Tips for Using Travel Trips as an Incentive Program Idea for Sales

Companies that realize the value of human resources for achieving sales goals are naturally inclined to offer incentive programs that keep top sellers in the fold instead of letting them defect to other companies within the same market space. If your company is looking for an incentive program idea for sales for rewarding top performers on the sales team, we strongly recommend that you consider using incentive-based travel trips as a reward. Below are helpful tips for how to do it.

  1. Make the Award Annual

One of the most important aspects of using travel trips as an incentive program idea for sales success is to make them seem truly special, part of which involves taking the trips at long intervals, such as once a year. You could always reward your best sellers with trips based on quarterly performance, but the excursions naturally wouldn’t seem as special as if they were held annually. Furthermore, holding trips annually makes them more financially feasible.

  1. Limit the Award to Few

Employee oriented companies are always looking for ways to reward diligent workers for commendable performance, but it’s important to provide awards that are commensurate with the level of achievement. Due to their considerable cost and unique characteristics, using travel trips as an incentive program idea for sales success should ideally be a strategy that targets the top performers (e.g., the top 10 percent of sale closers). Offer your best sellers the best reward.

  1. Focus on Unique Travels

Regardless of the destination (as long as it isn’t dangerous), travel in itself can be rewarding. The mental associations that people make with scenes in their native environment — for better or worse — are gone when they set their eyes on new sights. But that isn’t what makes an inventive travel trip unique. To score high on the uniqueness scale, you need to choose a unique destination, coordinate unique activities, and offer unique travel and lodgings.

  1. Use a Travel Trip Planner

Using an experienced incentive travel trip planner to plan and facilitate your incentive-based trip for top sellers is similar to using a corporate attorney to negotiate business mergers: Why not trust professionals when you need them in the capacity in which they specialize? In addition to planning your entire trip based on your wants and needs, an incentive travel trip planner will send a dedicated support staff to you on your journey to ensure everything goes as planned.

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