Sales Incentive Trips: Scenarios for Establishing the Reward Structure

Sales incentive trips are exactly what they sound like: unique excursions that serve as strong motivators for salespeople to perform at the highest level. However, because the point of the trips is to reward top performance, not every salesperson may qualify to take them. Ultimately, it is up to a company to decide how sales team members will qualify for incentive trips. With this in mind, we take a look at four scenarios for establishing the reward structure for travel trips.

  1. Reward a Certain Percentage of Top Performers

With this option, salespeople qualify for a trip when they fall within a certain percentage range that indicates top performance. For example, in terms of revenue generated from sales, you could reward the top 10 percent or 20 percent of your team with a sales incentive trip. This is a good option because it helps companies predict exactly how much they will spend on the trip.

  1. Reward Salespeople Who Reach a Certain Goal

Another way to establish the reward structure is to reward salespeople with a trip when they reach a pre-set goal. For example, you could offer a trip to employees who generate at least a certain number of quality leads or nurture at least a certain number of leads into clients. This is a good option because it provides employees with a set goal for qualifying for incentive trips.

  1. Reward Salespeople Who are Most Improved

A third option for the reward structure is to offer sales incentive trips to workers who show the most improvement from the previous year based on specific criteria, such as lead development or sales. This is a good option because it gives encouragement to blossoming employees who may not qualify for a trip based on the structures above. The drawback is that top performers may not show significant improvement because they already perform at the highest level.

  1. Reward Levels of Performance With Different Trips

Yet another option for establishing the reward structure is to offer different types of trips to employees who perform at different levels. For example, the top 10 percent of salespeople could be rewarded with a unique trip to an international destination, while the next 10 percent could be rewarded with a tourist trip to a national destination. Some companies aren’t interested in this option due to cost concerns. However, this reward structure is valuable for motivating employees who are on the cusp of top performance to keep working hard and perform better.

Why Use Sales Incentive Trips to Motivate Your Team?

Here are several reasons to use sales incentive trips to motivate your sales team to reach new heights. Some of the most important ones are: What the reward consists of is known from the start, which helps provide motivation to qualify for it; when planned with the help of an incentive travel trip planner, travel trips can truly be once in a lifetime experiences; and highly unique travel trips offer something that many people consider as valuable as money: world class travel.

Incentive Travel Solutions has years of experience in helping companies plan sales incentive trips that are once in a lifetime experiences, and thus motivate sales teams to qualify for the journeys. Regardless of the reward structure you choose, we’ll help you plan a trip whose uniqueness provides your sales team with a strong motivation to qualify for the reward. To start planning a sales incentive trip, call us today at (704) 540-1482 to set up a free consultation.