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Looking for Incentives For Employees? Try Exotic Vacations

cultural adventureIt has always been imperative for businesses to keep their employees happy and motivated. What better way to do so than to create an incentive travel program with the help of a professional company? Many employees, especially during this time of recession, are struggling to make ends meet and are worried and stressed as a result. Employers must find a way to keep employees interested and working at their full potential. Vacations have traditionally been a way to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life; especially from the workplace. However, in this economy many are not able to enjoy such pleasures nor can they afford to take the time off of work to do so. Employers who offer incentive trips allow for the average employee to enjoy an all-expense paid vacation that doesn’t require taking time off of work. Trip winners are allowed to bring a guest along also, which adds to the list of advantages. With that being said, there isn’t a better way to entice employees to do their best. They have something tangible to work towards, something every human being enjoys: traveling.

vacation massageProviding the perfect catalyst for inspiring and motivating employees to excel at their jobs, employee incentive travel has been proven to generate greater employee retention, satisfaction and productivity. The renewal of customer loyalty and retention can result along with the generation of new clientele. When offering the opportunity to win an incentive trip to members of a sales team, monetary benefits will emerge. Sales forces will be revitalized, an increase in sales will show, and new sales tactics will be learned as an increase in sales practices are utilized, making the company more efficient. After all, travel has a much higher perceived value than most other incentives and will surely be something to brag about both before and after the trip takes place!

Incentive trips can increase employee loyalty to your company.  Announcing the location of the trip mid year will create motivation and excitement for your employees. Winners of such trips will strive to win the reward year after year.  When the winners return from a trip, they create an exciting buzz of what a great time they had. Therefore, those who did not win are all the more motivated to strive to win the next year. An incentive trip will create a bond between fellow employees sharing a fun experience in a unique destination and is proven to create a great boost in team moral before and after the trip.

As humans we revel in recognition. Naturally, employees in the workplace do the same. Knowing that a job well done equals being recognized by a superior within the workplace makes people strive to work harder to reach a desired goal. Being rewarded physically as well as verbally while on the trip is an added bonus. Therefore it is beneficial to hold an awards ceremony during the trip to reinforce the recognition of each employee, individually.

Learning and understanding corporate culture and company objectives relating to its employees allows for your travel company to specialize in site, entertainment, and meal selection for your group. Each individual, as well as each group, are unique.  Group dynamics must be studied to ensure the perfect accommodations, entertainment choices, and destinations for your specific employees.

Incentive Travel Solutions specializes in creating and executing unbelievable trip experiences completely tailored to your company’s needs. Ask us how we can help to motivate your employees by creating incredible experiences in all corners of the world!