Floating Over Napa Valley is an Ideal Way to Spend a Work Day

incentive-tripHot air balloons are antiquated forms of air travel that are still popular in the modern age of sleek, high-powered jets that can zoom you from coast to coast in a matter of hours. The reason why is obvious: Nothing is quite like traveling high above the earth in a luxury hot air balloon.

Sure, you can get a nice view of the earth below by gazing out a jet window, but you don’t experience the panorama of scenery that stretches for miles in all directions like you do when you ascend thousands of feet in the air in a hot air balloon that gracefully drifts to its destination.

This is one reason why scheduling a hot air balloon trip is a great idea for companies that wish to reward their hard working employees with an unforgettable experience that helps them bond as co-workers, makes them feel important to their employer, and helps motivate them to perform at the highest level in anticipation of the next, awe-inspiring incentivized travel opportunity.

If you would like to provide a hot air balloon trip for your employees that strive to improve your company’s bottom line, Incentive Travel Solutions courteously recommends taking them on a hot air balloon trip over one of the most scenic wine regions in the world: California’s Napa Valley. As you contemplate the trip, consider the following, unique trip options that we can arrange for you to make the journey as unforgettable in reality as it sounds in this blog.

Let Professionals Guide the Air Balloons
Air travel always involves the consideration of passenger safety. At Incentive Travel Solutions, we will coordinate for your company’s hot air balloon trip to be guided by only the most experienced air balloon pilots. Let the pilots take control of the reigns as you and your employees enjoy the breathtaking scenery of beautiful vineyards that expand in every direction. If you love wine vineyards, see them in a way that you have never seen them before!

Make a Famous Winery Your Destination
What would a trip over Napa wine vineyard topography be without making a famous winery your air balloon destination? Napa wine vineyard territory has an ample supply of fields that separate one vineyard from another. With our assistance, you can make a famous winery the destination of your hot air balloon trip. After the exciting, scenic experience of hovering above lovely vineyards, descend near a famous winery and taste what the fields of grapes have to offer.

Make it a One-Day Trip or a Multi-Day Journey
We can arrange incentivized travel arrangements that last for as little as one day and as long as several weeks. If your valued employees are in line for a major reward, why not treat them to several hot air balloon trips that are a part of a singular travel plan? We can arrange impeccable hotel and resort accommodations throughout the Napa Valley area that turn you and your employees into intrepid travelers of one of California’s most scenic, famous wine regions.

Schedule Other Forms of Travel for Your Journey
Scheduling a hot air balloon trip over the Napa Valley region needn’t limit you to air travel. There are plenty of memorable destinations throughout the area, from five-star restaurants to upscale shopping boutiques, that you can easily visit by traveling on wheels. If this sounds like something that you would like to offer your valued employees, we can provide everything from luxury rental cars to professional limousine service to take you to your destinations in style.

Want to Offer Your Employees a Memorable Journey?
If so, put scheduling a hot air balloon trip over Napa Valley on your list of considerations. Everyone enjoys wine, so to speak, but few people enjoy the opportunity of gazing at length on the scenic topography of California’s Napa Valley wine region. If you are rewarding your employees for their hard work, this is the type of incentivized travel solution you want to offer.

With the assistance of Incentive Travel Solutions, the only thing you have to decide is who attends the trip and and what the journey should entail. We handle all the details, from ensuring that you travel in the newest, safest air balloons to making sure that you receive the five-star treatment you expect at each destination. For assistance planning your next incentivized travel opportunity, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out the contact form on our website.

We look forward to helping you create a trip that your talented employees will always remember!