Benidorm, Spain: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Corporate incentive travel programs have become so popular with employees who work in situations where their company offers such rewards for those who have earned it through hard work and diligence that many of them prefer a paid travel vacation to a monetary bonus. These incentives allow people to embark on a wonderful vacation destination they normally would not take the time or effort to book, nor could afford. Employees work to make money, however, sometimes a price cannot be placed on the importance of rest, relaxation, different scenery, and the sheer enjoyment of an adventurous and fun-filled getaway. Upper tier executives and corporate decision makers recognize this need for psychological refreshment, which is why many businesses are implementing corporate incentive travel programs for their best and hardworking employees, sales representatives, and executives.

Madrid and Barcelona often receive top billing as it pertains to the best city destinations in Spain, and each are wonderful and breathtaking in their own regard. However, those who have traveled to Benidorm, Spain will tell you the up-and-coming—once small village now turned city—is not only one of the most overlooked and underrated cities in Spain, but in all of Europe. Benidorm is a coastal town on the eastern coast of Spain. What was not too long ago a small fishing town soon became recognized as a perfect place for a port and vacation destination. Today, Benidorm is home to luxurious hotels and vacation spots due to its beautiful beach locations and its proximity to the Mediterranean Sea.     

Benidorm, Spain is rich in history and culture, and one of the best examples of its beauty and coronation into modernity is the diversity of its architecture. You will see striking skyscrapers, as well as centuries old housing, buildings, and cathedrals, making a leisurely stroll through some areas of Benidorm a strain on the battery of your camera or smart phone, as you will no doubt be taking countless pictures of such mesmerizing architecture and scenery. The citizens of Benidorm have embraced the tourism, as is apparent with the enthralling nightlife, the deliciously authentic cuisines found at local eateries, and the plentiful sightseeing opportunities.

When your company’s corporate incentive travel program offers Benidorm, Spain as its featured destination, do not be discouraged that it is not one of the more notable cities of Spain. Rather, embrace the notion that you are going to a part of the country that is as beautiful and full of culture as any city in Spain, without feeling like one of the countless number of tourists that sometimes overpopulate the more popular Spanish locales. You will love Benidorm.