Buenos Aires, Argentina: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Argentina is a large South American country where the Atlantic Ocean adjoins the landmass to create a unique atmosphere. It offers an immense amount of ocean shoreline with Buenos Aires residing as a popular tourist destination of the area. Buenos Aires, the capital of this country, remains as one of its largest cities. It holds the second ranking in size among South American metropolitan regions. The metropolis sits on the coast of an inlet called Rio de La Plata, which is a portion of South Atlantic. Its neighboring country Chile is bordered by the South Pacific Ocean and Argentina. Buenos Aires delivers a humid subtropical climate where summers are extremely hot. Winter averagely begins in May and lasts until September with July delivering the lowest temperatures. The contrast in seasons makes this a convenient place to visit for those subjected to winter from the months of November to March. The metropolitan area is the central hub for Argentina’s political, industrial, financial, and commercial industries. Buenos Aires, a cultural dynasty of Argentina, also houses the busiest port found in the country. These dynamics make the location a great place to visit because it offers a wide variety of things to do.

Buenos Aires Culture

The location has a culture influenced by the Europeans and contains one of the most eventful live theatres in the region. Individuals occasionally refer to it as the “Paris of South America” due to the extensity of production locations found in the area. Buenos Aires is home to these among other attractions:

  • An Internationally Known Opera House
  • Museums
  • Symphony Orchestras
  • Choral Societies
  • Preserved Homes of Writers, Composers, and Art Collectors
  • Bookstores
  • Libraries
  • Theatres

Tourists can also spend some time at the zoo or take a stroll through the regions botanical gardens. Architectural creations such as churches, landscaped parks, and historical buildings are additional sites to see when wanting to view the vast culture of this tourist destination. The area is famously known as the birthplace of Tango and has been active in the cinema industry since 1896. Well-known galleries are a long tradition of the Argentina city with fashion events being common as well.

Additional Attractions

Tourism has been a continuously escalating event in this capital city that began to surface in 2002. It ranks second among places to visit with Florence, Italy taking first place. A survey performed in 2008 estimated that over two million people make their way to this location each year. Individuals touring the lovely metropolitan city of Buenos Aires have countless sightseeing options to choose from. Tango shows, shopping, homes of famous people, musical festivals, performances, and historical architecture are typical interests of those visiting the city. Avenida Alvear is a street through an upscale region called Recoleta where numerous five-star accommodations and former mansions are located. Caminito, brought back to its original conditions by a local artist names Benito Quinquela Martin, is a worthwhile sight for visitors. Avenida Corrientes is another street where individuals can experience the deep roots of Tango and the local culture. The abundance of attractions supplied by Buenos Aires makes it a magical city with experiences awaiting every visitor.