How Do Incentive Travel Consultants and Vacation Planners Differ?

Each year, millions of people pour into the offices of vacation travel planners with the hope of planning a scenic, relaxing trip to a place that lets them leave their cares behind for awhile. Would these planners also serve as a good option for creating a group incentive travel trip to reward your company’s top performers?

In most cases, the answer is no. Both work in the travel industry and can help you plan amazing journeys, but vacation travel consultants and incentive travel consultants are birds of different colors. Below are four things that incentive travel planners offer that so many vacation planners don’t.

  1. Custom Designed Trips

When you use an incentive travel consultant, you typically don’t choose a pre-planned travel package. Instead, you work with the consultant to plan a trip that’s totally unique. As for what constitutes “unique”, the sky is the limit. The consultant’s goal is to facilitate an original travel experience that perfectly suits everyone’s tastes and surpasses expectations — two things you often don’t receive when planning a group trip through a vacation consultant.

  1. Trips That Incentivize Performance

Because incentive travel trips incentivize top performance in the workplace, they should consist of more than a nice destination and travel arrangements that glue the trip together. Rather, they should deliver what we call the “wow factor” — a sensation travelers experience when they reach an epic destination and enjoy fabulous activities while there. Leaving the cares of the workplace behind is a part of the trip, but motivating future business performance is a part of it, too.

  1. Hassle-Free Trip Planning

Unlike the average vacation planner, incentive travel consultants will literally plan your group trip from start to finish, scheduling all of the travel arrangements and handling all of the communications that ensure arrangements go as planned. All you do is choose a destination and activities with the help of a consultant, provide payment for the trip, and then prepare to travel to an amazing destination and enjoy yourself — it’s that simple.

  1. Dedicated Travel Staff

When travel arrangements don’t go as planned with a traditional vacation, it’s often up to you to make the situation right. When you use incentive travel consultants that offer a full line of elite travel services, you have the option of traveling with dedicated travel staff, who move swiftly to address any problems that arise, if indeed they do. Moreover, using travel staff helps you enjoy the trip without worrying about any of the arrangements that support it.

Ready to Plan an Incentive Travel Trip?

If so, contacting our incentive travel consultants is your next move. Unlike most vacation planners, we do more than help you choose a great destination and a travel package to get you there. In addition to helping you select intriguing destinations that have an overwhelming “wow factor”, we can perform airline contract negotiation, execute hotel contracts, supply on-site travel staff, provide flawless web registration, and more.

To get started on planning a trip that rewards your hard workers and motivates them to qualify for the next trip, contact us today at (704) 540-1482, or use the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you plan a journey that’s like no other and creates lifelong memories.