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Health & Wellness in the Workplace – Would an Incentive Travel Trip fit the Bill?

incentivetravelThe growing concern for health and wellness of employees in the workplace has made the implementation of corporate wellness programs into the work environment a recent trend. The concern over a worker’s health effects businesses of all sizes, as the size of a company does not negate or influence the amount of stress an employee might have. Therefore, businesses are working towards integrating wellness strategies and programs to create an overall health enhancing work experience, along with introducing incentive programs in order to increase the participation and awareness of employees that can benefit from corporate wellness programs, but might be reluctant to do so. The pursuit for innovative ways to maintain a worker’s interest in wellness programs is now considered crucial because health and wellness of a workforce is proven to directly influence a company’s bottom line.

When incorporating health and wellness plans in the workplace, the addition of an incentive trip could be the perfect supplement. Stress is a significant factor in every employees well being and one of the best ways to reduce stress is to escape from your daily routine to an exotic location. Along with reducing stress, a recent internal survey showed that over ninety-three percent of responders agreed that incentive travel rewards improved their overall satisfaction with their company. The conclusions related to the surveys have led to an increase of businesses seeking out incentive travel programs through companies like Incentive Travel Solutions. It is now believed this is a certified method of improving health and wellness in the workplace, which directly leads to improved production.

It is a safe bet that almost everyone reading this blog will agree that sitting behind a desk at work all day, every day, is not conducive to one’s overall health and wellness. This is why it is important to give the human body and mind a well deserved break in order to recharge by engaging and participating in a relaxing trip to an exotic location. The introduction and continued provisioning of incentive travel trips tells a workforce that their employers are serious about concerns for the company’s overall health and wellness, and it encourages and demonstrates how taking time to get away and to de-stress is valuable part of work life, just like eating well, and exercising. In addition, business health and wellness programs have proven to directly effect the lowering of health insurance premiums for a company due to having healthier, more productive employees.

Finding ways to relax and escape the daily routine are difficult for most workers. Having a company offer a trip that an employee might otherwise not afford, grants an opportunity to relax and have the experience of a lifetime. The best part for businesses, is that incentive trips are easy to plan when you have a company with the experience and expertise in group travel.  The professionals at Incentive Travel Solutions can assist businesses of any size with information regarding incentive travel trips, and how these trips are a perfect idea for improving your employee’s health and wellness in the workplace.