San Diego, California: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

San Diego resides on the coast of the Pacific Ocean on the southern tip of California near the Mexican border. The cities mild climate makes it an excellent place to visit during any time of the year. This getaway location, sitting next to a natural harbor with deep waters, provides consistently warm temperatures and an extensive beach line. It was the first place European settlers visited along the western coastline of the United States and spans over approximately two hundred canyons, which contribute to its hilly geographical layout. Structures reside on the mesas while the urban canyon areas remain fairly untouched. The San Diego River runs through the city to create a north/south division line as it enters the bay. San Diego houses over one-hundred individual neighborhoods spanning over fifty-two community planning locations. The downtown region, sitting along the bay, functions as the cultural and business center of the metropolis. Visitors have the opportunity to see famous attractions such as SeaWorld and the Coronado Bridge.

Area Climate

The San Diego area has a mild climate that creates a great environment for a vacation any time of the year. Coastal temperatures average around seventy-five degrees each day with humidity remaining low for most of the year. Valleys in the area have noticeable differences caused by the terrain among additional factors. The climate can change rapidly while traveling eastward from the coast and in some instance may vary by as much as a degree when traveling only a couple miles to the east. Most months are sunny with the exception of May and June when the sky has immense cloud coverage.

Things to Do

San Diego holds so many items of interest that it is often difficult to know where to begin when visiting this beautiful city. The downtown region houses numerous historical landmarks including:

  • Gaslamp Quarter Historic District
  • Balboa Theatre
  • El Cortez Apartment Hotel
  • Santa Fe Depot
  • Alfred Haines House

It is also an area known for its artistic atmosphere where visitors have the chance to catch an opera or symphony performance. Spreckels Theater, opened in 1912, hosts a variety of both local and traveling productions. Balboa Park is a campus filled with museums, gardens, neo-classical architecture, a theatre, and a one of a kind clock tower. It is also home to the famous San Diego Zoo, which spans over one-hundred acres. The zoo supplies a diverse range of shows and is home to a few less common animal species. Point Loma Lighthouse provides a fantastic view of downtown as well as other portions of the city.

Downtown offers something for everyone with museums, restaurants, boutiques, and a booming nightlife as part of the selection. If a day off from sightseeing is needed, travelers have countless options for fun. The San Diego coastline provides miles of beachfront for activities such as swimming, surfing, sunbathing, sailing, boating, or scuba diving. Beer tasting is another great adventure and the city supplies approximately forty-four breweries for exploring. Travelers desiring adventurous activities can go hiking, biking, rock climbing, or even hang gliding. It is an active location where visitors will have no problem finding plenty to do and see.