Antigua, West Indies: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Antigua, an isle found in the West Indies as part of the Caribbean region, was given its name by Christopher Columbus in reference to a portion of the Seville Cathedral. Wadadli, a name given by its original inhabitants, is also used when referencing the island. Antigua, covering approximately one-hundred eight square miles, contains a population of just over eighty thousand people. Tourism serves as a major supplier to the isles economy with the main local market being agriculture. St John’s, the capital of this location, houses more than thirty thousand residents. English Harbour can be found on the south-eastern portion and serves as a shelter point when violent storms reach the area. A restored naval station of Britain, referred to as Nelsons Dockyard, resides on the harbor. This portion of the isle is most known for yachting, sailing, and as a provisioning area.

Information about the Island

Antigua’s significant history began as explorers started traveling to the coastline of North America. It is the same characteristics the Royal Navy noticed when creating a Britain base that have caused travelers to make their way to this destination. Trade Winds allow for the perfect sailing environment and the once protecting coral reefs now provide visitors with exceptional snorkeling. Area beaches offer a secluded atmosphere of soft sand for miles. The nearby landmass named Barbuda, once a shipwreck site, is now a bird sanctuary. It is a natural paradise where visitors are able to unwind, enjoy dreamed about beach scenery, and have an experience unlike any other.

Individuals can find Antigua amidst the Leeward Islands as part of the Eastern Caribbean. It lies approximately seventeen degrees north from the Equator and ranks largest among Leeward isles using the English language. Winter temperatures remain around the seventies with summer temperatures spanning from eighty to ninety degrees Fahrenheit. With rainfalls for the year being approximately forty-five inches, this particular Eastern landmass offers the most sun of all Leeward locations. Antigua also experiences low humidity throughout the entire year consequently making it a true paradise to visitors.

What to Do at the Island of Antigua

The island delivers a wide variety of excursion activities to meet the individual desires of visitors. Here are a few options to consider when seeking fun water related events:

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Diving
  • Boating
  • Fishing
  • Sailing

Excursions in the area can be taken by land or water with day cruises, helicopter rides, sailing expeditions, deep sea fishing, and scenic tours being common. Numerous additional excursion choices exist for individuals wanting to see nature or simply do something different from the tourist norm. A bike ride or hike across the island is a good land activity for those who like to explore. Tennis, golf, hunting, and riding are a few of the sport related activities on the island of Antigua. Shirley heights supplies a stunning view of the English Harbour with festivities being held at the site on Sundays. Harmony Hail Art Gallery, Museum of Antigua, and Sea View Farm Village are additional area attractions. Visitors from all over the world come to this location to kick back and relax in an absolutely picture perfect beach atmosphere.