Incentive Travel Trips: Adventures Abound

Incentive travel trips are precisely what they sound like: excursions that employees take as a group after they accomplish an incentivized goal, typically one that involves charting new financial territory, such as beating last year’s sales goals, adding a record number of new clients to the client roster, signing a record number of clients to new contracts, etc. As management would expect, the trip serves as a motivation to achieve such goals, as much as it serves as a reward.

The More Adventurous the Trip, the Better

Incentive travel trips are as diverse as the achievements that set them in motion. But, in each case, the goal is to plan a trip that the travelers will remember — if not literally for a lifetime, at least until next year, when a new trip is planned for achieving new goals. There are plenty of adventurous trips that fit the bill, including: hot air balloon trips above breathtaking scenery, trips to remarkable historical places, and trips to luxurious spots such as wineries, to name a few.

If this all sounds rather expensive, make no mistake: it is. However, companies that plan incentive travel trips pay far less for the trip than the dollar amount of the financial achievement that the trip rewards making incentive trips a sensible investment in business growth. In fact, some companies find that rewarding employees with incentive travel trips along with raises and bonuses is more affordable that using raises and bonuses alone, especially in the long run.

For the Best Deals, Use an Experienced Travel Planner

Incentive travel trips may be costly in their own right, but using the services of a travel incentive trip planner will help mitigate the expense. In addition to working with destination providers to get group deals on travel, lodging, and entertainment options, special events for the trip can also be planned with your company’s travel budget in mind. Ultimately, the trip doesn’t decide how much you spend. Rather, you decide how much you spend on the trip; you remain in financial control.

Controlling the cost of incentive travel trips while giving your top performing employees everything that they could hope for in a company trip is what we specialize in at Incentive Travel Solutions. Whether the size of your company and its travel budget are small, medium, or large, we can put together an adventurous trip that reminds your employees of the enjoyment that lays in store for them, as they work hard to trigger the incentive of the next trip, and then the next.

If you need a new, cost-controlled way to reward your employees for achieving business goals, call us today to speak with our experienced planners of incentive travel trips. We look forward to helping you plan trips that reward your hard working employees, and keep them working hard!


Retaining Top Talent with Exclusive Incentive Travel

An incentive travel trip is unlike anything you could plan yourself. It takes an expert with global knowledge who creates a trip that includes the best foods, activities, hotel, atmosphere, entertainment, interest, and experiences. Experiences that leave travelers with a feeling they’ve done something they never thought existed. Experiences so memorable they secretly smile at every reminiscence. The type of trip that retains top talent and forges bonds between employer and employee.

While it would be nice if employees continued to work hard for the same amount of compensation year after year, that’s not how it works. People want to be valued for their work and one way is compensation. Top performers are motivated to reach new heights by more than just a passion for their profession. The prospect of receiving pay raises and bonuses also motivates them to break last year’s revenue targets, but these traditional types of compensation aren’t the only ones that motivate employees to perform.

Using Non-Monetary Incentives

Pay raises and bonuses are the most common forms of compensation for top business performers. As the old saying goes, “money talks”. However, some companies prefer to get creative, and offer non-monetary incentives, too, such as new luxury vehicles, luxury watches, and a variety of other unique gifts that are well off the beaten path of incentive-based rewards.

Some companies assume that offering the direct financial incentives of bonuses and raises is the best way to motivate top performers to translate their talent into business goals achieved. However, over time, non-monetary rewards, especially incentive travel trips, have proven to be quite effective, as well. Consider the following statistics from the Incentive Research Foundation.

  • Companies that offer non-cash rewards, such as incentive travel trips, experience average annual revenue increases that are three times higher than companies that don’t.
  • 100 percent of companies that are “best in class” offer incentive travel trips at year’s end to recognize the achievement of annual sales success and dynamic revenue growth.
  • Well-designed and skillfully deployed incentive travel trips can boost sales productivity by nearly 18 percent and yield a return on investment (ROI) of up to 112 percent.
  • Nearly 50 percent of U.S. businesses use incentive travel to motivate and reward various types of workers, including: salespeople, channel partners, and managers.


Need Help Planning an Exclusive Incentive Travel Trip?

If your company would like to make an incentive travel trip a part of its compensation package for top performing employees, Incentive Travel Solutions will help you plan your travels from start to finish. We handle the complexities of coordinating precisely the type of trip you desire, so you can focus on core business in the meantime, and then embark on your travels with leisure. From scheduling travel options to providing on site travel staff, we offer everything you need.

For assistance making your exclusive incentive travel plans a reality, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or fill out the contact form on our website. We look forward to helping you compensate your hard working team of business personnel in a way that they will remember forever!



What is the Difference Between Incentive Travel & Travel Incentives?

Many people do not understand that there is a difference between travel incentive programs for any individual, and the offering of incentive travel programs through a place of business aimed at inciting greater action and effort from employees, improving sales motivation, and rewarding sales increases. Travel incentives involve the use of travel based programs through credit cards usage, special purchases, banking transactions or even retail shopping incentives just to name a few. People who participate in the program receive travel awards based upon their spending habits. These rewards then offer travel at a reduced cost, or sometimes even free, for people who have garnered the incentive, and are allowed to choose, based on preset destination options, from a wide selection of locations to which they can redeem their incentive. Travel incentives often allow people to travel to destinations and locations that they might not normally be able to afford, but the hidden cost is the price of using the credit card, purchasing certain items, or participation in the program.

Incentive Travel Trips as Employee Rewards

Incentive travel is a much different industry that appeals to businesses and corporations. Incentive travel programs are used for employees at a large or small corporation, who are most likely involved in sales, and can be attained based on meeting and achieving certain criteria previously agreed on, and will be articulately stated in the program details. The idea of incentive travel programs is that many people who work on a commission based payout – where accomplishments are directly rewarded, but the failure to obtain a certain number of accomplishments could mean the forfeiture of certain payouts – will feel the desire to push themselves harder in their field of work in order to attain additional perks provided by the company. Incentive travel programs have proven to be a valuable ally for businesses and corporations looking to improve and drive sales goals, as the presented opportunity to have an all expenses paid vacation to a wonderful destination has been well received by the majority of people involved in programs where such an incentive is offered.

Looking for a Great Way to Motivate Employees?

Incentive travel programs provide a simple and fun way to motivate employees. To learn more about how incentive travel programs can benefit your business or company, contact Incentive Travel Solutions (ITS). We provide incentive travel programs that will inspire and motivate employee performance. Help your employees reach their sales goals, by improving their drive and motivation to receive an incredible perk.

An Incentive Travel Solutions representative will be happy to go over how motivational travel packages work, the different kinds of places and locations that can be chosen from to offer as a travel destination, as well as how successful ITS incentive solutions have been. Contact us today!


Great Cities: 3 of the Most Unique Travel Destinations

Three things determine the value of using an incentive travel trip to reward your company’s top performers: the uniqueness of the travel destination, activities at the destination and along the way, and assurance that the travel itinerary will go as planned.

Planning an incentive travel trip begins with choosing a destination that’s sure to please your travelers. If you’re in the process of evaluating unique travel destinations for an upcoming incentive travel trip, call us. We’ve traveled over 200 cities around the world in 97 different countries. We are sure to find a unique destination for your next trip.

Below are three cities are highly diverse in what they offer travelers.

 Las Vegas, Nevada

We often think of New York, New York, as the metropolis that has everything travelers could want. New York truly has something for everyone. But in reality, this descriptor applies more succinctly to Las Vegas, Nevada — one of the world’s most unique travel destinations.

Las Vegas is best known for world class casinos. The city also offers plenty of other world class attractions, including various types of five-star cuisine, hotels with stunning suites, and just about any type of legal entertainment you can imagine, happening around the clock.

One of the nicest things about Las Vegas is you can easily customize the trip to your tastes. If gambling and burlesque shows aren’t your idea of great entertainment, maybe going to top-notch music concerts and soaking up ultra first-rate hotel service are. Not everything that happens in Vegas needs to stay there.    

  1. Paris, France

 Paris is similar to Las Vegas; it has countless entertainments on tap at any time. The difference is that Las Vegas absorbs other cultures to create its own culture, whereas Paris has been a cultural tastemaker for centuries, particularly in food and wine, clothing fashion, interior design, and art and literature.

Among unique travel destinations in the spring season, many consider Paris a prime destination. The weather is crisp and cool, beautiful vegetation has spread leaf and petal, and street life bustles with open-air cafes and sharply dressed Parisians.

In recent years, architectural restoration has increased the attractiveness of Paris even more. Centuries of particulate matter from coal smoke became embedded in the masonry of the city’s buildings, making them look dark and dingy. Today, many of the buildings have been restored to their former glory, looking pristine in spring sunshine.

  1. Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is far enough away from the U.S. that we often forget about everything it offers as a travel destination. If you’re a saki, sushi, and sashimi lover, you won’t find better fare anywhere. If you enjoy the designs of the burgeoning Japanese fashion industry, you can shop for it in some of the best boutiques for Asian clothing. Then there’s indigenous Japanese architecture and theatre, which are copiously imitated around the world.      

What’s more, because Japan is an ally of the U.S. in the South Pacific region, the Japanese tend to welcome Americans as friends instead of typecast tourists.

Like many European getaways, Tokyo offers cultural glimpses into its rich past, while providing something that many old world cities don’t: cutting edge art, fashion, cuisine, technology, and a “statist” approach to national politics that keeps the country’s historical values remarkably intact. As cities go, Tokyo is one of the most unique travel destinations.

About Our Company

Incentive Travel Solutions specializes in planning and executing incentive travel trips to unique destinations around the world. We plan all parts of the trip and send travel staff with you to ensure plans are carried out to the smallest detail. Our trips motivate employees to succeed and help bring those who qualify for the trips closer together as friends and team members.

To start planning a trip to one the world’s unique travel destinations, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or send us an email through our contact form. Your world class adventure awaits!


Evolution of Incentive Travel: 4 Emerging Trends

Travel trends are similar to celebrities. Some make a big splash, then sharply decline in popularity, while others make a big splash but far outlive the lifespan of a trend.

This phenomenon happens in the incentive travel industry and other business markets, year after year. So, which of the four incentive travel trends here will be around next year, or the next? Using our experience in incentive travel, we take a look and offer some predictions.

  1. Experience-Based Travel

Technically speaking, all incentive travel is experience-based. You come away with a unique travel experience permanently etched in memory. However, trips that are literally described as “experienced-based” usually entail one or more activities you wouldn’t normally enjoy outside the context of the trip, such as riding rare horses in a pristine, mountainous location, or dining in an impeccably maintained German beer hall from the 15th Century.

One of the primary goals of incentive travel is to make trips memorable, so employees will be motivated to qualify for the reward. Experience-based travel can help stoke that motivation and should become more than a passing trend.

  1. Wellness Travel

The goal of wellness travel is to be healthier after you take the trip than you were before. Rather than focusing on recovery from medical conditions, wellness travel normally promotes a holistic approach to wellness, teaching travelers health strategies they can use everyday to improve and sustain quality of life. Nonetheless, plenty of fun and relaxation is to be had on the trips, as they usually revolve around spa and resort activities.

Wellness is currently a major incentive travel trend , one that rides on the coattails of the natural health remedy movement. If you live in a flourishing metropolis, almost any treatment you can receive during a wellness trip can probably be found just as easily near home.

Incentive travels should be highly unique, and wellness travels simply aren’t that unique. They may offer better scenery than the spa down the street, but physical surroundings are an aspect of incentive travel that doesn’t deal explicitly with wellness. The trend of wellness trips may end up being just that: a trend.

  1. Bespoke Travel

A bespoke jetplane is like a bespoke business suit: It appeals to the customer based on his or her unique preferences. For trips that involve air travel, bespoke private jets have become a popular way for successful companies to add another ripple of excitement to incentive travel trips.

Private jet flights have been a luxury ever since engineers could put one in the sky. As companies that have recovered from the Great Recession abandon recessionary spending habits, bespoke travel should become increasingly popular. It appears to be one of the incentive travel trends that will stick.

  1. All-Inclusive Luxury Lodging

Like bespoke travel, all-inclusive luxury lodging has been around for awhile, but travelers remain fond of it because what denotes luxury is continually changing across various contexts. This points to a trend that will evolve with incentive travel instead of getting left in the dust.

Here are some things an all-inclusive luxury lodging might include, just to name a few: a stay at a five-star hotel or a startup resort that offers the same level of luxurious lodging, shopping at premier boutiques within the hotel, dining at five-star restaurants within the hotel, and enjoying spa treatments in the hotel.

Even if travelers have enjoyed these things in the past, the luxuries have added attraction when part of an incentive travel trip: Travelers don’t shell out a dime, except for personal purchases — such as clothes and jewelry — that aren’t included in the travel budget.

Contact Incentive Travel Solutions

Do any of the incentive travel trends above sound appealing? If so, Incentive Travel Solutions can help you plan a trip that includes them. We can also plan and execute all other aspects of your trip, from booking travel and hotel arrangements, to planning unique activities at the destination, to sending travel staff with you to ensure all goes as planned. We’re not happy with your trip unless you are.

To start planning an incentive travel trip for your top performers, call us today at (704) 540-1482, or refer to our contact form. We look forward to helping you plan an unforgettable adventure that includes your favorite incentive travel trends!