Courchevel, France: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Employee travel incentive programs offered to workers who have achieved or accomplished a quota, project, or sales goal have become popular among high ranked decision makers who opt for this type of incentive versus monetary provisions. The reason for its accumulation in popularity has to do with the majority of employees who prefer a kind of bonus that is more satisfying than a financial reward. The daily grind of a workweek takes a mental and physical toll on an individual, and often, the solution to employee satisfaction is more than economic scale. Time off, vacation, adventure, and a means to get away from the normalcy of daily habit and routine refreshes a person and will renew their spirit and focus when he or she comes back from an unforgettable travel destination.

Courchevel, France

What makes employee travel incentive programs so wonderful is you are promised a getaway to a marvelous locale. Many people enjoy sport, and there are few outdoor activities offering the fun and excitement that skiing and snowboarding provide for those who enjoy these sports. This is why we offer Courchevel, France, as one of our many unbelievable travel destinations. When comparing upscale places with appeal involving lavish dining and shopping, Courchevel is similar to Cannes, except Cannes is on the French Riviera (beach activities), and Courchevel is located in the French Alps (mountain activities). If you prefer your extreme sports outings coupled with luxury living, it would be difficult to find a mountain or ski resort that provides the fine accommodations Courchevel, France boasts. Celebrities and other people of affluence frequently grace this resort town because of its incredible beauty and exclusivity.

The adventure begins even before you set foot in Courchevel, as the airport is one of the most famous in the world, as it has a gradient degree of 18.5%, which is considered a deep slope for an airport runway. You may have seen the airport’s runway before and not have known it, as it is the locale for the opening scene of a James Bond film—Tomorrow Never Dies.

Employee travel incentive programs that offer such breathtaking and secluded places to visit have become a gem for company decision makers who want to provide incentive and reward their employees, because normally, these are locations their workers would not have a chance to see. A resort such as Courchevel, found in the magnificent French Alps, is place you simply have to see to believe, as this mountainous resort town is unmatched by other resorts of its kind.

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