How Do I Manage Safe Travel During Coronavirus? – Tips for Staying Safe & Healthy

At Incentive Travel Solutions, we are experts at travel. Travel is our job and we manage it daily. Traveling can be stressful, but traveling during the outbreak of a novel coronavirus doesn’t have to be more stressful if you are well prepared and follow the advice of experts. Below we have compiled a list of tips to help guide you through your next trip safely. Some of these are common sense items and others are best practices for traveling even when there isn’t the threat of a pandemic.

Follow CDC Guidelines:

  • Obey all quarantines
  • Obey all travel restrictions

Personal Care:

  • Don’t touch your face
  • Wash hands often and for at least 20 seconds
  • Use hand sanitizer when soap isn’t available
  • Eat healthy
  • Get plenty of sleep
  • Get plenty of exercise

Tips for the Airport

  • Avoid shaking hands or touching others
  • Use personal phone apps for pre-flight check-ins
  • Bring your own carry-on water bottle and fill before boarding
  • Wash or sanitize hands after touching surfaces

Get the latest travel information from the CDC here.


Incentive Travel Agency – The Right Choice for Corporate Reward Program Planning

If you are planning on implementing an incentive program for your employees this year, it is important to know the differences between service providers. It might seem more affordable or easier to use a traditional travel agency, since they planned your vacation last year and it was a great experience. However, they are not the same as an incentive-based provider.

How Are Incentive Travel Agencies Different?

Regular travel agencies have experience in providing services based on individual preferences. This means they are designing a trip using their connections for one person, a family, or a very small group. These agencies do not have to put together a complex rewards system based on multiple goals or achievements.

Incentive travel agencies specialize in planning and executing corporate programs for large groups of employees or customers. These programs include the following:

  • A Unique Destination
  • Traveling Accommodations
  • Price Estimates
  • On-Site Staff Assistance
  • Program Planning Assistance
  • Web Registration for Participants

Their expertise lies within organizing programs for large groups and in designing amazing incentives. A regular travel agency might have a difficult time planning and securing each aspect of a program because they do not have the connections or experience necessary to do so.

In What Ways can an Incentive Travel Agency Help?

Before diving in, take time to determine how your employees need to be encouraged to actively participate in one of these programs. One thing to consider is the demographics of the individuals who will participate. This will ensure the designed package caters to their specific interests. An agency will be able to help with the following:

  • Corporate Incentive Goal Determination
  • Target Group Selection and Assessment
  • Establishing Achievable Objectives for the Group
  • Implementing a Performance Tracking System
  • Assisting with Program Management
  • Ensuring the Reward is Successful and Memorable

It is also helpful to evaluate these items beforehand and discuss them with any potential provider. An experienced professional will be able to guide you along every step of the way and deliver reliable support throughout the process.

Get Your Incentive Trip Started Today!

At Incentive Travel Solutions, we strive to deliver unique experiences for each incentive program we provide. If you want to get started, but are unsure where to begin, our team can help you get there. Contact us today!


Corporate Incentive Travel Trips – Put Your Company in Good Hands for the New Year

As the new year kicks off for 2020, it is time to consider who will be handling your corporate incentive travel trip. A successful program truly depends on a number of factors from the initial planning details to what actually motivates each employee. If the reward does not push each employee to achieve more, then corporate incentive travel trips may not be effective. It helps to have someone in your corner who is experienced and knows what makes a great program.

Why Use a Professional for Corporate Incentive Travel Trips?

An experienced professional has vast knowledge regarding the planning and execution of these programs, which guarantees higher quality results. Planning these types of events can be a daunting task and a professional delivers the following advantages:

  • Global Destination Knowledge
  • Ability to Secure Best Value through Negotiation
  • Capable of Designing All Aspects of the Trip
  • Delivers a Creative Theme for the Incentive
  • Helps with the Promotional Marketing Campaign
  • Brings Extra Expertise to the Table

There are a number of reasons why a professional is best for planning your corporate incentive travel trips. Most of all, they eliminate the time and frustration companies often experience when planning these events internally. Finally, an expert will make certain everything runs smoothly throughout the duration of the incentive program.

Choosing Your Incentive Program Provider

Before choosing a company, it is essential to know what services they provide and are able to help with during the program. Limited-service providers may not be able to offer the most intriguing destinations or programs. Award fulfilment companies provide group rewards based on preset programs within a catalog or website.

The best option when wanting to put together a rewarding, effective corporate incentive travel trip is a full-service provider. They have comprehensive service choices and provide in depth assistance. These professionals are able to assist with assessing core business issues to better design the trip. Everything is hands on to ensure your incentive program pushes employees to achieve milestones and delivers a one-of-a-kind experience every participant will enjoy.

At Incentive Travel Solutions, we strive to bring the WOW factor into every corporate incentive travel trip we plan. Our team provides a full-service solution to help your company not only design an exceptional program, but also to ensure every aspect is successful from initial planning to reward execution. Contact us today to get started!


The Best Places to Visit in 2020

When planning any type of reward or incentive trip, location is a critical part of this process. The destination has to be something extraordinary that individuals have never seen or rarely get the opportunity to visit. With the new year quickly closing in, it is time to consider what the best places to visit will be in 2020. The chosen destination is a driving factor in compelling your employees to surpass goals and perform better!

Forbes compiled the top 20 places to visit in 2020 within this article. It includes several destinations for families, couples, outdoor lovers, and more! When planning any type of incentive travel program, it is important to know your audience. For example, offering a destination catering to couples may not be the best choice when wanting to reward your sales team after a great year. On the other hand, if your program is for couples, then a romantic setting would be the perfect choice!

Five Amazing Places to Visit

We could go on and on discussing the amazing list of destinations in the article mentioned above, but instead let’s highlight 5 must see destinations for any incentive program.

  • Sicily, Italy – This island offers one-of-a-kind views that are hard to find anywhere else and is perfect for any program. Palermo, the regional capital, has become a high demand destination.
  • South Africa – Cape Town has a warm, mild climate with astounding views of the ocean. Visitors may also view extensive botanical gardens and tap into their adventurous side.
  • Argentina – This northern portion of Patagonia provides unique lake views, which deliver fun activities such as water sports and biking.
  • Rwanda – Kigali is wonderful for anyone who is eco-conscious and offers the chance to experience a great amount of culture. It delivers several opportunities for adventure as well.
  • Chile – The Atacama Desert is wonderful for adventure seekers who want to explore a remote location. Visitors are able to spend a vast amount of time hiking, biking, and visiting ancient ruins.

These are just a few of the best places to visit in 2020 and we have highlighted them due to their appeal. While some destinations are more suitable for families or couples, these specific destinations cater to individuals who may be traveling with other top performers as well. If you are interested in one of these destinations, our team at Incentive Travel Solutions would love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about these or other destinations for your next incentive program.


Opportunities your Company is Missing by Not Having a President’s Club Trip

A president’s club trip speaks volumes to your employees because it shows how their efforts are valued. Recognition programs not only reward employees, but also contribute to the culture of the organization. These trips are given each year to the top performing employees and typically last anywhere from a few days to a week.

While it is easy to view these trips as a vacation, they do much more for a company. A president’s club trip encourages staff members to step up and become leaders. If you are not offering this opportunity to your employees, then you are missing out on several performance advantages.

4 Ways a President’s Club Trip Helps Your Business

Incentive programs such as this have a number of benefits for both employees and the companies providing them. Many organizations are offering them to top performers in areas outside of sales such as customer service and product development as well. Here are 4 ways your business can benefit by offering a president’s club trip:

  1. Source of Healthy Competition – The rules are well-defined and everyone knows what they need to do to win.
  2. Encourages Team Bonding & Sportsmanship – A well put together incentive plan will further encourage teams to bond together thus increasing productivity. It also provides abundant opportunities for mentoring upcoming performers.
  3. Drives Continuous Improvement – Reward programs encourage employees to continuously build on their achievements. This results in higher sales and creates a foundation for even better performance as time passes.
  4. Makes the Highest Achievers Feel Appreciated – Showing recognition to employees who have surpassed status quo is important within an organization. When done properly, other employees see what can happen when they work hard and are encouraged work hard to achieve set goals.

President’s club trips do not create an elite group of unreachable performers when set up appropriately. Instead they encourage every employee to put their best foot forward and strive to perform better to receive the reward. They also encourage staff members to help others in reaching these goals through mentoring. It all starts with the right plan and follow through by the company. If you have been considering a president’s club trip, our team at Incentive Travel Solutions can help. Contact us today to get started!