Business Travel Incentives

How To Enrich Company Culture With Business Travel Incentives

Business travel incentives are great tools for cultivating and fostering company culture which is an essential part of retaining employees and building successful teams. Using business travel incentives can help to make employees feel valued as team contributors, and even encourage some healthy competition. When it is time to plan your business travel, using a capable corporate travel management company can make a huge difference with every aspect of the planning and execution. 

For instance, arranging business travel incentives to locations that can accommodate the team members for lodging, group activities, excursions, and meetings will help assure that the team can focus on being fully immersed in their company’s culture while enjoying team building activities designed to support their common goals and celebrate their achievements. 

The services of a corporate travel management company are a valuable part of an individual’s experience when participating in incentive travel programs. Being completely taken care of, from booking flights and accommodations, to planning itineraries and providing real-time customer service at every point of the trip, ensures stress-free productivity. Let the professionals handle the fine details while you simply enjoy your time and participate in trip activities. If you are looking for a corporate travel and event management company that can provide you with all of this and more, Incentive Travel Solutions can help!

Advantages of Partnering With Incentive Travel Solutions:

  • Expert Global Travel Knowledge and Planning Experience
  • Easy Online Travel Registration
  • Flight and Hotel Booking
  • On-Site Travel Management Services
  • Business Travel Incentive Program Development and Tracking
  • Event and Theme Planning

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Incentive Travel Agency – The Right Choice for Corporate Reward Program Planning

If you are planning on implementing an incentive program for your employees this year, it is important to know the differences between service providers. It might seem more affordable or easier to use a traditional travel agency, since they planned your vacation last year and it was a great experience. However, they are not the same as an incentive-based provider.

How Are Incentive Travel Agencies Different?

Regular travel agencies have experience in providing services based on individual preferences. This means they are designing a trip using their connections for one person, a family, or a very small group. These agencies do not have to put together a complex rewards system based on multiple goals or achievements.

Incentive travel agencies specialize in planning and executing corporate programs for large groups of employees or customers. These programs include the following:

  • A Unique Destination
  • Traveling Accommodations
  • Price Estimates
  • On-Site Staff Assistance
  • Program Planning Assistance
  • Web Registration for Participants

Their expertise lies within organizing programs for large groups and in designing amazing incentives. A regular travel agency might have a difficult time planning and securing each aspect of a program because they do not have the connections or experience necessary to do so.

In What Ways can an Incentive Travel Agency Help?

Before diving in, take time to determine how your employees need to be encouraged to actively participate in one of these programs. One thing to consider is the demographics of the individuals who will participate. This will ensure the designed package caters to their specific interests. An agency will be able to help with the following:

  • Corporate Incentive Goal Determination
  • Target Group Selection and Assessment
  • Establishing Achievable Objectives for the Group
  • Implementing a Performance Tracking System
  • Assisting with Program Management
  • Ensuring the Reward is Successful and Memorable

It is also helpful to evaluate these items beforehand and discuss them with any potential provider. An experienced professional will be able to guide you along every step of the way and deliver reliable support throughout the process.

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Specializing in Incentive Travel: What Does that Mean?

Incentive Travel Solutions is a company that specializes in incentive travel. If this is your first time kicking around the idea of planning an incentive travel trip for your company, you may have some questions about what our “specialization” involves.

To help you understand what incentive travel is and help you decide whether an incentive travel trip should be in your company’s future, we answer some of the most commonly asked questions about incentive travel and what we do to make it a reality.

What is an incentive travel trip?

An incentive travel trip is a trip that people must qualify to take based on a preset goal. The trip commonly serves as an incentive for reaching a business goal, which typically takes months to attain. Everyone who reaches the goal takes the trip and enjoys it as a reward for their hard work and success.

Who takes incentive travel trips?

Incentive travel trips are typically taken by groups of business professionals. For example, a company might send its sales team on an incentive travel trip for shattering last year’s sales quota. Who receives the opportunity to qualify for a trip is up to the company that plans the excursion.

What do incentive travel trip planners do?

Incentive travel trip planners have four main functions: They help clients choose wonderful trip destinations, plan unique activities at the destinations and along the way, handle all travel and lodging arrangements, and send a group of travel staff along to provide basic assistance and resolve unforeseen issues.

What are the options for destinations and activities?

As long as it is safe and legal to travel to a destination, an incentive trip planner can facilitate a trip there. The same applies to activities; practically anything is possible, as long as travelers are safe. In most cases, the goal is to create a unique, luxurious, truly unforgettable travel experience.

How much do incentive travel trips usually cost?

Because the cost of travel, trip activities, and lodging varies widely based on where you go and what you do, the best way to receive an accurate expense estimate is to consult with one of our planners, and discuss what you want for your trip. There’s no obligation; the consultation is free.

Why should I choose Incentive Travel Solutions?

We believe we’re your best option for four reasons: we create breathtaking trips that consistently motivate workers to qualify for the journey, provide a novel rewards for executives who are accustomed to monetary rewards, bring colleagues closer together through the once in a lifetime trip experience, and plan trips that fit a company’s budget and work culture perfectly.

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What Does an Incentive Travel Company do for Business?

Dream-IncentivesAn incentive travel company is a provider of unique, exotic, one-of-a-kind incentive travel destinations for employees who have earned the right to participate in the program by reaching certain company provisioned objectives, which were originally set forth by company managers and/or executives responsible for such decisions. Incentive travel serves as a solution that inspires employees to become top performers by accomplishing certain goals, and, if they succeed in achieving previously defined goals, they are rewarded with a magnificent vacation destination that is completely paid for by the company with which they are employed.

A professional incentive travel company will provide an abundance of information on intriguing destinations that offer many different kinds of atmosphere and culture that a person will enjoy. The incentive travel company should also be staffed with a helpful and informative onsite professional travel staff that can serve to help a company prepare to choose its travel destination of choice. The professional travel staff should offer both friendly and informative service to ensure every detail of a company’s potential travel destination has been thoroughly discussed, and that there are no lingering questions before the decision is made. The professionalism of the incentive travel company staff, along with the information provided by the incentive travel company should always be more than adequate so a decision can be made after comparing locations and possible destination spots.

A successful incentive travel company understands the process from the perspective of the businesses deliberating on whether it should use such a program to inapiree and reward its employees. Therefore, the incentive travel company should be able to provide the company with any and all resources necessary to make a complete evaluation, as well as an ultimate conclusion regarding whether the incentive program is right for its business, and its employees. The insight the incentive travel company should have regarding this process will ensure that every necessary step is taken, no information concerning potential destinations is missed, and an unbiased determination is made.

The best way to spot a successful incentive travel company is to determine whether the company has been able to obtain repeat business. Customer loyalty from business clients that use incentive travel programs regularly should be an obvious indication on whether the incentive travel company with which your business is consulting is legitimate. An incentive travel company should want every single one of its business clients to use its incentive travel services on an annual basis. In addition, an incentive travel company should pride themselves in its repeat business because that is the most solid indication that the incentive travel company is successful at what it does.

Incentive Travel Companies: Planning Corporate Travel Rewards

Many business owners and chief executives are trying to find newer, fresher ways to reward employees for their hard work and dedication to the company with which they are employed. Recent research proves that, although employees enjoy monetary bonuses as a reward for a job well done, more people want to be rewarded through a travel rewards program. For business owners, planning corporate travel rewards is easier then one might think, especially when professional and seasoned companies that specialized in providing corporate travel rewards, such as Incentive Travel Solutions, is available to put the travel itinerary together, from start to finish.

The are many incentive travel companies, but one would be hard pressed to find an incentive travel company with the business acumen and superior background in this type of industry comparable to Incentive Travel Solutions. Most business executives, despite wanting to offer such a splendid benefit to their employees, shudder at the idea of not only having to shell out an exorbitant amount of money for the excursion, along with having to plan out the details of the trip. Worry not, business executives, as Incentive Travel Solutions prices are reasonably priced, especially when handling multiple itinerary needs for a group of employees per company. Incentive Travel Solutions will also plan and put into action all of the details for the vacation destination, ensuring that all that needs to be worried about is whether you packed everything you need for your wonderful adventure travel.

When planning a corporate travel reward program, know that when using incentive travel companies with an awesome success record with little to no hassle, such as ITS, you can count on easy and problem-free booking. You can also count on an unforgettably fun journey to an intriguing destination of your choice, from snowy mountaintops with magnificent ski resorts to near private islands with world-class accommodations. Feel free to Call Incentive Travel Solutions, and learn more about our outrageously generous prices and our first rate professionalism. ITS is here to make sure your vacation will be full of memories that will last a lifetime!