Incentive Travel Organizers: Tips for Creating a Successful Travel Program

An incentive travel program that rewards top business performers with exciting travels begins with developing standards that let employees qualify for the excursions and assists them in doing so. Companies put their own spin on what workers must do to earn incentivized travel, but there are basic building blocks of the reward structure that every company should implement.

Four Building Blocks for Success

According to Incentive Research Foundation (ISR), there are four items that create a successful incentive travel program in terms of using the program as a motivational tool for stellar business performance. In the following sections, we take a brief look at each one, and explain the importance. For additional information, feel free to contact our incentive travel organizers.

  1. Designing a Program That Creates Excitement

As experienced incentive travel organizers know, a travel program needs to generate excitement about the upcoming trip to motivate employees to qualify for it. You need both an intriguing destination and exciting activities to do when you get there, but that isn’t all. Through research, ISR has found that including “leisure time” for travelers in the trip also adds to the excitement that precipitates taking the journey.

  1. Selection Criteria Tied to Business Objectives

Because the main goals of incentive travel trips are to reward exceptional performance and motivate it in the future through offering additional trips, the selection criteria for trips should be tied to business objectives. Objectives differ for each company, but one thing is certain: Incentivized travel is meant to reward a specific level of success, not simply to commend good performance, as some other types of awards do.

  1. Clear Communication About Employee Progress

Most companies plan incentive travel trips based on the performance of employees throughout a calendar business year. Consequently, it’s a good idea to give employees feedback about their progress toward qualifying for the trip on at least a quarterly basis. It’s basically the same kind of information presented in company meetings that review business progress. The only difference is that the information specifically applies to qualifying for the trip.

  1. Detailed Records That Quantify Productivity

According to ISR, a company that uses incentive travel should keep “detailed records that prove the productivity of the earners and their contributions to the company’s financial performance.” Not only does the information tell employees exactly why they qualify for the trip; it also provides a quantifiable record of success that eliminates notions of favoritism or leniency when selecting trip participants, which helps a company be a good steward to its employees.

Ready to Put Your Travel Program in Motion?

If so, our incentive travel organizers are here to assist. We start by helping you choose a fantastic destination and exciting activities that wow your travelers. Then, we make taking the excursion hassle-free by providing services such as airline contract negotiation, securing hotel contracts, flawless web registration, and providing on-site travel staff to address unexpected needs.

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