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Selecting the Best Team to Manage Your President’s Club Trip

A President’s Club Trip is a status symbol only the top employees achieve throughout the year or season. It takes a significant amount of work to obtain this reward and it holds a special status in every industry. These trips are only as successful as the team who plans them. To ensure your next President’s Club Trip is a success, it is essential to choose a team capable of putting their best foot forward.

Additionally, the planning elements may vary depending on what department or team you are rewarding. Many companies are beginning to reach outside of sales to recognize their top developers, customer service representatives, and other key performers. The best team will be able to make recommendations based on who is participating as well deliver a memorable experience to each key performer.

Why is an Experienced Team Important?

What does your company need to do to deliver the best President’s Club Trip? Are there any best practices or specific steps to take in order to achieve success? The first step is to determine if your organization or company is ready for this type of incentive. While every trip varies, the right team will provide the following benefits:

  • Ensure Proper Incentives and Goals are in Place – The purpose is to reward the top performers while providing motivation for employees to reach this status. Goals and incentives must support this.
  • Get the Best Travel Deals – A savvy team is able to deliver exceptional deals for amenities, hotel stays, flights, and excursions during planning. Better deals ensure the most fun for the budget!
  • Deliver a Unique Experience – A great team will be able to pool from shared resources and individual experience to deliver an unforgettable trip that encourages other employees to increase their performance.
  • Fast Results with Reliable Planning – Professionals do this type of planning every day. The process is easy for them because they know who to call, what details need to be lined out, and how to quickly get results without sacrificing quality.

Vast industry knowledge, networking connections, and everyday planning experience make a professional team your best choice for any President’s Club Trip. At Incentive Travel Solutions, our goal is to deliver an exceptional, once in a lifetime experience to every individual awarded the President’s Club Trip. Our team will work with you to ensure all aspects are covered from plan initiation to reward fulfillment. Contact us today to get started!