Corfu Island, Greece: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Corfu Island, Greece ranks second in size among all Ionian isles with a history dating back as far as Greek mythology. The name links to the god of the sea, Poseidon, as well as one of the most important rivers Asopos. It is referred to as Kerkyra in ancient Greek in relation to Asopos daughter, Korkyra, who Poseidon abducted to marry. They arrived on this island, were married, and he gave it her name, which later grew into Kerkyra. Local inhabitants are called Phaiakes, Phaeacians in modern day, after their conceived child Phaiakes. Today, Corfu Island displays its history in the form of castles still standing throughout the area. Its capital is often referred to as the “castle city” due to it being surrounded by two long standing fortresses. Its history is filled with conquests by the Venetians, Turkish, and British.

Old Town

Corfu city can be found inland at the broadest part of the island and is separated from other parts of the area by an artificial moat that is now used as a marina. Old town developed within a fortified location meaning much of the traditional designs from previous times was preserved. The streets are very narrow, paved with cobblestones, and create a labyrinth within the city. A large portion of the pathways are too small for vehicles to travel on. The square holds an extensive selection of restaurants and cafés where individuals can relaxingly take in the scenery.

Palaio Frourio

This Venetian fortress, constructed on a man-made inlet, includes fortifications around its perimeter. A few sections have begun to erode over time; however, a restoration was completed on the interior for cultural events to be held at this location. Events such as concerts and historical reproductions can be seen during various times of the year with modern effects such as lighting being part of the entertainment. It is one of many fortresses visitors can explore when touring this destination.

Palaia Anaktora

Located north of the lower square, Palaia Anaktora or “Old Palaces” is a Roman style building complex previously used as a home for the King of Greece and British Governors. Viewable by the public today, the complex delivers a series of halls and buildings where numerous exhibits can be seen. Individuals have the opportunity to view displays in the Museum of Asian Art or take a stroll in the gardens to see stone aquariums surrounded by exotic plants. The gardens provide an exquisite view of the bay while the grounds café presents another art gallery with local and international creations.

Corfu Island, Greece contains a vast array of architectural styles including Italianate, Roman, Venetian, and German creations. Those interested in older style building design have countless wonders to choose from. Individuals can see the “Kaiser Bridge”, the Achilleion, or the city square filled with examples of Italianate architecture. Corfu Island is a distinct cultural area containing multiple sights from older to more modern items. Museums of archaeological, art, financial, historical, and dedicative nature can be found throughout the region. Musical festivities common to the area create a one of a kind atmosphere for everyone who has an opportunity to visit.