The World’s Largest Casino: The Venetian Monaco

Casino’s are like castles: The bigger they are, the more people want to visit them to see what’s inside the cavernous rooms. When it comes to big casinos, they don’t get any larger than The Venetian Monaco, a luxury hotel and casino resort located in Macau — an autonomous territory in scenic East Asia.

The Biggest of the Big

Owned by the American company Las Vegas Sands, The Venetian Monaco boasts 546,000 square feet of casino space, with a total floor space of 10,500,000 square feet. To give you an idea of what goes on under the casino’s expansive roof, here are some additional, impressive specs for the grand establishment:

  • Gaming machines: 3,000
  • Gaming tables: 800
  • Slot machines: 3,400
  • Restaurants and bars: 24
  • Hotel suites: 3,000

With all that space, the Venetian Monaco is the Smithsonian Museum of casinos. If you want to enjoy every square foot of excitement, it’s best to plan for a one-week to two-week trip to the gargantuan gambling hub.

Considering that the average incentive travel trip lasts about that long, The Venetian Monaco is a great place to stay for those who loves games of chance and all the accoutrements that come with staying in a world class casino resort.

Single Entertainment Spot

One of the most unique things about taking an incentive travel trip to The Venetian Monaco, is the casino can serve as the single address for your trip’s entertainments.

In addition to featuring a sea of gaming equipment and enough comfy suites to house a small army, the casino offers 1,200,000 square feet of convention space, 1,600,000 square feet of retail space, and the 15,000 seat Cotai Arena, which houses major sports and entertainment events.

So, here’s what a basic itinerary for a ten-day trip to The Venetian Monaco could look like: three or four days of fun in the casino proper, three or four days of shopping, attending at least one awesome event in the Cotai arena, dining at a new restaurant every day for lunch and dinner, attending an interesting convention that captures your group’s interest, and enjoying the hotel’s awesome services and amenities the whole way through.

If your group includes casino lovers who are passionate about shopping, cuisine, and world class entertainment, the itinerary could be a dream come true, especially when you have Incentive Travel Solutions design your trip in a highly unique fashion.

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