Vancouver, Canada: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Vancouver, located in the western portion of Canada, is a large metropolitan area that delivers abundant sightseeing opportunities. This beautiful metropolis resides in the middle of the mountains and the ocean. It is not only a wondrous place to visit, but has also been said to be one of the best residential cities. Everything lying to the west of Ontario Street is referred to as the Westside. All parts of the metropolis residing on the east are part of the Eastside and those portions lying to the North make up the City Centre. Stanley Park, located in the West End of town, is a popular beach hangout with one of a kind dining. Visitors have the option of seeing Chinatown located in the more urban and cultural portion of Vancouver. False Creek, consisting of modern neighborhoods, offers stunning views and spectator sports events. The area provides varying scenery consisting of hills and flatlands with mountainous surroundings. Visitors coming to this location during the summer can expect moderate temperatures with plenty of sun. Snow fall occurs approximately eleven days throughout the winter with minimal amounts remaining on the ground.

Spend a Little Time Outdoors

A variety of tours are available to aid visitors in becoming familiar with this stunning metropolitan region. Tourists have the option to take part in a scheduled bus or walking tour to learn about Vancouver’s popular attractions. Outdoor events are prevalent among locals and it is not uncommon to see individuals walking, jogging, or biking through the area. Speedboat, rollerblade, and bike rentals are available in the downtown portion of the city. The beaches are another great choice for those who want to spend the day relaxing in the sun or playing in the sand. Hills found on the North Shore away from the metropolitan area of Vancouver provide a perfect skiing or snowboarding location. Hockey is an important sport in the winter months due to the Canucks season starting in October.  Soccer, roller derby, and baseball are additional past times in this region of Canada.

Abundant Opportunities for Fun

While the city is notorious for outdoor fun, it also supplies an array of alternative types of activities to visitors. Those wanting to have a more relaxing or cultural vacation have the opportunity to visit a theatre, see a concert, or attend one of many available festivals. The downtown area contains both an opera house and symphony venue that offer individuals the chance to catch a live performance. Those traveling in June can experience the yearly Dragon Boat Festival located in the False Creek part of town. Each neighborhood has its own line up of festivals with the most prominent including the HSB Celebration of Light and the International Film Festival. Travelers desiring to shop till they drop should spend some time on Robson Street exploring local boutiques. Pacific Centre is another great shopping location offering over one-hundred fifty boutique choices. Gastown, an older neighborhood of the city, contains numerous historical buildings among other attractions. The city is a must see for anyone wanting a relaxing atmosphere and plenty of possibilities for fun, new experiences.