Corporate Incentive Travel Trips – Put Your Company in Good Hands for the New Year

As the new year kicks off for 2020, it is time to consider who will be handling your corporate incentive travel trip. A successful program truly depends on a number of factors from the initial planning details to what actually motivates each employee. If the reward does not push each employee to achieve more, then corporate incentive travel trips may not be effective. It helps to have someone in your corner who is experienced and knows what makes a great program.

Why Use a Professional for Corporate Incentive Travel Trips?

An experienced professional has vast knowledge regarding the planning and execution of these programs, which guarantees higher quality results. Planning these types of events can be a daunting task and a professional delivers the following advantages:

  • Global Destination Knowledge
  • Ability to Secure Best Value through Negotiation
  • Capable of Designing All Aspects of the Trip
  • Delivers a Creative Theme for the Incentive
  • Helps with the Promotional Marketing Campaign
  • Brings Extra Expertise to the Table

There are a number of reasons why a professional is best for planning your corporate incentive travel trips. Most of all, they eliminate the time and frustration companies often experience when planning these events internally. Finally, an expert will make certain everything runs smoothly throughout the duration of the incentive program.

Choosing Your Incentive Program Provider

Before choosing a company, it is essential to know what services they provide and are able to help with during the program. Limited-service providers may not be able to offer the most intriguing destinations or programs. Award fulfilment companies provide group rewards based on preset programs within a catalog or website.

The best option when wanting to put together a rewarding, effective corporate incentive travel trip is a full-service provider. They have comprehensive service choices and provide in depth assistance. These professionals are able to assist with assessing core business issues to better design the trip. Everything is hands on to ensure your incentive program pushes employees to achieve milestones and delivers a one-of-a-kind experience every participant will enjoy.

At Incentive Travel Solutions, we strive to bring the WOW factor into every corporate incentive travel trip we plan. Our team provides a full-service solution to help your company not only design an exceptional program, but also to ensure every aspect is successful from initial planning to reward execution. Contact us today to get started!


The Best Places to Visit in 2020

When planning any type of reward or incentive trip, location is a critical part of this process. The destination has to be something extraordinary that individuals have never seen or rarely get the opportunity to visit. With the new year quickly closing in, it is time to consider what the best places to visit will be in 2020. The chosen destination is a driving factor in compelling your employees to surpass goals and perform better!

Forbes compiled the top 20 places to visit in 2020 within this article. It includes several destinations for families, couples, outdoor lovers, and more! When planning any type of incentive travel program, it is important to know your audience. For example, offering a destination catering to couples may not be the best choice when wanting to reward your sales team after a great year. On the other hand, if your program is for couples, then a romantic setting would be the perfect choice!

Five Amazing Places to Visit

We could go on and on discussing the amazing list of destinations in the article mentioned above, but instead let’s highlight 5 must see destinations for any incentive program.

  • Sicily, Italy – This island offers one-of-a-kind views that are hard to find anywhere else and is perfect for any program. Palermo, the regional capital, has become a high demand destination.
  • South Africa – Cape Town has a warm, mild climate with astounding views of the ocean. Visitors may also view extensive botanical gardens and tap into their adventurous side.
  • Argentina – This northern portion of Patagonia provides unique lake views, which deliver fun activities such as water sports and biking.
  • Rwanda – Kigali is wonderful for anyone who is eco-conscious and offers the chance to experience a great amount of culture. It delivers several opportunities for adventure as well.
  • Chile – The Atacama Desert is wonderful for adventure seekers who want to explore a remote location. Visitors are able to spend a vast amount of time hiking, biking, and visiting ancient ruins.

These are just a few of the best places to visit in 2020 and we have highlighted them due to their appeal. While some destinations are more suitable for families or couples, these specific destinations cater to individuals who may be traveling with other top performers as well. If you are interested in one of these destinations, our team at Incentive Travel Solutions would love to hear from you! Contact us today to learn more about these or other destinations for your next incentive program.

The Franciscan Abbey and Adare Castle in Limerick, Ireland

Selecting the Best Team to Manage Your President’s Club Trip

A President’s Club Trip is a status symbol only the top employees achieve throughout the year or season. It takes a significant amount of work to obtain this reward and it holds a special status in every industry. These trips are only as successful as the team who plans them. To ensure your next President’s Club Trip is a success, it is essential to choose a team capable of putting their best foot forward.

Additionally, the planning elements may vary depending on what department or team you are rewarding. Many companies are beginning to reach outside of sales to recognize their top developers, customer service representatives, and other key performers. The best team will be able to make recommendations based on who is participating as well deliver a memorable experience to each key performer.

Why is an Experienced Team Important?

What does your company need to do to deliver the best President’s Club Trip? Are there any best practices or specific steps to take in order to achieve success? The first step is to determine if your organization or company is ready for this type of incentive. While every trip varies, the right team will provide the following benefits:

  • Ensure Proper Incentives and Goals are in Place – The purpose is to reward the top performers while providing motivation for employees to reach this status. Goals and incentives must support this.
  • Get the Best Travel Deals – A savvy team is able to deliver exceptional deals for amenities, hotel stays, flights, and excursions during planning. Better deals ensure the most fun for the budget!
  • Deliver a Unique Experience – A great team will be able to pool from shared resources and individual experience to deliver an unforgettable trip that encourages other employees to increase their performance.
  • Fast Results with Reliable Planning – Professionals do this type of planning every day. The process is easy for them because they know who to call, what details need to be lined out, and how to quickly get results without sacrificing quality.

Vast industry knowledge, networking connections, and everyday planning experience make a professional team your best choice for any President’s Club Trip. At Incentive Travel Solutions, our goal is to deliver an exceptional, once in a lifetime experience to every individual awarded the President’s Club Trip. Our team will work with you to ensure all aspects are covered from plan initiation to reward fulfillment. Contact us today to get started!

best cities in the world

The World’s 50 Most Beautiful Cities

Incentive Travel Solutions is proud to announce our President and Owner, Kevin Devanney, was one of a handful of travel experts from around the world to take part in this annual listing of the 50 Most Beautiful Cities in the World conducted by Flight Network. It brings together some of the most iconic destinations in the world and we at Incentive Travel Solutions have experienced all 50 in our more then 100 years of combined experience on our team. Kevin’s top pick on his list was Venice which came in at #4.

Let us know your favorite and how we can help you plan your next award trip for your employee’s, customers or dealers! We’re here for you, at Incentive Travel Solutions, to elevate your companies revenue and create memories!



Incentive Travel Trips: Adventures Abound

Incentive travel trips are precisely what they sound like: excursions that employees take as a group after they accomplish an incentivized goal, typically one that involves charting new financial territory, such as beating last year’s sales goals, adding a record number of new clients to the client roster, signing a record number of clients to new contracts, etc. As management would expect, the trip serves as a motivation to achieve such goals, as much as it serves as a reward.

The More Adventurous the Trip, the Better

Incentive travel trips are as diverse as the achievements that set them in motion. But, in each case, the goal is to plan a trip that the travelers will remember — if not literally for a lifetime, at least until next year, when a new trip is planned for achieving new goals. There are plenty of adventurous trips that fit the bill, including: hot air balloon trips above breathtaking scenery, trips to remarkable historical places, and trips to luxurious spots such as wineries, to name a few.

If this all sounds rather expensive, make no mistake: it is. However, companies that plan incentive travel trips pay far less for the trip than the dollar amount of the financial achievement that the trip rewards making incentive trips a sensible investment in business growth. In fact, some companies find that rewarding employees with incentive travel trips along with raises and bonuses is more affordable that using raises and bonuses alone, especially in the long run.

For the Best Deals, Use an Experienced Travel Planner

Incentive travel trips may be costly in their own right, but using the services of a travel incentive trip planner will help mitigate the expense. In addition to working with destination providers to get group deals on travel, lodging, and entertainment options, special events for the trip can also be planned with your company’s travel budget in mind. Ultimately, the trip doesn’t decide how much you spend. Rather, you decide how much you spend on the trip; you remain in financial control.

Controlling the cost of incentive travel trips while giving your top performing employees everything that they could hope for in a company trip is what we specialize in at Incentive Travel Solutions. Whether the size of your company and its travel budget are small, medium, or large, we can put together an adventurous trip that reminds your employees of the enjoyment that lays in store for them, as they work hard to trigger the incentive of the next trip, and then the next.

If you need a new, cost-controlled way to reward your employees for achieving business goals, call us today to speak with our experienced planners of incentive travel trips. We look forward to helping you plan trips that reward your hard working employees, and keep them working hard!