Work & Fun: How Can a CEO Deliver This Winning Combination?

From permitting beer drinking in the workplace to allowing employees to work from home, employee-friendly CEOs have tried about everything to make work feel less like work and more like fun. While most employees are gracious enough to accept whatever concessions a CEO throws their way, the fact remains: Some types of rewards are more effective than others at combining work and fun in a manner in which the latter doesn’t detract from the former.

Incentive-Based Trips Are a Great Option
Incentive-based trips are exactly what they sound like: travel opportunities that employees receive when they meet the requirements to receive them. At most companies, incentive-based trips are based on financial objectives. For example, a CEO might offer an incentive-based golf trip to his or her sales team if they exceed last year’s sales goals by 20 percent, or offer the same trip to members of management if they reduce annual operating costs by a similar margin.

Unlike wacky types of fun that could decrease business productivity, such as permitting drinking in the workplace, offering employees an incentive-based trip makes perfect sense from a business perspective, both for employees and the company for which they work. If you are a CEO who is looking for a way to deliver a winning combination of work and fun that improves workplace morale, below are four important reasons to consider offering an incentive-based trip.


  1. The Reward is Tangible

As a reward for hard work, there is nothing subjective about an incentive-based trip. Employees know that, if they meet the stated goal, they will be golfing in Ireland, snorkeling in Key West, soaking up spa treatments in Malibu, or enjoying a similarly fun type of trip. As they work toward the goal, they can continually envision the reward to help them stay motivated to succeed.

  1. Employees Know What to Expect

Employees at thriving companies know they’ll receive raises and bonuses for working hard. However, exactly what those raises and bonuses amount to is often unknown, until employees see it at year’s end on paper. An incentive-based trip doesn’t involve any guesswork. Employees know what they will receive, which can make them more motivated to receive it.

  1. Encourages Business Productivity

One of the problems of combining work activities and fun activities in the same environment is that the spirit of fun can usurp the commitment to productivity. Often, it is a better idea to make “fun” a reward for hard work instead of combining fun activities with work processes. Ultimately, the goal is to boost productivity in a capacity that increases the bottom line. Making an incentive-based trip the light at the end of the yearly work tunnel helps promote productivity.

  1. Can be Highly Cost Effective

Incentive-based trips can be a cost effective way to reward employees. For example, say you have a sales team of 25 people that would receive raises and bonuses totaling $1 million at year’s end based on their current performance. Now, imagine offering a group trip that would cost $250,000 and reducing raises and bonuses by a total of $350,000. That’s an easy way to add six figures to your company’s bottom line by using a trip as a performance-based reward.

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If you are a CEO who would like to add more fun to the work environment, offering employees an incentive-based trip is a good option for the reasons above. However, to make the trip a success, you may need some assistance from a professional facilitator of incentive-based trips. If so, the experienced specialists at Incentive Travel Solutions are here to help.

We have assisted many businesses and organizations with planning captivating trips to desirable destinations worldwide. From helping you choose a destination, to negotiating the best travel prices, to handling web-based registration processes, we can facilitate almost any aspect of an incentive-based trip. Simply put, we handle the legwork while you focus on business.

For more information about our services, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you plan an amazing trip to remember!


A Simple Idea Every CEO Should Consider to Boost Sales

Experienced CEOs know that business productivity is inevitably tied to how well employees are compensated, especially when it comes to sales. Companies naturally seek out the best talent for their sales teams, but having all the talent in the world means nothing unless you can motivate it to perform at the highest level. One way that CEOs can inspire their carefully selected sales teams to increase productivity and boost sales is offering an incentive-based trip.

Incentive-Based Trips: What Are They?
Incentive-based trips are rewards that thriving companies offer to employees who meet or exceed a preset business goal. In sales, the goal may involve such things as nurturing a certain percentage of leads into clients, retaining a certain percentage of existing customers, and exceeding last year’s revenue goal by a certain percentage. The business goal is yours to choose, and so is the type of trip that employees take after they achieve the goal.

A Unique Look at Cost Effectiveness
At first glance, an incentive-based trip can seem like an expensive way to motivate and reward sales professionals. After all, the trips often involve a high level of novelty and luxury in terms of destination, planned activities, and lodging. However, it is the novelty of the trips that can make them a cost effective way to deliver a meaningful, performance-based reward to employees.

For example, for many people, the novelty of playing golf on a beautiful, seaside course in Ireland is worth far more in experiential value than it is in monetary value. For the trip’s provider, this phenomenon can create a great amount of financial flexibility when planning the trip, especially when the provider works with a professional trip planner to secure the best prices.

Facilitating an Incentive-Based Trip
Because they often involve multiple travelers, incentive-based trips can present logistical and financial obstacles that the average vacation would not, such as airline contract negotiations, hotel contract negotiations, and web registration processes. The good news is that a professional planner of incentive based trips, such as Incentive Travel Solutions can help you move past these obstacles with ease. You can focus on work while we solidify your travel plans.

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As long as they have established the performance-based goal that triggers the reward, it is never too early for CEOs to start planning an incentive-based trip for their sales team. The more time that we have to make arrangements for your travels, the more flexibility we have to get you the best possible prices for traveling to your destination, inhabiting it in style, and having a fabulous time enjoying fun filled, leisurely activities while you are there.

To get started on planning an incentive-based trip for your company’s hard working sales team, call Incentive Travel Solutions today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out our contact form. We look forward to helping you create a trip that your sales team will remember forever and work hard to qualify for in the meantime by boosting sales numbers to new heights!


Incentive Travel Programs: Get in the Game

Mark Twain once said that “golf is a good walk spoiled.” For many companies, nothing could be further from the truth. We’ve all heard about lucrative business deals being secured while playing 18 holes of golf, but the game of golf can be more than just a catalyst for business transactions. In the form of a performance-based golf trip, it can also serve as a major incentive for a company’s workers to perform at the highest level, but let’s not put the cart before the horse.


Before you offer an incentive-based trip, you need to know how much it would cost based on the type of experience you want to offer. Once you know this, you can set accurate business goals in terms of who qualifies to take the trip. You also need to know that your travel plans are secure, and will transpire as expected. Otherwise, you risk offering a trip that doesn’t live up to employees’ expectations and dampens the thought of taking incentive-based trips in the future.

Let Us Get You in the Game
At Incentive Travel Solutions, we specialize in helping companies and organizations plan incentive-based trips that encourage workers to bump up productivity in order to receive what could be called a reward: a relaxing trip to a wonderful location, where they can leave the work world behind for a while and bask in a reward that they helped to create. If you would like to plan an incentive-based golf trip, we can make it a reality by offering the following services.

●    Destination selection
●    Airline contract negotiation
●    Assistance from professional and experienced onsite travel staff
●    Hotel contract negotiation
●    Web-based registration

For decision makers at many companies, planning an incentive-based golf trip is a stressful, time consuming affair that takes them away from performing core business functions, and thus diminishes productivity. At Incentive Travel Solutions, we take the stress out of planning a golf trip by performing the services above to ensure that you plan a trip that is enjoyable for all, and doesn’t stretch your company’s travel budget out of shape for the remainder of the year.

In all of our dealings on your behalf, minimizing costs while creating an unforgettable trip is the primary goal. Although working with us does involve payment for services, many decision makers find that using our experience and expertise in planning incentive-based trips is ultimately more cost effective than handling the process on their own. In addition to getting you the best prices, we help you remain highly productive while the trip is in the planning phase.

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Are you a CEO or a decision-making executive who wants to plan an incentive-based golf trip for your diligent workers? If so, Incentive Travel Solutions will help you create the perfect trip, from selecting a great destination to handling the web-based registration process for flights and hotel lodging. With us working as your trusted provider of premier travel services, your golf trip will be one to remember, one that will make your workers employees look forward to similar trips in the future.

For more information about our services, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or contact us here. We look forward to helping you create an awesome golf trip that would change Mark Twain’s mind about the game of golf being “a good walk spoiled”!


Escaping to Vienna Austria

login-logoYou would be hard pressed to find anyone in the United States, both travelers and non travelers alike, who have not at least heard about Vienna, Austria. There is a reason why practically America’s entire population is familiar, in one way or another with Vienna, Austria, and it is because this beautiful location is one of the most famous European cities in the world, and one of the most popular travel destinations for people all over the globe who enjoy embarking on vacation getaways. Movies, books, television, magazines, celebrities, and word of mouth attribute to the popularity of Vienna, and this is because of how much everyone loves and enjoys traveling to this wondrous city. There is so much culture to soak in – from music, theatre, and the opera, to museums, national monuments, architecture, and lavish galas, soiree’s, and balls – there is something for anyone from any walk of life to indulge in that it is impossible to leave Vienna unsatisfied. Also, wait until you get a taste of the city’s delectable foods and entrees, so tasty that when you return home you will be pining for those incredible Vienna dishes.

Some of the major tourist attractions include the imperial palaces of Hofburg and Schonbrunn. Vienna is also the home of the world’s oldest zoo. If you would like to see a play, then venture to the Burgtheater – one of the most popular and noteworthy theatres in the entire world. If you are cultured in classical music, then you know that Vienna is considered not only the home of the start of the classical movement, the city, along with the country of Austria boast the beginning careers of famous musicians, including Franz Schubert, Johann Strauss, Fritz Kreisler, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ludwig Van Beethoven, and Antonio Salieri, among many noteworthy others. For a more contemporary selection, make sure to check out the Vienna boys’ choir – probably the most popular and successful boys choir the world has ever seen. If you consider yourself an aficionado of classical music, or even music of the world, it would be blasphemous to claim yourself a lover of the classics and never having stepped foot in Vienna, Austria.

There are over one hundred art museums in Vienna, Austria, including the Albertina, Belvedere, and Leopold museums. At any of these museums, or the numerous other delightful museums across Vienna, you can experience the greatness of Vienna culture. In addition, a simple ride through the city will expose you to the unbelievable architectural work of museums, cathedrals, estates, monarch buildings, political establishments, as well as the theatres.

If you are fortunate enough to work for a business that provides travel incentives for employee, take advantage of the opportunity. Incentive travel programs are for employees who meet and/or exceed company set expectations. It’s a huge benefit that offers unforgettable experiences. You won’t want to miss the opportunity to embark on an adventure like Vienna, Austria. A lifetime of memories is awaiting you.


Finding the best Employee Travel Reward Program

Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

Arenal Volcano and Lake Arenal in Costa Rica

Finding the best employee travel incentive program will depend on what kind of experience a business owner or company executive wants the employees who are awarded incentive travel to have. One of the most outlying factors is the type of location that is chosen: a tropical destination where employees and hang out and relax on beaches, or a mountainous location where skiing and chilling out in fabulous ski lodges and resorts is the favored norm. When most people hear the word “exotic,” they think of tropical islands in exclusive locales where only the wealthiest and most affluent congregate. In reality, almost everyone has a different definition of the word “exotic,” because it is subjective. In other words, one person might think a tropical island is exotic, while another might consider a mountainous terrain covered in snow as exotic. Finding the best employee travel incentive program relies on the evaluation of the business owner, or the company executive(s) determined responsible for compiling the program and bestowing the reward to employees. Therefore, if a business is having trouble choosing the most popular incentive travel program for its employees, it can gather the overall opinion of its employees through a companywide survey. Another option would be to consult with an incentive travel solutions company that can provide an abundance of information on specific locations. If a company decides to act on both ideas, then it would have a good idea of the kind of location that is more preferable, and then the business can consult with an incentive travel company that can provide information on the locations that fit the desired type of destination.

Probably the best solution to finding the best employee travel incentive program is through consultation with a travel solutions provider, such as Incentive Travel Solutions. Incentive Travel Solutions offers businesses that are seeking incentive travel programs for its employees a wealth of knowledge on many different types of destinations, which will no doubt help a company make a definitive decision on where to send its employees. At the very least, once the consultation process is complete, the company’s decision maker will be able to confidently choose a location for its employees to travel, and, no matter the destination offered, the decision maker can share with its employees what to expect and what can be enjoyed while traveling through the area. With this information provided by Incentive Travel Solutions, a business is guaranteeing the likelihood that all of its employees with enjoy a marvelous experience during their employee incentive trip.

Consulting with a representative from Incentive Travel Solutions will help eliminate the potential waffling and wavering that happens when trying to select the most desirable incentive travel location, which usually stems from not having enough information on the locations. Information can be made available for the locations your company is weighing, which will help your business pinpoint the best employee travel incentive program.