Koh Samui: An Incentive Travel Destination

Are you ready for “operation Koh Samui?” If you recall the popular and hilarious movie, Meet the Parents, you will remember the scene where Ben Stiller’s character “Greg” was under the impression he was blowing the cover of Robert De Niro’s character, (“Jack”) Jack’s operation. Turns out, “operation Koh Samui” was code for the beautiful, tropical destination in Thailand where Jack was paying for his youngest daughter and groom-to-be to go for their honeymoon. Although Koh Samui, Thailand was a known spot for a tropical vacation, soon after the movie it became quite a popular travel destination for tourists. Due to the island’s exorbitant increase in popularity, a travel incentives program not offering this beautiful destination as one of its prized packages would be nonsensical; this is why our company offers Koh Samui, Thailand as one of our tropical locales.

Most people have either read or heard about how great Thailand can be for a vacation spot. Now, imagine one of the most beautiful and scenic islands known in the world, and having that island located just east of the lovely country. Welcome to Koh Samui, where the beaches are absolutely gorgeous, with soft sand and crystal clear waters prevailing on any part of the island you visit. On this island, people can enjoy any type of ocean excursion imaginable, including boating, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, or simply dipping in the water. Many of the larger resorts are considered world class, and if you are into a more subtle getaway, their bungalows and cottages are simple, yet exquisite. If you decide to embark on land excursions, one will find awesome Buddhist Temples, pretty water falls, and lovely walks through the tropical forests.   

Many people in the United States absolutely love and crave Thai food. How about trying the real thing? In Koh Samui, Thailand, you will find nothing but the best and most authentic Thai food you could ever hope to taste. After dinner, you could check out the world-renowned Thai Boxing bouts for a bit of sports entertainment.

Whatever your pleasure, this wonderful island in the Pacific is amazing, and no other tropical locations can replicate the experience you will have in the Far East culture. A travel incentives program offering Koh Samui as one of its destinations to a company should invigorate any employee who appreciates the beauty, luxury, and peace that comes with an excursion to a tropical island in the Far East. Koh Samui, Thailand, is arguable the most remarkable tropical destination in the world. Once you go, we would be astonished if you disagreed.