London, England: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

London, with a rich history dating back to the Romans, serves as the capital city of England. The core of this stunning location remains to hold many of its dated medieval characteristics as the metropolis has expanded around it. It is a global leader in commerce, entertainment, media, research, education, and fashion. Tourism is another major contributor to the status of this England region. With a financial standing comparable to New York City, London offers endless opportunities for those taking the time to visit. It has been the designated host for the Summer Olympic Games three times with the latest occurring in 2012. A total population of over seven million people adds to the lively environment found in this busy, continuously growing location.

The Districts of London

Knowing where to begin your travel journey is the hardest part of tackling a trip to this metropolitan area. Diverse culture, a significant past, art, entertainment, and several villages allow every visitor to receive a unique experience. London is broken into five areas:

  • North – A place of discovery fill with trendy shops, exquisite restaurants, parks, and green village environments. Neighborhoods such as Hampstead contain museums and additional attractions.
  • West – Take a walk in one of the local markets, peruse designer retail locations, or visit a historic palace. Notting Hill and Queens Park add their own distinctive touch.
  • East – This particular London area has various contrasts ranging from modern districts to gorgeous forests. As the decided location for the 2012 Summer Olympic Games, the eastern portion offers multiple tourist attractions for individuals to visit.
  • Central – Interested in fine art or famous department stores? If so, central London is the place to be. Museums, galleries, bustling markets, shopping facilities, and notable architecture are just the beginning of the districts delivered options.
  • South – The southern portion supplies a little more laid back environment with a preserved natural presence. Visitors can relax amidst an abundance of greenery, enjoy riverside views, and take some time exploring historical or heritage sites throughout the area.

Additional High Points of the City

London is also known for its train stations including Euston Station, Victoria, and Paddington. Liverpool Street, considered to be the historical centre of the city, is an exceptional area for visitors to experience. The London Victoria is a good option for seeing some of the metropolises most demanded attractions. South Bank, a riverside location, delivers immense culture along with several stunning architectural creations. The city consists of numerous villages with each having its own distinct atmosphere and plenty of things to do.  Some villages have historical roots while others focus on the arts or entertainment. The most popular attractions consist of the British Museum, Tate Modern, the National Gallery, the National History Museum, the EDF Energy London Eye, and the Science Museum. Whatever the individual desire, London has attractions to meet every interest. Countless travelers return to explore further as they learn of the cities many wonders. A travel guide or planning assistance can help in ensuring you get the most out of this city. Of course, you can always take off to less popular areas to make your own discoveries!