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Employee Motivation: Creating a Productive Work Force Using A Travel Award Program

While sometimes grueling, every workplace follows a chain of command where top executives relay their objectives to managers who then use their employees to complete a set of tasks. It is the supervisor’s job to make certain objectives are met; however, this responsibility is not always easy to carry out. A manager must be capable of accomplishing employee motivation to create a successful work environment. A company has numerous choices when implementing methods for increased morale or productivity. In order for motivational approaches to be effective, a company must have an understanding of human nature and what drives individuals to excel. A person with the appropriate inspiration will take on tasks without having to be pushed to do so. They must be either internally inspired or motivated by some other means to perform better.

Why Are Travel Incentives a Winning Choice?

A person has to be capable of doing a specified task and have the right amount of motivation to supply desired job performance. Ability is the building block to every tool a company has toward reaching future success. If a person is unable to perform a set tasks, their productivity will natural be down. Experience, training, education, and desire take over as time progresses. The following motivational tactics are a great way to begin creating a positive work environment and gain the productivity necessary to achieve goals:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Fair Treatment
  • Meeting Individual Needs
  • Setting Achievable Goals
  • Providing Incentive Rewards

The degree of use will greatly depend on the current workplace situation along with individual company needs. Employees who feel valued, enjoy their tasks, and reside in a friendly environment are more likely to supply above average results. Motivational tactics are used to provide a connection between an individual’s current state and desired objectives. Incentive rewards supply the chance to win something desirable for meeting specific performance goals.

Why Are Travel Awards More Successful?

Monetary rewards have a short term effect because the motivation is gone as soon as an individual spends the money. Physical gifts make a great choice for small, short term achievements such as completing a project early or reaching a weekly sales goal; however, they have the same drawbacks as monetary approaches. Travel rewards can be spread over a longer period of time for larger goals. They supply a long term effect by building up excitement, providing continued motivation, and delivering inspiration by offering a one of a kind, memorable experience.

The images of a relaxing day at the beach in Fiji or touring the Louvre in Paris are not just something put in someone’s head as the promise of a travel reward is made known. Individuals dream of a unique vacation every day, but rarely have the time or funding to make it happen. Companies can use this tool to encourage better performance, increase morale, and create a successful environment where everyone works together to achieve organizational goals. The cost is comparable to any alternative type of incentive reward and provides heightened results throughout program implementation. Organizations seeking a winning solution to employee motivation are capable of retaining highly productive, positive staffs when this approach is chosen over the alternatives.


Experiencing Culture – An Overlooked Benefit of an Incentive Travel Trip

When provided a splendid opportunity to travel to a far away exotic location, most people probably focus solely on the opportunity to get away, relax, unwind, and have fun. While all of the mentioned reasons for being excited about a vacation are completely understandable and within good reason, as business culture is very taxing on an employee’s mind and body, do not underestimate another additional feature to traveling to an exotic location – immersing oneself in a totally new and foreign culture. Many people who have experienced incentive travel destinations that took them to unique locales were usually, before the traveling had commenced, simply excited for the chance to hang out in a new place and get away from the doldrums of corporate culture. However, on returning from these unique cultural destinations, when asked, those who were fortunate enough to take part in these worldly excursions mentioned “educational” as one of the best parts of the trip experience. The opportunity to see, and to immerse oneself into a completely different culture can be quite educational, enjoyable, rewarding, and even life changing. There are so many aspects to a native country’s culture that is different from our own, and to view first hand how other people live within their environment can be very awe inspiring.

For corporations or businesses contemplating an incentive travel trip, this cultural escape is often an overlooked benefit. While most people do not comment on this kind of an opportunity before embarking on their incentive travel trip, it is typically one of the first things mentioned on returning from their glorious vacation. The opportunity to experience culture that is unlike your own is simply yet another added benefit to using incentive travel trips as a motivational tool to get employees to work that much better in order to earn what can quite literally become the opportunity of a lifetime. A native experience in a foreign country will truly open your eyes to the idea of a vast world that, in many places is much different than your own. It can have so much meaning and can positively influence your own life.

With so much to gain from booking incentive travel trips, it is a wonder why more companies have not subscribed to the idea. The good news is, because of the overwhelmingly positive feedback from those who have been fortunate enough to have been a part of an incentive travel trip, more and more businesses are recognizing the value both in reaching goals and rewarding employees in a long lasting way. Companies such as Incentive Travel Solutions can show your company how incentive travel trips work, what can be gained from these trips, and what to expect from some of the places to which you are able to travel. With so much to gain and experience from visiting a foreign location with culture much different than your own, you will quickly realize why those who have been a part of incentive travel trips do not hesitate to choose this over monetary bonuses, when given the option.

10 Tips for Creating a Successful Incentive Travel Program

Incentive travel is a wonderful way to entice employees or distributors to increase their effectiveness and your company’s position in the market place. The motivation a potential trip can provide has the ability to augment revenue as well as work place morale. Incentive travel can be focused on either a sales force or a distribution network, the trip can be national or international. Regardless, the perfect incentive travel program starts with careful planning.

Below are the ten most important tips for creating a successful incentive travel program which fits your company’s size, budget and culture:

  • Establish your corporate incentive program objectives. What would you like your incentive travel program to achieve? These objectives can range from increased revenue of sales, increased productivity and office morale, decrease in flawed business practices, or to simply reward your employees for their continued hard work. No matter the goal, it is important to provide a specific value to the improvement such as a sales quota which must be met, a specific dollar amount of revenue which must be attained, or any other method of evaluating the performance of your employees.
  •  Decide on the target recipient. In essence, who is eligible to participate in the incentive travel program? This could be sales persons, general employees, the management team, or even customers.
  • Learn what the preferences, interests, and values are of your target recipient in order to create a trip tailored to your specific needs based on your available budget.
  • Study the behavior and performance of your employees in order to ascertain practical tasks for your targeted recipients.
  • Be sure you have a clear system in place to track the performance level of your employees.
  • Think of any obstacles which may exist affecting the success of the program. This could be market conditions, current work place morale, or structural organization.
  • Determine whether the program will be planned and managed internally or outsourced to a company which specializes in incentive travel.
  • Recognize and become familiar with applicable tax implications. Often, under particular circumstances, travel can be taxable so it is important to understand certain tax forms which may be required.
  • Before selecting an incentive travel partner, be sure that the company agrees to satisfy the full extent of your contract, especially what is promised pertaining to your budget. Also, be fully aware of all cancellation polices.
  • At the conclusion of your program, evaluate both those who won and those that did not win to determine whether the program was effective in accomplishing your established objectives.

In conclusion, incentive travel is a good tool in establishing any set company goal. Be sure to set clear and concise goals, decide on a budget, determine what your target audience wants, and base your decision on options which cater to each. Even companies with smaller budgets can greatly benefit from incentive travel.

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What is the Difference Between Incentive Travel & Travel Incentives?

Many people do not understand that there is a difference between travel incentive programs for any individual, and the offering of incentive travel programs through a place of business aimed at inciting greater action and effort from employees, improving sales motivation, and rewarding sales increases. Travel incentives involve the use of travel based programs through credit cards usage, special purchases, banking transactions or even retail shopping incentives just to name a few. People who participate in the program receive travel awards based upon their spending habits. These rewards then offer travel at a reduced cost, or sometimes even free, for people who have garnered the incentive, and are allowed to choose, based on preset destination options, from a wide selection of locations to which they can redeem their incentive. Travel incentives often allow people to travel to destinations and locations that they might not normally be able to afford, but the hidden cost is the price of using the credit card, purchasing certain items, or participation in the program.

Incentive Travel Trips as Employee Rewards

Incentive travel is a much different industry that appeals to businesses and corporations. Incentive travel programs are used for employees at a large or small corporation, who are most likely involved in sales, and can be attained based on meeting and achieving certain criteria previously agreed on, and will be articulately stated in the program details. The idea of incentive travel programs is that many people who work on a commission based payout – where accomplishments are directly rewarded, but the failure to obtain a certain number of accomplishments could mean the forfeiture of certain payouts – will feel the desire to push themselves harder in their field of work in order to attain additional perks provided by the company. Incentive travel programs have proven to be a valuable ally for businesses and corporations looking to improve and drive sales goals, as the presented opportunity to have an all expenses paid vacation to a wonderful destination has been well received by the majority of people involved in programs where such an incentive is offered.

Looking for a Great Way to Motivate Employees?

Incentive travel programs provide a simple and fun way to motivate employees. To learn more about how incentive travel programs can benefit your business or company, contact Incentive Travel Solutions (ITS). We provide incentive travel programs that will inspire and motivate employee performance. Help your employees reach their sales goals, by improving their drive and motivation to receive an incredible perk.

An Incentive Travel Solutions representative will be happy to go over how motivational travel packages work, the different kinds of places and locations that can be chosen from to offer as a travel destination, as well as how successful ITS incentive solutions have been. Contact us today!


Bora Bora: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Incentive Travel Solutions, A Charlotte, NC based Firm, highlights destinations for Corporate Incentive President’s Club and top performer trips.  This week, Incentive Travel Solutions takes a look at Tahiti, Bora Bora and the Society Islands.

Love at first sight is felt when embarking on this island which resembles the greens and blues of an artist’s pallet. Considered by many the most beautiful island in the world, it is a playground for romantics. First called “Pora Pora,” an ancient name meaning “first born,” derived from a legend that states it was the first island to rise out of the ocean after Taaroa, the supreme god, fished out of the waters. Remaining the island of all dreams, it is unquestionably the most mythical of all the Pacific Islands.

Kevin Devanney, President of Incentive Travel Solutions stresses “we must continue to raise the bar for our clients.  Tahiti, Bora Bora, and the Society Islands are a first class destination”.  A member of the Society Islands of French Polynesia, Bora Bora is a popular international destination. Surrounding the island is a lagoon and barrier reef, providing for spectacular snorkeling and diving in the most clear aqua blue waters. In the center of the island are two extinct volcanoes, Mount Pahia and Mount Otemanu. Known for its spectacular temperate climate, Bora Bora rarely sees temperatures dip below the 70’s or rise above the 80’s.

Dependent mainly on tourism, the island features every aspect a tourist needs for a relaxing sun-filled vacation. Each resort has fantastic restaurants with spectacular views and gourmet cuisine. It is worth trying restaurants at various resorts, namely the Intercontinental Thalasso, the Four Seasons, and the Intercontinental Le Moana. There are many fine dining and casual options on Bora Bora Island as well. Shopping is limited but world- renowned on the main island. Original art, pearls, and handcrafts are treasures waiting to be found. Boutiques and souvenir shops are yours to peruse. As public transportation is nonexistent, renting a car or scooter is the perfect way to cruise the island and shop around. An array of activities from horseback riding, cocktail cruises, private picnics, and jet skiing are the perfect way to spend your days. Also, a visit to the main island can be historical as it is a place where World War II canons can be viewed.

Bora Bora Accommodations

Accommodations in Bora Bora are superb. The Bora Bora Hotel was the first hotel ever to feature beach and over-water bungalows. Today, over-water bungalows are only commonly found in French Polynesia, where the protected lagoons and very even tides allow for sturdy construction and maintenance. Every resort offers beach and over-water bungalows and although this may seem an expensive destination, special amenities have been transformed into perfection which makes it well worth the cost. Newer hotels and resorts have been built on the smaller islands (motu) in the lagoon surrounding the main island, facing into the lagoon and the mountain of Bora Bora which offer privacy and exquisite views for the romantic vacationers. Each resort has brought its own unique blend of romantic experiences for their guests to delve in.

An exciting incentive travel destination for couples, Bora Bora is the perfect place to entice employees to work extra hard to be rewarded with such a fantastical trip. Offering every detail a true incentive program must have to make it highly successful, Bora Bora should always be a top destination consideration.

If your business is interested in planning an incentive travel trip to Bora, Bora, or another exotic location, give our team a call today! 704-540-1482.