations, it often includes heavily touristed places such as mainland Hawaii, European cities such as London and Paris, and U.S. destinations such as New York and L.A. Travels to these locations can make great trips indeed, but there are also a variety of other special destinations a professional trip planner can send your way. The goal is to choose a destination that thrills you and your hard workers.

  1. Travel Arrangements

For most vacationers, making great travel arrangements is a necessary evil of embarking on a great vacation. The same applies to companies that provide incentive travel trips. We eliminate the hassle of planning complex travel arrangements by performing airline travel negotiation, securing hotel contracts, providing flawless web registration, and handling other essentials.

  1. Planning Special Events

There’s a lot less enjoyment in arriving at a splendid destination if you have nothing to do after you arrive. This is why we specialize in arranging travel activities that provide memories that will last a lifetime. The activities you enjoy obviously depends on where you travel. Given our experience with world travel destinations, we’re the perfect choice for planning special events.

  1. On-Site Travel Staff

Full service incentive travel is capped off by having a dedicated, on-site travel staff attend your group to its destination, and oversee activities after you arrive. The staff stays in the background and only comes into play to resolve special needs and take care of incongruencies between the event itinerary and events. Having a dedicated travel staff helps you, as the trip provider, relax, knowing that everything will be overseen and attended to by the well-trained travel staff.

Need Full Service Incentive Travel?

When they’re implemented with the assistance of an experienced travel trip planner, full service incentive travel trips provide the most hassle-free, enjoyable travel experience. If this is the type of travel experience you want for you and your employees, Incentive Travel Solutions is here to make the difference.

To get started on planning your full service incentive travel excursion, please contact us today by calling (704) 540-1482, or fill out the contact form on our company website.