In a world of integrated economies, and multinational travel, our team speaks directly to your participants to ensure that they are registered and their airline tickets are completed to their exact request. Your guest will receive an email confirmation outlining their registration and trip details. They will also receive a mailed confirmation prior to the trip.

Flawless Web Registration Landing Page

The registration process plays an important role in the success of your trip. Incentive Travel Solutions utilizes secure online registration to inform your participants and to accurately capture their information and choices. Persistent attention to detail and an effective use of technology make the registration process accurate, fast and easy for your top performers.

Incentive Travel Solutions can provide standard or custom trip promotional and/or attendee registration web sites for client programs.  Our on-line registration sites can be accessed through a link placed on our clients’ company websites or through a hot-link embedded into a special trip invitation e-mail message sent to attendees.

Through our trip attendee registration websites, invited guests can register to attend your event, making any special hotel room type or trip extension requests, signing up for offered travel program activities and making any special airline requests.  Our custom websites are flexible so that you, the client, can have input into format as well as what specific attendee registration data you would like to collect.

All Registration Reports can be viewed on-line by designated client management and reports can be downloaded into Excel. Some of the reports that are available in our standard operating procedures are:

¨      Program Roster Report

¨      Arrival & Departure Manifests

¨      Hotel Utilization Report

¨      Rooming Reports

¨      Activity Rosters

¨      Name Badge Reports

Incentive Travel Solutions’ on-line registration process creates a wonderful first experience for your travel program invitees while ensuring an error-free database.  Alternatively, we can provide a more economical fax-based Traveler Registration Form process for smaller group travel programs.