Copenhagen, Denmark: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Located farthest south of all the Scandinavian countries Copenhagen (København), Denmark; Denmark’s capitol and most vibrant city, offers much in the way of art, architecture and gastronomic experiences. In fact, the rest of the world now examines Copenhagen for ideas regarding its architectural design, fashion, and intriguing culinary expertise. Being a major European city, this is not an inexpensive city to visit. However, the price is well worth the experience one encounters on a visit to the capitol city. The Dutch are also considered to be some of the happiest people in the world, and Denmark is among the top nations with the best quality of life.

Copenhagen is considered one of the cleanest large cities in all of Europe, and it is relatively just as safe. It is more than easy to become familiar with the city. The layout is superb for navigating and the transportation system is quite superior to most cities its size and it is often thought that “all (of) Denmark’s roads, trains, and bicycle paths lead to the heart of the capitol.”  On most livable cities lists, Copenhagen often ranks within the top five, if not the top location for the best city to live in.

With an abundant amount of adventures to partake in while visiting Copenhagen, the following three attractions can simply not be missed:


Tivoli, a famous park situated where the once-fortified city’s ramparts used to be, is a must-see for all visitors to Copenhagen. There is an on-site lake which relics the city’s former moat. Home to a variety of amusement park-like rides, events, and live entertainment, there are activities for all ages. For thrill-seekers, rides such as the Spinning Top and the Demon exist. For the older crowd, over 40 restaurants and bars are open to satisfy any thirst or hunger, some which have been in business since as early as 1843. For the little ones activities such as the aquarium and merry-go-round are sure to entice. Although a year-round “festival,” Christmas time kicks all of the alluring festivities into high gear.

Strget- Main Shopping Street

The longest and oldest pedestrian-only shopping street in all of Europe, Strget is the main shopping street in Copenhagen. In 1964, the street was closed to all buses, bicycles, trams and cars, to allow for hundreds upon hundreds of shoppers to explore without the worry of automotive traffic. Designed with every budget in mind, Strget offers shopping and dining experiences for everyone, whether on a small or an unlimited budget.

Copenhagen JazzHouse

Another must-do in Copenhagen is visiting and attending a concert at the Copenhagen JazzHouse. Founded in 1990, the JazzHouse is home to over 250 concerts each year. Although the venue only holds a little over 100 people, the intimacy it provides makes it even more intriguing. Jazz being especially first-rate in Copenhagen, it is imperative to hear live jazz while visiting. On weekends, the JazzHouse transforms itself into a vibrant night club.

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