West Palm Beach, Florida: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

West Palm Beach sits in the southeast part of Florida along the Atlantic Coast and was first settled in the late 1800’s. Interestingly enough, the original name for the town consisted of no spaces, but fear of a bad omen with a thirteen letter count caused it to be separated shortly after the settlement was founded. It is the oldest incorporated city in the southern portion of Florida. West Palm Beach experienced a large growth spurt in the 1920’s as the Florida land boom took place. A large number of the currently preserved neighborhoods and landmarks were constructed during this time. A hurricane in the late twenties caused the region to enter a depression period; however, a recovery period took place as World War II began. Another population boom occurred in the fifties as veterans returned from their service during the war. The introduction of air conditioning at this time caused additional people to move to the warmer climate location.

West Palm Beach Historical Districts

The Bel Air Historic District was originally a neighborhood designed for individuals who assisted with the development of the county. A portion of the land began as a pineapple plantation of Richard Hone who built a home at the location in 1895. The plantation passed through several hands after Hones death; however, the house remains standing in its original location. El Cid contains a combination of Mediterranean revival and mission-style structures. As the pineapple crops became dismal in the late 1900’s, this land was subdivided and sold off. Today the neighborhood resides on the National Register of Historic Places and is a marvelous site for anyone traveling in the region. Flamingo Park is a coastal neighborhood consisting of structures developed throughout the twenties. Numerous homes of varying architecture styles have been renovated in the neighborhood and are quite a sight for individuals touring the area. West Palm Beach’s history can be seen throughout each district due to renovations that started in the nineties.

Area Attractions

West Palm Beach is a vacation destination where every visitor can let their imagination take over. Travelers wanting to take a step back in time can board the Black Sparrow pirate ship and make their own adventurous fun or climb to the top of Jupiter Inlet Lighthouse for a great view of the area. Greyhound racing, croquet, polo, and equestrian events are a few of the great sporting activities in the area. Water taxis supply the chance to learn more about the cities transition into what it is today. The drive through safari offer travelers the opportunity to be close to animals in the wild. Individuals visiting this wildlife attraction can shop, dine, enjoy amusement park rides, and see live demonstrations. The city offers plenty of cultural activities with options such as live performances and art museums. Visitors should also take some time to explore Ann Norton Sculpture Gardens or the Mounts Botanical Garden for one of a kind, breathtaking views. West Palm Beach is a versatile vacation destination that has retained its historical attributes while managing to supply a fun-filled experience to every visitor.