Incentive Travel Agency – The Right Choice for Corporate Reward Program Planning

If you are planning on implementing an incentive program for your employees this year, it is important to know the differences between service providers. It might seem more affordable or easier to use a traditional travel agency, since they planned your vacation last year and it was a great experience. However, they are not the same as an incentive-based provider.

How Are Incentive Travel Agencies Different?

Regular travel agencies have experience in providing services based on individual preferences. This means they are designing a trip using their connections for one person, a family, or a very small group. These agencies do not have to put together a complex rewards system based on multiple goals or achievements.

Incentive travel agencies specialize in planning and executing corporate programs for large groups of employees or customers. These programs include the following:

  • A Unique Destination
  • Traveling Accommodations
  • Price Estimates
  • On-Site Staff Assistance
  • Program Planning Assistance
  • Web Registration for Participants

Their expertise lies within organizing programs for large groups and in designing amazing incentives. A regular travel agency might have a difficult time planning and securing each aspect of a program because they do not have the connections or experience necessary to do so.

In What Ways can an Incentive Travel Agency Help?

Before diving in, take time to determine how your employees need to be encouraged to actively participate in one of these programs. One thing to consider is the demographics of the individuals who will participate. This will ensure the designed package caters to their specific interests. An agency will be able to help with the following:

  • Corporate Incentive Goal Determination
  • Target Group Selection and Assessment
  • Establishing Achievable Objectives for the Group
  • Implementing a Performance Tracking System
  • Assisting with Program Management
  • Ensuring the Reward is Successful and Memorable

It is also helpful to evaluate these items beforehand and discuss them with any potential provider. An experienced professional will be able to guide you along every step of the way and deliver reliable support throughout the process.

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