Best Corporate Travel Programs – Three Key Features that Set the Experts Apart

Planning incentive-based travel trips that reward employees for great performance is similar to playing the game of golf: Almost anyone can do it, but few people do it exceptionally well. This is why your company should consider using the services of a travel planner that has experience in helping companies get the most value from their corporate travel programs.

Compared to travel planners that lack experience with corporate travel programs, planners that specialize in corporate travel typically possess three key features: They help you plan the trip down to the smallest detail, assist you with choosing trip activities that are unforgettable, and provide travel staff to attend you on your trip. Let’s take a look at the benefits of each feature.

1. Comprehensive Planning

Comprehensive planning starts with major tasks such as hotel negotiation and airline contract negotiation and ends with detail-oriented tasks such as ensuring that hotel spa services include specific treatments and ensuring that a specific type of champagne will be available on the flight. Your standard travel planner will handle the big details, but it won’t spend hours making sure that your trip is meticulously planned down to the smallest, value-added travel benefits.

2. Unforgettable Activities

We like to say that unforgettable travel activities have what we call the “wow factor”. Unless employees are “wowed” by what they experience on a trip, their motivation to qualify for the next trip may not be especially high, which could translate into mediocre sales growth and an average customer retention rate for the coming year. Activities for trips we plan are more than just fun. They are unforgettable occasions that motivate employees to qualify for the next trip.

3. Dedicated Travel Staff

Almost everyone who has taken their fair share of vacation trips has experienced some type of glitch in travel plans that a trip would have been more enjoyable without. This is why travel planners that have expertise in corporate travel programs commonly include on-site travel staff for your trip. If any aspect of the trip isn’t going as expected, or you need personal assistance during activities, on-site travel staff will be there to make the situation right and lend a hand.

Ready to Plan an Incentive Travel Trip?

If so, you’ve come to the right place. Incentive Travel Solutions has years of experience helping companies of all sizes in various industries leverage corporate travel programs to provide highly meaningful rewards for top performers, and increase annual productivity by motivating these employees to qualify for the next trip. Comprehensive trip planning, planning unforgettable trip activities, and providing on-site travel staff are three essential keys for achieving the goals.

To get started on planning a corporate travel trip that can have a positive impact on customer retention and sales growth, please call us today at (704) 540-1482, or complete our contact form. We look forward to helping you plan trips that are highly memorable for your top performers and motivate them to work even harder for the success of your company.