Nevis, West Indies: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

The Caribbean is a destination numerous individuals seek to travel to at least once in their lifetime. Several locations exist beyond the regions frequently discussed when referencing this area. Nevis, an isle within the Leeward chain, resides in the West Indies and offers a unique beach paradise atmosphere to visitors. The Nevis Peak, located at the landmasses center, contributes to the island’s cone shape. Sandy beaches can be found surrounding the north and west sides along with freshwater springs. Travelers receive the chance to relax in volcanic created hot springs found on the Western Coast. It is a great place for nature lovers offering various forms of coastal wildlife, snorkeling opportunities, and shipwreck scuba diving. Those who love to explore can take a stab at archeology or experience historical sites of the Amerindians.

Island History

Its history dates back to before explorers began arriving from the European continents. Columbus landed on the isle in 1943 to make the first written account of the regions existence. It was originally given the name Dulcina by early inhabitants, but renamed after Columbus’s landing. Alexander Hamilton was born on this island and later became a founding father of America. Lord Horatio Nelson, one of Britain’s well-known admirals, resided on the isle when it was used as a military base. Nevis remained as part of the British colony properties until the late 1900’s and did not officially become independent until 1983.

All the Charm of the Tropics

Music festivities with local dances can be viewed by travelers during various times of the year. Tropical plant life is used as herbal medicine by locals and includes these among other varieties:

  • Black Sage
  • Blood Flower
  • Seagrape
  • Coconut Palm
  • Bee Bush
  • Hog Plum

Natural plants are used to preserve foods, make structures, create rope, and even produce guitars. Travelers have the opportunity to experience countless forms of wildlife including a wide array of international bird species. The island is noted on bird lists as one of the best locations for this type of nature observing.

Abundant Activities for Every Type of Visitor

A broad range of activities on Nevis make it easy to accommodate the individual interests of visitors. Nature oriented experiences include hiking or guided tours with one of the most popular arriving at the top of Nevis Peak. Hikes bring individuals close to nature and allow them to learn about the plants, wildlife, and history from area experts. The isle is a little quieter than what is characteristic to a Caribbean getaway location; however, it still offers the same activities many individuals are drawn to. Visitors have a chance to experience deep sea fishing or kayaking with scuba diving being common as well. Yacht charters can be taken to explore the island or individuals are welcomed to assist with sea turtle nest tracking. Snorkeling tours are another great option to those who want to spend time viewing the underwater wildlife. It is a place where people can relax, experience unique culture, and have the chance to do things they previously only dreamed about.