Yasawa Islands, Fiji: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Yasawa Islands, Fiji is a group of varying sized landmasses with six specific locations being considered as the main region. The archipelago has a volcanic origin supplying mountainous views that stretch across the area making shipping difficult with the exception of this waterway location. Cruises have been common for numerous years; however, land tourism was not allowed until the late eighties. Three resorts began operations on Tavewa in the early eighties with Nanuya Levu or Turtle Island serving as a prominent resort area. This specific landmass was the focal point in the famous movie “The Blue Lagoon” and later purchased by Richard Evanson after filming was completed. Visitors must have permission to explore all islands with the exception of Tavewa making thorough planning essential when wanting to see this destination.

The Main Islands

The Yasawa Islands are found northwest of the Fiji mainland on the far most portion of the chained peninsula. They are surrounded on the western side by the South Pacific Ocean, but also bordered by three specific seas: Solomon, Coral, and the Tasman.

Landmasses include:

•    Kuata
•    Waya
•    Naviti
•    Nanuya
•    Nacula
•    Yasawa

Scenery comprises of the deep blue ocean, peaceful bays, and jagged mountain peaks. Activities include backpacking, snorkeling, beach fun, and participating in local cultural events. The Waya Islands, found in the southern portion of the chain, offers an astounding portrayal of the scenery found throughout this group of landmasses. Naviti is the largest island consisting of grassy hills, small offshore isles, and yearly manta ray congregations. Nacula, on the northern side of Naviti, is comprised of eight smaller isles where three upscale resorts operate. All other islands serve as backpacking havens for travelers with their own unique mix of scenery. The area is a one of the easiest to access portions of Fiji and popular among individuals wanting to experience their own version of paradise.

Main Attractions

The Kuata and Waya region deliver stunning walking paths, rocky peaks, and deep bays. Budget resorts for those desiring a stay right on the coastline are easy to find in this area. Kuata is an uninhabited location where a resort for nature oriented activities such as backpacking resides. Individuals can backpack in the natural scenery, dive, or try out snorkeling. Naviti, the largest landmass, consists of thin forests, grassy ridges, and small fishing villages. Tourists come to the location to swim with the manta rays or view countless tranquil lagoons. Resort environments with white sanded beaches provide various amenities to travelers.

Original Yasawa Island travel began in the vicinity of Tavewa, Nanuya, and the Nacula Isles. It is the busier portion of this chain offering many of the same activities as others with the addition of private beaches. Boats are the key access method with departures occurring daily. It is a beautiful destination individuals enjoy due to its closeness to nature, paradise like activities, and peaceful atmosphere. Any person wanting to spend a week in a location much like the paradises depicted in motion pictures should definitely consider Yasawa Islands as a top travel choice.