Consider Incentive Trips to Motivate Employees


Unfortunately, one of the most overlooked, undervalued, and ignored ingredients to maintaining a successful workplace is an employer taking measures to assure employees that their hard work is not going unnoticed, and to ensure those employees maintain a significant level of happiness and satisfaction on the workplace. It would be a good wager to bet that most of you reading this can relate to having more negative feelings toward your current and / or former employer than positive. This notion is sometimes hard to comprehend, as one would rightfully assume that an employer, or highly ranked business executive would know how to lead and motivate people, otherwise how did that person obtain his or her current position?

A company is only as successful as the employees working to maintain its level of operation and functionality. If the morale and motivation of employees begins to sag, the company will falter. This described possible scenario is exactly why business owners and employers need to consider incentive trips to motivate employees. Incentive trips have proven to boost morale and employee motivation, from the experience of an all expenses paid vacation destination to a unique and exotic locale that is unlike any other. For the employee, it is a chance to relax, unwind, and experience fun, excitement, and adventure that cannot be found from the doldrums of home life or the enjoyable, yet mundane and repetitive, long weekend getaways only a couple of hours away.

Most employees who have been questioned whether they prefer an incentive trip to a bonus check have often answered that an incentive trip would be more valued. If this is indeed the case, as an employer or business owner, is the level of motivation your employees have not reason enough to consider incentive trips to boost employee motivation? The other aspect to consider is the long term value the event brings. Employees will create memories that will be shared & discussed around the office for years to come.  The “company trip” will become a legend around the office, not just because of the unique location, but because of the fun events, activities & memories that are created. It will encourage and inspire workers to reach their goals so they don’t miss out on the fun. It can create that team building atmosphere that all successful businesses have and the best part is that this can be accomplished with little to no risk to a marketing budget. If employees are meeting their goals to qualify for the trip, then your business is experiencing increasing sales enabling your company to be able to pay for the trip. The math is simple.

Getting started is easy. Incentive Travel Solutions can help you make the best decisions and give you the blue print for a successful incentive travel trip. We implore company decision makers to consider incentive trips to motivate employees, as it has proven to increase the drive and motivation of employees. Contact a professional at Incentive Travel Solutions today to learn more about the locations and packages we offer to businesses. The beach is waiting.