Retaining Top Talent with Exclusive Incentive Travel

An incentive travel trip is unlike anything you could plan yourself. It takes an expert with global knowledge who creates a trip that includes the best foods, activities, hotel, atmosphere, entertainment, interest, and experiences. Experiences that leave travelers with a feeling they’ve done something they never thought existed. Experiences so memorable they secretly smile at every reminiscence. The type of trip that retains top talent and forges bonds between employer and employee.

While it would be nice if employees continued to work hard for the same amount of compensation year after year, that’s not how it works. People want to be valued for their work and one way is compensation. Top performers are motivated to reach new heights by more than just a passion for their profession. The prospect of receiving pay raises and bonuses also motivates them to break last year’s revenue targets, but these traditional types of compensation aren’t the only ones that motivate employees to perform.

Using Non-Monetary Incentives

Pay raises and bonuses are the most common forms of compensation for top business performers. As the old saying goes, “money talks”. However, some companies prefer to get creative, and offer non-monetary incentives, too, such as new luxury vehicles, luxury watches, and a variety of other unique gifts that are well off the beaten path of incentive-based rewards.

Some companies assume that offering the direct financial incentives of bonuses and raises is the best way to motivate top performers to translate their talent into business goals achieved. However, over time, non-monetary rewards, especially incentive travel trips, have proven to be quite effective, as well. Consider the following statistics from the Incentive Research Foundation.

  • Companies that offer non-cash rewards, such as incentive travel trips, experience average annual revenue increases that are three times higher than companies that don’t.
  • 100 percent of companies that are “best in class” offer incentive travel trips at year’s end to recognize the achievement of annual sales success and dynamic revenue growth.
  • Well-designed and skillfully deployed incentive travel trips can boost sales productivity by nearly 18 percent and yield a return on investment (ROI) of up to 112 percent.
  • Nearly 50 percent of U.S. businesses use incentive travel to motivate and reward various types of workers, including: salespeople, channel partners, and managers.


Need Help Planning an Exclusive Incentive Travel Trip?

If your company would like to make an incentive travel trip a part of its compensation package for top performing employees, Incentive Travel Solutions will help you plan your travels from start to finish. We handle the complexities of coordinating precisely the type of trip you desire, so you can focus on core business in the meantime, and then embark on your travels with leisure. From scheduling travel options to providing on site travel staff, we offer everything you need.

For assistance making your exclusive incentive travel plans a reality, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you compensate your hard working team of business personnel in a way that they will remember forever!


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2020 Ryder Cup VIP Hospitality Package

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All-Inclusive Ryder Cup Packages:
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Driving Revenue with a Luxurious Incentive Travel Trip

Each year, successful companies search for the best way to drive revenue. From rebates, to coupon programs, to pricing strategy, there are many options for increasing revenue. But one often over-looked option is a luxurious incentive travel trip that rewards executives for achieving business goals. Not just your typical European get-a-way, but a luxurious trip that delivers adventure, cultural experiences, unique foods, and such bliss that time is suspended. Sound like something your employees would enjoy? Well you are not alone. Thousands of companies offer some type of travel reward to their employees every year. Some companies develop the plan on their own, others wisely trust the trip planning process to an experienced planner of incentive-based travel trips, such as Incentive Travel Solutions.

After all, the primary goal of incentive-based travel is to create a journey whose destination, activities, and accommodations combine to form an unforgettable experience that motivates executives to work diligently to qualify for the next incentive-based trip. When you choose us as the facilitator of your luxurious travel trip, we’ll handle the following five aspects of your trip to ensure that your executives are well-rewarded for hard work.

1. Destination Options

Many companies that contact us already have an idea of where they would like to travel. We can further simplify the selection process by presenting a broad range of destination options that offer what our clients want to experience on their unique journey, from the minute they depart to the minute they return.

For example, we recently attended a client on a trip to Rome, Italy, that featured observing classic architecture, a reception and dinner in the gardens of the Vatican, and private tours of timeless landmarks. We recently attended another client on a trip to Banff, Canada — an excursion that featured horseback riding in the mountains and an epic dinner party on a mountainous plateau. While your travel is up to you, we’re happy to make suggestions.

2. Travel Accommodations

One of the least enjoyable aspects of taking a major trip is coordinating plans for arriving at the destination. Scheduling travel by plane, boat, or bus, and checking periodically with travel providers to ensure that your plans remain properly coordinated doesn’t exactly put you in the relaxed mindset that you would like to have leading up to the trip.

That’s why we handle all aspects of the travel process, from selecting and overseeing means of travel for arriving at the destination to choosing and overseeing means of travel after you arrive. An incentive travel trip doesn’t begin when you arrive at the destination; it starts when you board the first means of travel. From the moment you depart, we ensure that you travel in the comfort and style you envision for your journey.

3. Lodging Accommodations

Scheduling lodging accommodations is another tedious aspect of trip planning that we handle on your behalf. In addition to helping you choose lodging that matches the flavor of your trip, we take all the necessary measures to ensure that your lodging accommodations are ready and waiting for your group when it disembarks at the destination. No one likes to hassle with hotel arrangements; when you use our services, you don’t have to.

4. Memorable Travel Activities

The memorableness of incentive travel trips is largely defined by activities that travelers participate in after reaching the destination. From simple sightseeing excursions to participating in unique events such as five-star dinners in the luxury dining cars of a passenger trains, most companies want their travel itinerary to be filled with exciting event after exciting event. This is the kind of itinerary we specialize in creating.

5. Unforeseen Issues

Even the most well-made travel plans can experience occasional glitches. This is why we send an experienced group of travel specialists with you on your trip. Whether you need a dinner reservation on short notice, a gap in hotel service needs to be addressed, an event needs to be rescheduled due to weather, etc., our staff addressed the issue expediently. We are dedicated to making your incentive trip run as smoothly as it does on the itinerary.

Start Planning Today

“Rome wasn’t built in a day,” as the old saying goes, and neither is a great travel plan. When planning a luxurious, memorable trip, there are quite a few variables to consider. That is why we recommend that you call us today at (704) 540-1482 to initiate the planning phase. You can also reach us by filling out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you plan the trip of a lifetime for your talented, hard-working executives!


Courchevel, France: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Employee travel incentive programs offered to workers who have achieved or accomplished a quota, project, or sales goal have become popular among high ranked decision makers who opt for this type of incentive versus monetary provisions. The reason for its accumulation in popularity has to do with the majority of employees who prefer a kind of bonus that is more satisfying than a financial reward. The daily grind of a workweek takes a mental and physical toll on an individual, and often, the solution to employee satisfaction is more than economic scale. Time off, vacation, adventure, and a means to get away from the normalcy of daily habit and routine refreshes a person and will renew their spirit and focus when he or she comes back from an unforgettable travel destination.

Courchevel, France

What makes employee travel incentive programs so wonderful is you are promised a getaway to a marvelous locale. Many people enjoy sport, and there are few outdoor activities offering the fun and excitement that skiing and snowboarding provide for those who enjoy these sports. This is why we offer Courchevel, France, as one of our many unbelievable travel destinations. When comparing upscale places with appeal involving lavish dining and shopping, Courchevel is similar to Cannes, except Cannes is on the French Riviera (beach activities), and Courchevel is located in the French Alps (mountain activities). If you prefer your extreme sports outings coupled with luxury living, it would be difficult to find a mountain or ski resort that provides the fine accommodations Courchevel, France boasts. Celebrities and other people of affluence frequently grace this resort town because of its incredible beauty and exclusivity.

The adventure begins even before you set foot in Courchevel, as the airport is one of the most famous in the world, as it has a gradient degree of 18.5%, which is considered a deep slope for an airport runway. You may have seen the airport’s runway before and not have known it, as it is the locale for the opening scene of a James Bond film—Tomorrow Never Dies.

Employee travel incentive programs that offer such breathtaking and secluded places to visit have become a gem for company decision makers who want to provide incentive and reward their employees, because normally, these are locations their workers would not have a chance to see. A resort such as Courchevel, found in the magnificent French Alps, is place you simply have to see to believe, as this mountainous resort town is unmatched by other resorts of its kind.

Looking for an Exciting Location for your Next Incentive Travel Trip?

We have many destinations to choose from! If your team is considering an Incentive Travel Trip, please contact us today to discuss how to make the most of such an exciting adventure for your team.

employee motivation

Employee Motivation: Creating a Productive Work Force Using A Travel Award Program

While sometimes grueling, every workplace follows a chain of command where top executives relay their objectives to managers who then use their employees to complete a set of tasks. It is the supervisor’s job to make certain objectives are met; however, this responsibility is not always easy to carry out. A manager must be capable of accomplishing employee motivation to create a successful work environment. A company has numerous choices when implementing methods for increased morale or productivity. In order for motivational approaches to be effective, a company must have an understanding of human nature and what drives individuals to excel. A person with the appropriate inspiration will take on tasks without having to be pushed to do so. They must be either internally inspired or motivated by some other means to perform better.

Why Are Travel Incentives a Winning Choice?

A person has to be capable of doing a specified task and have the right amount of motivation to supply desired job performance. Ability is the building block to every tool a company has toward reaching future success. If a person is unable to perform a set tasks, their productivity will natural be down. Experience, training, education, and desire take over as time progresses. The following motivational tactics are a great way to begin creating a positive work environment and gain the productivity necessary to achieve goals:

  • Positive Reinforcement
  • Fair Treatment
  • Meeting Individual Needs
  • Setting Achievable Goals
  • Providing Incentive Rewards

The degree of use will greatly depend on the current workplace situation along with individual company needs. Employees who feel valued, enjoy their tasks, and reside in a friendly environment are more likely to supply above average results. Motivational tactics are used to provide a connection between an individual’s current state and desired objectives. Incentive rewards supply the chance to win something desirable for meeting specific performance goals.

Why Are Travel Awards More Successful?

Monetary rewards have a short term effect because the motivation is gone as soon as an individual spends the money. Physical gifts make a great choice for small, short term achievements such as completing a project early or reaching a weekly sales goal; however, they have the same drawbacks as monetary approaches. Travel rewards can be spread over a longer period of time for larger goals. They supply a long term effect by building up excitement, providing continued motivation, and delivering inspiration by offering a one of a kind, memorable experience.

The images of a relaxing day at the beach in Fiji or touring the Louvre in Paris are not just something put in someone’s head as the promise of a travel reward is made known. Individuals dream of a unique vacation every day, but rarely have the time or funding to make it happen. Companies can use this tool to encourage better performance, increase morale, and create a successful environment where everyone works together to achieve organizational goals. The cost is comparable to any alternative type of incentive reward and provides heightened results throughout program implementation. Organizations seeking a winning solution to employee motivation are capable of retaining highly productive, positive staffs when this approach is chosen over the alternatives.