How to Create a Sales Incentive Program

Imagine your company’s sales have dropped or become stagnant over the past year. Or imagine sales are doing well, but you want to push them to a higher plateau. Creating a sales incentive program could be the best solution for both situations.

But first things first: What comprises an effective a sales incentive program? How should the program be executed? This is what we look at below, exploring four building blocks that are essential for creating almost any type of sales incentive program.

  1. Reward Budget

Before you choose the incentive for sales performance, determine how much you can comfortably spend. The prospect of revenue growth is a major reason for incentivizing sales performance. But you don’t want to break even after delivering the incentive. You want a sizeable chunk of income leftover that goes straight to the bottom line and grows your company’s wealth.

  1. Reward Schedule

The schedule on which a reward is given is determined mostly by the type of reward. For example, say the incentive is additional commission for closing a sale within two weeks. It would be a short-term incentive structure that should ideally pay out bimonthly.

On the other hand, if you use a large reward that involves more than adding another digit to a paycheck, you’ll probably deliver the reward after a few months have passed. For instance, if the incentive is a travel trip, you’ll probably offer it once or twice a year for two reasons: cost, and avoiding spending too many would-be work hours on pleasure activities.

  1. Reward Requirements

A sales incentive program requires salespeople to reach a revenue plateau before the incentive is triggered. Products and services are sold at different costs, and it’s important to consider this fact before choosing the reward. For example, selling a new B2B software solution to a single client would probably be more lucrative than closing the deal on a new type of office blinds with the same client.

Additional reward requirements sales incentive programs use include: feedback from new customers that is placed in a performance scoring program, revenue generated from selling in region-specific sales zones, and the time it takes to transition a lead to a customer.

  1. Type of Reward

Rewards for a sales incentive program entail various types of attractive offers, from cash bonuses, to new vehicles, to company stock. What you offer is up to you, but keep in mind that you’ll probably be rewarding a high earner who may already enjoy these things.

One thing the person doesn’t enjoy yet is a unique travel trip — with heavy emphasis on uniqueness — to a world class destination. Using unique travels as a reward also makes sense in another respect: Practically everyone loves to travel to great destinations, which means everyone should be highly motivated to qualify for the reward.

Need a Sales Incentive Reward?

If so, Incentive Travel Solutions can help you plan an unforgettable trip that rewards your top performers and brings them closer together through shared experiences. The trips we plan aren’t like the average vacation. The destination and activities are truly amazing, and a travel staff goes with you to ensure the itinerary goes precisely as planned.

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Evolution of Incentive Travel: 4 Emerging Trends

Travel trends are similar to celebrities. Some make a big splash, then sharply decline in popularity, while others make a big splash but far outlive the lifespan of a trend.

This phenomenon happens in the incentive travel industry and other business markets, year after year. So, which of the four incentive travel trends here will be around next year, or the next? Using our experience in incentive travel, we take a look and offer some predictions.

  1. Experience-Based Travel

Technically speaking, all incentive travel is experience-based. You come away with a unique travel experience permanently etched in memory. However, trips that are literally described as “experienced-based” usually entail one or more activities you wouldn’t normally enjoy outside the context of the trip, such as riding rare horses in a pristine, mountainous location, or dining in an impeccably maintained German beer hall from the 15th Century.

One of the primary goals of incentive travel is to make trips memorable, so employees will be motivated to qualify for the reward. Experience-based travel can help stoke that motivation and should become more than a passing trend.

  1. Wellness Travel

The goal of wellness travel is to be healthier after you take the trip than you were before. Rather than focusing on recovery from medical conditions, wellness travel normally promotes a holistic approach to wellness, teaching travelers health strategies they can use everyday to improve and sustain quality of life. Nonetheless, plenty of fun and relaxation is to be had on the trips, as they usually revolve around spa and resort activities.

Wellness is currently a major incentive travel trend , one that rides on the coattails of the natural health remedy movement. If you live in a flourishing metropolis, almost any treatment you can receive during a wellness trip can probably be found just as easily near home.

Incentive travels should be highly unique, and wellness travels simply aren’t that unique. They may offer better scenery than the spa down the street, but physical surroundings are an aspect of incentive travel that doesn’t deal explicitly with wellness. The trend of wellness trips may end up being just that: a trend.

  1. Bespoke Travel

A bespoke jetplane is like a bespoke business suit: It appeals to the customer based on his or her unique preferences. For trips that involve air travel, bespoke private jets have become a popular way for successful companies to add another ripple of excitement to incentive travel trips.

Private jet flights have been a luxury ever since engineers could put one in the sky. As companies that have recovered from the Great Recession abandon recessionary spending habits, bespoke travel should become increasingly popular. It appears to be one of the incentive travel trends that will stick.

  1. All-Inclusive Luxury Lodging

Like bespoke travel, all-inclusive luxury lodging has been around for awhile, but travelers remain fond of it because what denotes luxury is continually changing across various contexts. This points to a trend that will evolve with incentive travel instead of getting left in the dust.

Here are some things an all-inclusive luxury lodging might include, just to name a few: a stay at a five-star hotel or a startup resort that offers the same level of luxurious lodging, shopping at premier boutiques within the hotel, dining at five-star restaurants within the hotel, and enjoying spa treatments in the hotel.

Even if travelers have enjoyed these things in the past, the luxuries have added attraction when part of an incentive travel trip: Travelers don’t shell out a dime, except for personal purchases — such as clothes and jewelry — that aren’t included in the travel budget.

Contact Incentive Travel Solutions

Do any of the incentive travel trends above sound appealing? If so, Incentive Travel Solutions can help you plan a trip that includes them. We can also plan and execute all other aspects of your trip, from booking travel and hotel arrangements, to planning unique activities at the destination, to sending travel staff with you to ensure all goes as planned. We’re not happy with your trip unless you are.

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The World’s Largest Casino: The Venetian Monaco

Casino’s are like castles: The bigger they are, the more people want to visit them to see what’s inside the cavernous rooms. When it comes to big casinos, they don’t get any larger than The Venetian Monaco, a luxury hotel and casino resort located in Macau — an autonomous territory in scenic East Asia.

The Biggest of the Big

Owned by the American company Las Vegas Sands, The Venetian Monaco boasts 546,000 square feet of casino space, with a total floor space of 10,500,000 square feet. To give you an idea of what goes on under the casino’s expansive roof, here are some additional, impressive specs for the grand establishment:

  • Gaming machines: 3,000
  • Gaming tables: 800
  • Slot machines: 3,400
  • Restaurants and bars: 24
  • Hotel suites: 3,000

With all that space, the Venetian Monaco is the Smithsonian Museum of casinos. If you want to enjoy every square foot of excitement, it’s best to plan for a one-week to two-week trip to the gargantuan gambling hub.

Considering that the average incentive travel trip lasts about that long, The Venetian Monaco is a great place to stay for those who loves games of chance and all the accoutrements that come with staying in a world class casino resort.

Single Entertainment Spot

One of the most unique things about taking an incentive travel trip to The Venetian Monaco, is the casino can serve as the single address for your trip’s entertainments.

In addition to featuring a sea of gaming equipment and enough comfy suites to house a small army, the casino offers 1,200,000 square feet of convention space, 1,600,000 square feet of retail space, and the 15,000 seat Cotai Arena, which houses major sports and entertainment events.

So, here’s what a basic itinerary for a ten-day trip to The Venetian Monaco could look like: three or four days of fun in the casino proper, three or four days of shopping, attending at least one awesome event in the Cotai arena, dining at a new restaurant every day for lunch and dinner, attending an interesting convention that captures your group’s interest, and enjoying the hotel’s awesome services and amenities the whole way through.

If your group includes casino lovers who are passionate about shopping, cuisine, and world class entertainment, the itinerary could be a dream come true, especially when you have Incentive Travel Solutions design your trip in a highly unique fashion.

Contact Us Today 

Simply put, we specialize in planning incentive travel trips that create lasting memories, and encourage team members to qualify for the next trip. We handle every aspect of your trip, down to the smallest detail. To ensure your journey goes as planned, we even send a group of trained travel staff with you to attend your group’s needs.

To learn more about our services and how we can help you plan a unique casino getaway, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or send us an email through our contact form. We look forward to helping you reward your company’s top performers!





World Class Travel Destinations: Ireland

The Ireland we know today started in the Bronze Age (1,300-700 BC), when Celts migrating from Europe’s mainland brought their culture to Ireland. Like many first-world countries, much of Ireland’s indigenous culture has become highly commercialized.

However, the culture that underpins the commercialization can still be found in its purest form in many common Irish activities, and tangible reminders of Ireland’s past are around every corner and bend.

If you’re considering making Ireland the destination for your company’s next incentive travel trip, below are some things you can do in the nation to form memories that last a lifetime.

  1. Do an Evening Pub Crawl

Pub crawling in Ireland offers a different experience than bar hopping in the U.S. The pub lies at the heart of Irish cultural, social, and musical life. Traditional Irish beer and liquor, literary readings, dancing, serious and light-hearted philosophizing, and comforting pub cuisine are all a part of the pub going experience.

With a group travel vehicle to transport you from pub to pub, you can enjoy the delicious drinks without worrying about the drive back to the hotel.

  1. Go Sightseeing for Castles

To many, Ireland is known as a land of castles, with some in great condition and others in ruin, with only crumbling stone walls remaining. Touring Irish castles is like taking a time machine into the country’s past.

Some of the well-preserved properties have interiors that are faithful to the period when the properties were built, right down to furniture, rugs, and window treatments. You also have the option of lodging in a castle, as some have been turned into luxury hotels.

  1. Put on Your Dancing Shoes

If there’s one thing Irelanders love as much as the tradition having a stiff drink while conversing, it’s the tradition of having a good dance. In Northern Ireland especially, sessions of Highland Dancing, Scottish Country Dancing, Ulster-Scots Square and Country Dancing are commonly held.

You don’t need to have the best dance moves to participate. The Irish do hold traditional dance competitions, but main aim of Irish dance is to move merrily like there’s no tomorrow.

  1. Dine at Fine Restaurants

Ireland doesn’t receiving its fair billing for fine cuisine, but eating at some of the country’s best restaurants will take you on an Irish culinary adventure that shows the country’s good taste.

Traditional Irish eats include: ham steaks with whisky sauce, crusty roast lamb, Irish roast pork with potato stuffing, and cod cobbler. In short, the Irish really know how to do comfort food. Arrive hungry, and taste great dishes that let you savor the culinary flavor or Ireland.

Make Your Plans a Reality

It’s great fun to list the things you’d like to do on a trip to Ireland, but making the journey a reality — especially in terms of creating a highly unique travel experience — can require lots of detail work and planning.

This is where Incentive Travel Solutions enters the picture. We help you plan a highly unique trip, make all of your trip arrangements, and send a retinue of travel staff with your group to ensure your travel itinerary is executed perfectly to the smallest detail.

To learn more about our services, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or use our contact form. Ireland is a world class destination; we help incentive travel groups enjoy it to the fullest!







The Top Ten Restaurants in the World

Everyone enjoys a good meal at a nice restaurant, but there are “nice” restaurants, and then there are the best of the best. If you’re planning an incentive travel trip for your company’s top performers, and you want culinary thrills to be a part of the adventure, consider booking a reservation at one of the eateries below. As reported on, panels of gastronomic experts around the globe agree these are the top ten restaurants in the world.

  1. Asador Etxebarri

Practicing his specialty in Axpe, Spain, chef Victor Arguinzoniz is a master of the barbecue cooking method. As destiny would have it, the experienced tastemaker was born just minutes from the restaurant’s location. Today, he sends the establishment’s enticing aromas wafting into the sleepy village of his boyhood, using fresh ingredients straight from his garden.

Style of cuisine: Spanish wood-fired barbecue

Acclaimed food: crunchy corn and sea urchin, grilled eel, Palamós prawns

  1. Steirereck

Located in historic Vienna, Austria, Steirereck boasts a modern atmosphere, and chef Heinz Reitbauer serves cuisine that’s modern in both preparation and presentation. The meals often look too pretty to eat, but you’ll be glad you let hunger take over. Some of Reitbauer’s entrees are quite unlike anything else, featuring eccentric combinations that are somehow perfect.

Style of cuisine: Modern Austrian

Acclaimed food: char with beeswax, yellow carrot, “pollen” and sour cream

  1. Narisawa

Chefs Yoshihiro Narisawa and Takahisa Yuyama are the culinary brains behind Japan’s top restaurant. Located in Tokyo, in the non-touristy district of Minami Aoyama, Narisawa is known for two things above all: creating seasonal dishes based on the availability of homegrown ingredients, and fine Japanese wine. Combine them, and you have an unforgettable meal.

Style of cuisine: innovative Satoyama cuisine

Acclaimed food: Satoyama scenery, pinot noir from Nagano, riesling lion from Iwate

  1. Mugaritz

Located in San Sebastian, Spain, is Mugaritz, a restaurant that takes its cue from Basque cuisine, which combines ingredients from mountain and sea. The result is mouthwatering, gorgeously presented fusion food by chefs Andoni Luis Aduriz and Juan Vargas. Served in the restaurant’s scenic garden seating, a meal can include as many as 20 fabulous courses.

Style of cuisine: techno-emotional Spanish

Acclaimed food: bitter ideas of velvet, chocolate petit fours, oyster and young garlic omelette

  1. Mirazur

We often see a French restaurant higher on the list than this, but Mauro Colagreco may take his establishment all the way to the top. Mediterranean cuisine is popular worldwide, and Colagreco and his team prepare it amazingly well in Menton, on the French side of the Riviera, using just picked heirloom vegetables and fresh seafood found from an acclaimed food market nearby.

Style of cuisine: Mediterranean

Acclaimed food: oyster and pears, fried anchovy fillets, green

  1. Noma

Chefs René Redzepi and Benjamin Paul Ing reenvision traditional Nordic cuisine through a contemporary, eco-friendly lens. In a nod to the hunting and gathering tradition, They like to “forage” for ingredients instead of buying farm-raised. The food is fantastic, and the atmosphere is remarkably laid back. The chefs even leave the kitchen to bring food to your table.

Style of cuisine: seasonal, terroir-led Scandinavian

Acclaimed food: sweet shrimps wrapped in ramson leaves, apples and lemon thyme

  1. Central

Chef Virgílio Martínez and his world-renowned team source their menu’s ingredients from the local area to create the latest, greatest Peruvian cuisine. If any of the places on the list emphasize the eco-friendly, health conscious approach to creating cuisine, it’s Central. They even serve you water that they purif on-site with a multi-step reverse osmosis process.

Style of cuisine: Contemporary Peruvian

Acclaimed fare: Cosecha y recolección (harvest and gathering)

  1. Eleven Madison Park

It’s only fitting that the world’s most cosmopolitan city would have a top ten restaurant. Chefs Daniel Humm, Chris Flint, and Mary Welker team up to serve up some of the best contemporary style European cuisine the Big Apple has to offer. The team also likes to personalize dishes for individuals, so feel free to order like you own the place.

Style of cuisine: Modern European influenced by New York

Acclaimed food: Honey lavender roasted duck, Mast Brothers chocolate

  1. El Celler de Can Roca

Located in the provincial city of Girona, Spain,  El Celler de Can Roca previously held the #1 spot. The trio of brothers who run the establishment are world renowned in their respective specialties. Joan is a chef, Josep is a sommelier, and Jordi is a patissier. When it comes to fine food, the brothers don’t the “best of both worlds”, but the best of three.

Style of cuisine: modern freestyle

Acclaimed food: vegetable stock, Iberian suckling pig, multi-layered prawn compositions

  1. Osteria Francescana

Located in scenic Modena, Italy, this restaurant reclaims the #1 spot after spending two years waiting at #2. Owner and chef Massimo Bottura opened Osteria Francescana in 1995. Since then, he’s showcased the art of blending Italy’s traditional, most revered recipes with fine trends in contemporary cuisine. Dining here is a new experience in Italian culinary arts.

Style of cuisine: contemporary Italian

Acclaimed food: mallard, partridge, and bollito

Feeling Hungry Yet?

Everyone needs to eat, and when you’re dining on an incentive travel trip, it’s a great time to fare on the best. This is what you find at the world class restaurants above. Incentive travel trips are designed to be unforgettable, which makes dining at unforgettable restaurants a perfect option.

To learn more about our services and how we help you plan a truly unique trip, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or use our contact form. The trip of a lifetime awaits!