Creating a Once in a Lifetime Incentive Trip in Cuba

For the first time in over five decades, North Americans can legally travel to Cuba without special permission from the U.S. Government. In the roughly 50 years that have passed since the travel ban was imposed, U.S. residents have been largely cut off from one of the Caribbean’s richest spots for natural beauty and culture.

However, the extended travel ban has a silver lining in hindsight: Compared to other nations that enjoy the warm shores of the Caribbean Sea, Cuba has remained mostly un-Americanized since the 1960s and still offers a remarkably authentic tourist experience.

This is one reason why an incentive trip to Cuba is becoming more popular among companies that reward top performers with travel trips. If your organization is considering planning an incentive trip to Cuba — and you want to make it the trip of a lifetime — below are four ways we can help you create a fantastic trip that will always be remembered.

  1. Great Hotel Accommodations

Cuba may not be as Americanized as some of its neighbors, but its cultural originality comes at a price for the average tourist: Because Cuba’s hospitality industry isn’t accustomed to accommodating a steady influx of U.S. travelers, it can be hard to find a good hotel.

Using our expertise and connections in the incentive travel industry, we’ll ensure your group has tastefully appointed, comfortable lodging that only adds to the unforgettable experience.

  1. Eating at Paladares Restaurants

Paladares are restaurants operated in residential dwellings by families that specialize in serving up Cuban cuisine. But travel experts predict paladares will become increasingly commercialized — with menus geared for American tastebuds — now that the U.S. to Cuba travel is reinstated.

We can help you goup enjoy an amazing Cuban culinary experience by scheduling lunch and dinner dates at paladares that equate to five-star restaurants in terms of cuisine. Enjoy the originality of Cuba’s paladares while you can!

  1. City of Trinidad

Not to be confused with the Caribbean Island of Trinidad, the Cuban city of Trinidad is one of the nation’s most unchanged metropolises since the Elizabethan era (1558–1603). The exceptional preservation of the city’s surroundings and heritage means it doesn’t have all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a tourist spot, but many agree this is part of the city’s charm.

Huffington Post says this about Trinidad: “Don’t expect fancy accommodations — the sleepy B&Bs are family-run — but they all have rooftop seafood restaurants, local musicians playing the afternoon away, and a cool, laid-back vibe as you walk the cobblestone streets.” You may not wish to lodge in Trinidad, but the city is well worth a day trip.

  1. Top Coral Reefs

Oceanographers know Cuba as one of the world’s finest destinations for coral reef studies. Nearby Key West and Jamaica feature once impeccable reefs that have since damaged by the ravages of commercialism, but Cuba’s reefs remain comparatively unspoiled.

You can view reefs from several locations, but if it’s crystal clear water you’re after, it’s hard to beat the resort island of Cayo Coco. View a reef, snorkel and take in aquatic life, jump from low cliffs into warm water below, or just relax and enjoy the scenery. Whatever your vision of Caribbean island paradise, we’ll help make it a part of your incentive trip in Cuba.

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