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Corporate Travel Incentives For Increased Productivity

Why should you consider corporate travel incentives? Corporate travel incentives, or incentive travel programs are often used in the corporate space to build company culture and increase productivity. These programs work by outlining goals and creating a friendly competition in the work space to achieve these predetermined milestones. The reward for these programs is a group trip for your employees. Participating in incentive travel programs is fun and rewarding for your business and your staff as it drives effort and teamwork, and rewards employees with exciting travel experiences that will improve morale and strengthen your team.

How do you organize corporate travel incentives? Planning and organizing incentive travel programs and trips can be a big job. From outlining goals and tracking progress, to planning large scale group travel and ensuring a safe and productive trip, there are a lot of moving parts to take into consideration. For this reason, it is important to work with an experienced incentive travel planning company. Working with reliable planners will not only ensure your in office program runs smoothly and is properly tracked, but it will also ensure seamless group travel, providing benefits including price negation, global travel knowledge, travel registration, activities, flight and hotel arrangements and so much more! If you are looking for incentive travel planners who can do all of this and more, Incentive Travel Solutions can help!

Benefits of Working With Incentive Travel Solutions:

  • Global Travel Knowledge
  • Expert Travel Price Negotiation
  • Flight and Hotel Arrangements
  • Easy Online Travel Registration
  • Trip Activity Planning and Itinerary
  • On Site Travel Management
  • Global Destination Selection
  • Theme and Event Planning

Want To Learn More About Corporate Travel Incentives

If you are looking to use corporate travel incentives to enrich your company culture and fuel productivity, contact Incentive Travel Solutions here! The corporate travel experts at Incentive Travel Solutions are here to answer your question and help you reach your goals with corporate travel incentives!



Creating Corporate Travel Incentives That Work: Four Considerations

Corporate travel incentives are popular for motivating employees to perform to the best of their abilities. However, the level of motivation the trips provide is inherently based on the uniqueness and overall quality of the travel experience. To create corporate travel incentives that work for their intended purpose, companies should make at least four considerations when planning inventive-based travel trips: destination, cost, activities, and support from a travel trip planner.

  1. Destination

Because the allure of corporate travel incentives depends heavily on the uniqueness of the travel destination, the goal is to choose a destination that those who qualify the trip will remember for life. For example, while taking a trip to coastal Florida may be enjoyable, for most U.S. citizens, taking a trip to coastal Sardinia would be a far more memorable experience regarding the travel destination. When planning a trip, focus on choosing a rare destination.

  1. Cost

When the cost of incentive travel trips is discussed, the focus is typically on how much a company should spend based on its operating budget. Less discussed is how much money companies should dedicate to making the trip enjoyable and highly memorable to employees. Because the enjoyment of a travel trip naturally motivates workers to qualify for the next trip, focus on creating a trip budget that is large enough to afford a truly unique travel experience.

  1. Activities

The money you set aside for an incentive travel trip naturally determines the activities you enjoy while traveling and how many activities you and your diligent workers get to experience. The activities you choose are based on where you travel and how you get there. However, in all situations, the goal is to select activities that are as pleasurable and unique as the destination itself. The activities you enjoy are largely responsible for creating lasting memories of the trip.

  1. Support

Because corporate travel incentives generally apply to trips that involve several unique activities, special lodging accommodations, and special travel accommodations, it’s a good idea to take your trip with the support of an experienced incentive travel trip planner. The planner can provide support staff that travel with your group to ensure that everything goes as planned, which is an important aspect of motivating employees to qualify for the next incentive travel trip.

Start Planning Your Trip Today
Creating corporate travel incentives that motivate employees to qualify for incentive-based travel trips can be a tedious affair in terms of choosing the right destination, deciding how much to spend on a trip, deciding what activities to participate in while traveling, and receiving third party support to ensure that a trip goes exactly as planned. This is why many companies turn to Incentive Travel Solutions for assistance with planning and executing incentive travel trips.

For your trip to be truly enjoyable, it needs to be hassle-free on your end — and this is what we can help you accomplish. To learn more about how we can assist you with taking a unique, exciting trip that motivates your workers to qualify for the trip and trips thereafter, please call us today at (704) 540-1482 to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to hearing from you!

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Koh Samui: An Incentive Travel Destination

Are you ready for “operation Koh Samui?” If you recall the popular and hilarious movie, Meet the Parents, you will remember the scene where Ben Stiller’s character “Greg” was under the impression he was blowing the cover of Robert De Niro’s character, (“Jack”) Jack’s operation. Turns out, “operation Koh Samui” was code for the beautiful, tropical destination in Thailand where Jack was paying for his youngest daughter and groom-to-be to go for their honeymoon. Although Koh Samui, Thailand was a known spot for a tropical vacation, soon after the movie it became quite a popular travel destination for tourists. Due to the island’s exorbitant increase in popularity, a travel incentives program not offering this beautiful destination as one of its prized packages would be nonsensical; this is why our company offers Koh Samui, Thailand as one of our tropical locales.

Most people have either read or heard about how great Thailand can be for a vacation spot. Now, imagine one of the most beautiful and scenic islands known in the world, and having that island located just east of the lovely country. Welcome to Koh Samui, where the beaches are absolutely gorgeous, with soft sand and crystal clear waters prevailing on any part of the island you visit. On this island, people can enjoy any type of ocean excursion imaginable, including boating, skiing, kayaking, canoeing, wind surfing, parasailing, jet skiing, or simply dipping in the water. Many of the larger resorts are considered world class, and if you are into a more subtle getaway, their bungalows and cottages are simple, yet exquisite. If you decide to embark on land excursions, one will find awesome Buddhist Temples, pretty water falls, and lovely walks through the tropical forests.   

Many people in the United States absolutely love and crave Thai food. How about trying the real thing? In Koh Samui, Thailand, you will find nothing but the best and most authentic Thai food you could ever hope to taste. After dinner, you could check out the world-renowned Thai Boxing bouts for a bit of sports entertainment.

Whatever your pleasure, this wonderful island in the Pacific is amazing, and no other tropical locations can replicate the experience you will have in the Far East culture. A travel incentives program offering Koh Samui as one of its destinations to a company should invigorate any employee who appreciates the beauty, luxury, and peace that comes with an excursion to a tropical island in the Far East. Koh Samui, Thailand, is arguable the most remarkable tropical destination in the world. Once you go, we would be astonished if you disagreed.

Iceland: An Incentive Travel Destination

Many travel incentive companies are under the impression that most people want to embark on tropical island destinations when they decide to go on vacation. However, what is becoming more popular are destinations that offer mountainous terrain, snow, and awesome winter adventures. We at Incentive Travel Solutions understands that each individual wishes for something different and unique when they travel, which is why we make sure to provide numerous location destinations through our incentive travel programs—beaches, mountains, countryside—almost everyplace you would ever want to visit on the globe. One of our truly remarkable and unique travel locations is Iceland, Europe.

Although many people probably could not point out Iceland on a map, or tell you a single historical fact regarding the beautiful country, once you have traveled their, we guarantee you will never forget it. Iceland offers so much to the outdoor adventurer, including mountain biking, whale watching, both rock climbing and ice climbing (ever climbed a glacier before?), white water rafting, as well as so many other exciting adventures. Iceland has the unique benefit of providing winter snow excursions as well as activities you would enjoy in the spring, which is why it is appropriate to ask if you want to get around by automobile or snow mobile.

A popular hobby in Iceland, and what the country’s denizens often routinely enjoy is bathing in one of several geothermal heated pools or hot springs located throughout the countryside—a lifestyle for many of Iceland’s citizens. When searching for hot springs across the countryside, you will most likely come across geysers—an uncommon occurrence stateside—as wells as breathtaking waterfalls. Also, even though it is not considered a tropical location, Iceland is an island country, meaning you can find beaches to relax, “set a spell,” and soak in the sensational view—which includes world famous sunrises and sunsets.

Before you get to thinking that Iceland, Europe is only for the outdoor adventurer at heart, Reykjavik, which is the country’s capital and largest city, is quite sophisticated and cosmopolitan. The capital boasts an incredible nightlife, with impressive dining and locations for social gatherings. Because the country is rich in history, having been first settled by Norsemen (Nordic peoples), Visitors should find time to enjoy the impressive museums that expound on the Icelandic culture, which everyone finds interesting and appealing due to the Viking mystique.

Because of Iceland’s fast growing popularity, incentive travel companies not offering the opportunity to travel to this country are simply “behind the eight ball.” One of the many reasons why our incentive travel company is one of the most successful and popular is because we offer unique and trending vacation spots, such as Iceland. For those who love the outdoors, traveling to Iceland is necessary. For those who enjoy cities that offer numerous landmarks and places that present the culture of the land, you will be surprised how much fun and interesting the cities in Iceland are.

Amsterdam: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Amsterdam delivers a little something to every vacationer rather the desire lies in seeing famous works of art or relaxing with a cup of coffee in a local coffeehouse. As one of the largest cities in the Netherlands, Amsterdam started out as a tiny fishing village and transformed into a vital world port at the time of the Dutch Golden Age. Canals, developed during the 17th century, lie at the center of Amsterdam and provide an interesting view of this destination. Visitors have several intriguing activities to choose from including:

  • Historic Canals
  • Museums
  • Anne Frank House
  • Red-Light District
  • Cannabis Coffee Shops
  • Boutiques
  • Entertainment Venues

As a popular tourist destination, Amsterdam caters to just about every individual interest whether traveling alone or with the family.  Museums housing pieces of work created by some of the most famous artists in the world can be found throughout the city. The locations oceanic climate is influenced by western winds from the North Sea and winters are mild for the most part. Summers remain fairly hot with an average temperature of just a little over seventy degrees.

Transportation in Amsterdam

Most attractions in the city of Amsterdam are easily accessible by foot; however, services such as public transit can be used to get around. Public transit systems use a ticketing system where a reloadable or disposable card is purchased for touring the city. Travelers have the option of buying a ticket based on hours that ranges from one to one-hundred sixty-eight hours at no additional cost. Public transportation options in the city include the Tram, Metro, and bus with ferry services or boat rentals as alternative choices. Bicycle rentals offer another interesting form of travel and visitors can always grab a taxi at a little higher price. Whatever mode is chosen for getting around, Amsterdam has plenty of choices for having a fun-filled vacation.

Things to See & Do

While the museums, districts, and coffeehouses are common drawing points for visitors, a variety of alternative experiences lie around every corner including a large number of historic buildings. The street pattern found in Amsterdam remains basically unaltered from what it was in the nineteenth century since the area did not experience any significant bombings during the Second World War. Visitors with architectural interests should spend a little time at the historical city centre. Consisting of approximately ninety islands and countless bridges, the centre provides a beautiful view regardless of the time of the day.

The Van Gogh Museum, Ann Frank House, and the Rijksmuseum are a few of the artistic sites of the region. A museum card can be purchased to have access to more than four-hundred museums found throughout the Netherlands. Private tours are an option for seeing all the city has to offer and can be taken by boat, bus, or car. Visitors can also take a free tour in one of the diamond factories or spend a day walking along the canals while shopping at a market or boutique. Amsterdam offers plenty of options for the active traveler or those who just want to relax when staying at this exquisite destination.