corporate incentive travel

Corporate Incentive Travel

What is corporate incentive travel? Corporate incentive travel is a great way to boost morale and incentivize excellent performance within your company. Incentive travel programs are a proven way to increase productivity and build company culture. Establishing these programs can be a big job, but the experts at Incentive Travel Solutions can help you every step of the way, ensuring a rewarding program and seamless travel plans. 

What does corporate incentive travel entail? Building a corporate incentive travel program for your company begins with setting goals for your team, choosing locations, creating a budget, and registering participants. Over the course of the competitions, progress will be tracked until the program comes to a close and a winner or winners are selected for your corporate travel experience. Not only will incentive travel solutions help you to establish a well organized program, but when it comes time to travel, Incentive Travel Solutions will work to make travel easy and fun. 

You will not need to worry about travel arrangements, hotel reservations, trip itinerary, or traveler registration as all of this will be handled by expert, corporate travel planners. The travel specialists at Incentive Travel Solutions will also negotiate prices and use their global knowledge to ensure your trip is safe and affordable. If you are in need of corporate incentive travel planners that can do all of this and more, Incentive Travel Solutions has you covered.  

Benefits Of Corporate Incentive Travel Services:

  • Expert Price Negotiation
  • Tailored Trip Planning To Fit Your Company
  • Registration Management
  • Global Travel Knowledge 
  • On Site Travel Management
  • Large Destination Selection
  • Activity Planning 

Want To Learn More About Incentive Travel Solutions’ Services?

If  you need help planning corporate incentive travel and establishing an incentive travel program, contact Incentive Travel Solutions here! Our team of corporate travel specialists are ready to help you create rewarding and memorable corporate travel programs.

Incentive Travel Companies: Planning Corporate Travel Rewards

Many business owners and chief executives are trying to find newer, fresher ways to reward employees for their hard work and dedication to the company with which they are employed. Recent research proves that, although employees enjoy monetary bonuses as a reward for a job well done, more people want to be rewarded through a travel rewards program. For business owners, planning corporate travel rewards is easier then one might think, especially when professional and seasoned companies that specialized in providing corporate travel rewards, such as Incentive Travel Solutions, is available to put the travel itinerary together, from start to finish.

The are many incentive travel companies, but one would be hard pressed to find an incentive travel company with the business acumen and superior background in this type of industry comparable to Incentive Travel Solutions. Most business executives, despite wanting to offer such a splendid benefit to their employees, shudder at the idea of not only having to shell out an exorbitant amount of money for the excursion, along with having to plan out the details of the trip. Worry not, business executives, as Incentive Travel Solutions prices are reasonably priced, especially when handling multiple itinerary needs for a group of employees per company. Incentive Travel Solutions will also plan and put into action all of the details for the vacation destination, ensuring that all that needs to be worried about is whether you packed everything you need for your wonderful adventure travel.

When planning a corporate travel reward program, know that when using incentive travel companies with an awesome success record with little to no hassle, such as ITS, you can count on easy and problem-free booking. You can also count on an unforgettably fun journey to an intriguing destination of your choice, from snowy mountaintops with magnificent ski resorts to near private islands with world-class accommodations. Feel free to Call Incentive Travel Solutions, and learn more about our outrageously generous prices and our first rate professionalism. ITS is here to make sure your vacation will be full of memories that will last a lifetime!

Corporate Group Travel Companies Offer Creative Ways to Improve Employee Performance

As this is being written, numerous business owners are racking their brain, trying to come up with creative ways to improve employee performance in the workplace. The tried and tired solution is usually the monetary bonus. Of course, a little extra money in the bank is always a good thing, but after taxes, and taking into consideration the rise in the annual cost of living, do you really get to enjoy the money you have been given as an “incentive?” Luckily, more employers are beginning to realize the advantages to turning to travel companies as a creative method to improving employee performance.

Travel companies offer a unique opportunity that a measly bonus check would not even come close to cover – an exotic getaway to a magnificent destination anywhere in the world. Imagine an all expenses paid vacation destination to a tropical island, or to a mountainous terrain where the skiing is considered the best in the world. That is exactly what travel companies, such as Incentive Travel Solutions offers to business owners – a dream vacation and once in a lifetime opportunity for employees who deserve it, something that will never be forgotten.

Initially, the set up and cost to offer such a wonderful gesture might sound like a lot, but Incentive Travel Solutions handles all of the booking, and we promise to provide an incredible rate for your company, it will practically seem like a steal. Rest assured, we only offer the most unique and exotic locations in the world. After experiencing a vacation booked through our travel company, business owners can expect their employees to come back refreshed, rejuvenated and excited about going back to work, which will subsequently lead to improved employee performance in the workplace.

Excellent performance from your workers is vital to your business, so why not try offers from travel companies like Incentive Travel Solutions that promise to improve employee performance in a creative way that no other performance improving method can match? We guarantee that you will look forward to booking with us again when the next travel opportunity arises.

How to Motivate Employees

Keeping employees motivated is essential to the success of a business, at any level. More often than not, and especially in larger companies, managers and executives often fail to realize when an employee becomes discontent. When an employee becomes discontent, his or her work habits suffer, and the job he or she is tasked to perform becomes slack, and eventually hurts the company before anything can be done to fix the situation. Consequently, this employee is usually let go for perceived laziness or insubordination. However, in truth, who is to blame?

Many who read this are probably more likely to empathize with the disgruntled employee, who probably worked hard for a considerable period, bet felt lost in the shuffle, and decided, since no one recognized the hard work he or she put in, that the long hours just simply was no longer worth the effort. Others may read this and think to themselves that the frustrated employee is paid to perform a duty, and that duty was not completed consistently, therefore he or she should be released for not holding up their end of the bargain. After all, since when did we become a society that needs to be recognized for every good deed, and that performing our job is a duty that requires constant goading to perform?

Whatever side of the fence you fall on, the fact is that today’s workforce needs motivation. The following should provide an excellent idea on how to best motivate employees.

Offering workers corporate incentive travel programs is a wonderful way to motivate employees. It is true that the workforce has been putting in more hours, and pay has not increased in accordance with the longer hours worked. Providing bonuses is certainly an option, but why not offer employees who work crazy hours to get their job completed in exemplary manner a vacation destination to a beautiful and fun city? This way, employees get to refresh themselves by either relaxing or taking part in fun and adventurous extracurricular activities, or perhaps both.

Motivating employees through corporate incentive travel programs will accomplish two important aspects to a worker’s routine—they will work harder toward achieving goals in order to attain the incentive travel program, and it provides an escape from the stress a daily grind at the office creates.

Travel expertise combined with extensive knowledge of resorts and hotels allows Incentive Travel Solutions to offer a variety of destination proposals to choose from. Contact us today to see how we can work within your budget to create an exciting and rewarding experience for your employees.

Auckland, New Zealand: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Companies often incentivize their employees, rewarding their top earners, sales representatives, and executives with corporate incentive travel, meaning the employee receives an all-expenses paid trip to a premier destination. It is rare for a company to send their top employees to an undesirable location, or else what would be the purpose of corporate incentive travel? Luckily, company decision makers are wise enough to plan an annual travel destination to a place a person could only dream of seeing in a lifetime. One of those “once in a lifetime” travel opportunities can be found in “the land down under,” Auckland, New Zealand.

Auckland, New Zealand is part of what has been coined as “the land down under” (consisting of two landmasses—New Zealand and Australia) due to its location in the southeastern hemisphere. However, depending on where you live, it might be considered a great distance to travel. However, Auckland, New Zealand offers so many unique and desirable features and locales travelers will absolutely fall in love with the mesmerizing city.

Located on the North Island of New Zealand, Auckland is the largest by land mass and most populated city in the country. The indigenous peoples of New Zealand, the Maori, in their native tongue call Auckland “T?maki Makaurau,” meaning “a maiden with one hundred lovers.” The Mairo were the first settlers to arrive in New Zealand by boat, and later other migrants from other Pacific Islands came to settle and helped make up the variously ethnic Polynesian people. Today, Auckland, New Zealand is considered one of the top cities in the world to live, as ranked by the Mercer Quality of Living Survey and the Economist Intelligence Unit’s (EIU) “world’s most livable cities.”

If you enjoy spending your free time outside exploring terrain and bountiful outdoor locations, a city more plentiful than Auckland might not exist. Some of the incredible and stunning locations and features of Auckland include its incredible rainforest in the Waitakere Ranges (one of the only places where a rainforest exists outside of the tropics); The Hillary Trail, which connects several regional parks to backpacker campgrounds; and several domains and regional parks spread throughout the city. In addition, as one might expect from a beautiful New Zealand city, Auckland’s beaches are some of the most beautiful found in the world. Their west coast beaches have become famous for surfing, boating, pristine and crystal-clear ocean water, and their uncanny black sand.  

If your corporate incentive travel this year happens to be a ticket to Auckland, New Zealand, put in all the extra work hours you need to guarantee yourself one of the most beautiful cities you could ever hope to find on the other side of the globe! With its stunning features and outdoor recreational activities, incredible and vast culture and ethnic tribal population, as well as wonderful architectural aesthetics, Auckland is not only a city you will love, it may become the city you would love someday to call home.