Bahamas: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

The Bahamas is a popular tourist destination consisting of over three thousand islands in the Atlantic Ocean. It was first inhabited by the Lucayans who were a Taino people of the Arawakan language. These isles were the first stopping point of Columbus during the discovery of the New World in 1492. The location was never colonized by the Spanish and remained deserted until 1648 when the isle of Eleuthera was settled by the English. In 1718, the location shifted toward a plantation economy as slaves were moved to the area and American Loyalists made it their home.

Slave trading was abolished approximately one hundred years later by the British Empire and many liberated people made the Bahamas their home shortly after. Mount Alvernia is the highest point in the area with a total height of two-hundred and seven feet. The isles have a tropical climate, which is affected by the Gulf Stream and this contributes to hurricanes in the region. Temperatures remain around seventy to eighty degrees for most of the year with the exception of occasional dips caused by Artic outbreaks.

Local Culture

Less developed islands in the Bahamas center on crafts such as basketry, hat making, and bags with palm fronds. An African street parade called Junkanoo is held in Nassau on December 26th each year. It is a great choice for travelers desiring to experience local music, art, and dance. Additional events are held at various times of the year such as the Crab Fest to celebrate traditional crops as well as foods of the region. The Bahamas is all about fun on the beach and local culture. Travelers do not have to exchange US dollars to buy things as this form is currency is accepted by venders in the area. Few items are made for resale to visitors; however, luxury products can be obtained for quite a deal by bargaining with sellers.

Area Attractions

The Bahamas has been a popular vacationing choice for numerous years because of the supplied beach scenery and paradise like atmosphere. Travelers come to kick back, enjoy the sun, and have fun in the water while getting away from everyday life. Visitors have the opportunity to explore a variety of boutiques offering stunning prices on some of the most demanded, high priced products found in North America. Additionally, travelers can take some time trying out new, adventurous activities to receive a once in a lifetime experience.

While the gorgeous blue waters of the Bahamas are enough to envelope any traveler, these islands supply abundant opportunities for fun in the water or on land. Water activities include:

  • Boating
  • Sailing
  • Swimming
  • Diving
  • Deep Sea Fishing

It is an ideal vacationing spot for fun in the sun or a more active adventure since the water temperature remains around eighty degrees Fahrenheit all year. Travelers seeking fun on land in the Bahamas have the option to view man-made attractions, attend a show, shop, take a tour, bird watch, hike, or relax at a spa. It is a true paradise that provides the perfect setting for a one of a kind getaway at any time of the year.