Auckland, New Zealand: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Companies often incentivize their employees, rewarding their top earners, sales representatives, and executives with corporate incentive travel, meaning the employee receives an all-expenses paid trip to a premier destination. It is rare for a company to send their top employees to an undesirable location, or else what would be the purpose of corporate incentive travel? Luckily, company decision makers are wise enough to plan an annual travel destination to a place a person could only dream of seeing in a lifetime. One of those “once in a lifetime” travel opportunities can be found in “the land down under,” Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand is part of what has been coined as “the land down under” (consisting of two landmasses—New Zealand and Australia) due to its location in the southeastern hemisphere. However, depending on where you live, it might be considered a great distance to travel. However, Auckland, New Zealand offers so many unique and desirable features and locales travelers will absolutely fall in love with the mesmerizing city.

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is the largest by land mass and most populated city in the country. The indigenous peoples of New Zealand, the Maori, in their native tongue call Auckland “T?maki Makaurau,” meaning “a maiden with one hundred lovers.” The Mairo were the first settlers to arrive in New Zealand by boat, and later other migrants from other Pacific Islands came to settle and helped make up the variously ethnic Polynesian people. Today, Auckland, New Zealand is considered one of the top cities in the world to live, as ranked by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey and the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) “world’s most livable cities.”

If you enjoy spending your free time outside exploring terrain and bountiful outdoor locations, a city more plentiful than Auckland might not exist. Some of the incredible and stunning locations and features of Auckland include its incredible rainforest in the Waitakere Ranges (one of the only places where a rainforest exists outside of the tropics); The Hillary Trail, which connects several regional parks to backpacker campgrounds; and several domains and regional parks spread throughout the city. In addition, as one might expect from a beautiful New Zealand city, Auckland’s beaches are some of the most beautiful found in the world. Their west coast beaches have become famous for surfing, boating, pristine and crystal-clear ocean water, and their uncanny black sand.  

If your corporate incentive travel this year happens to be a ticket to Auckland, New Zealand, put in all the extra work hours you need to guarantee yourself one of the most beautiful cities you could ever hope to find on the other side of the globe! With its stunning features and outdoor recreational activities, incredible and vast culture and ethnic tribal population, as well as wonderful architectural aesthetics, Auckland is not only a city you will love, it may become the city you would love someday to call home.