Incentive Travel Destination: Niagara Falls

Both Canadians and Americans would probably argue back and forth over which country offers the better view and accommodations when visiting or viewing Niagara Falls. What is not in dispute is how truly lovely the falls are to visit and see in-person. While a scenic view from either side is likely wonderful for its own reasons, taking in Niagara Fall from Canada is especially unique and worthwhile. From Canada, not only will the sightseer get and up close and personal view of the remarkable waterfalls (Niagara is the collective name for the three waterfalls that border the United States and Canada), they will also get the opportunity to enjoy the beautiful Queen Victoria Park. The park features beautiful gardens, raised platforms with spectacular views of the falls, and underground walkways that actually lead you underneath the waterfalls, providing the illusion of being inside the waterfalls.

If you want a truly magnificent, spectacular view of Niagara from Canada, take an elevator up to the observation deck of Canada’s Skylon Tower, which is the highest viewpoint of the falls and offers a view of the U.S./Canadian border and distant views of Toronto and New York City. Another fantastic feature exclusive to the Canadian side of Niagara is the Whirlpool Aero Car that actually takes passengers over the distinctive Niagara Whirlpool.

Since you might not be spending your entire day looking at Niagara’s magnificence, luckily, there is plenty to do and enjoy. The dining in Canada is nothing short of exquisite, and if you happen to be in a gambling mood, there are two casinos in proximity of the falls, one of which can be found in a luxurious resort.

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