Cairns, Australia: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Company decision makers have often rewarded employees who have helped the company reap annual profit margins with monetary incentives. However, the focus of the reward program has shifted, as more company executives and officers find that employee incentive travel has become more popular as co-workers come back from vacation travels, happier, refreshed, revitalized, and focused for the oncoming daily business projects and tasks. Many people do not seriously consider trips halfway across the globe, either because it is too expensive or for other reasons. However, when the vacation is paid for by your company, most are quite excited to embark on a travel adventure.

One such adventure would include an employee incentive travel destination to Cairns, Australia. While most people who are unfamiliar with Australia have only heard of Sydney as a wonderful Australian destination spot, those who are familiar with Cairns will tell you it is one of the most beautiful and exotic locations in a country abundant with such incredible venues. Cairns, Australia was first settled as a key port destination, flourishing as a sugar cane exportation spot. Over time, Cairns became a popular vacation locale due to its close proximity to the Great Barrier Reef and the exquisite Daintree Rainforest. Today, those individuals who live for aquatic excursions and adventurous outback hiking believe Cairns, Australia to be the mecca for these types of desired traveling. Adventures out in the ocean include snorkeling, scuba diving and deep sea, yachting and sailing, deep sea fishing, hiking through the rainforest, cruises, and walking through the outback—or what the locals call the Australian “bush.”

Charter tours will take you along the Great Barrier Reef, letting you explore a part of the world’s vast ocean that is not duplicated anywhere else at sea. This makes for a unique experience that more outdoor adventurers are seeking out every year. Clearly, enough excursions are available on which to partake in this beautiful city that would keep a person busy for several vacations.

If your company offers Cairns, Australia as an employee incentive travel destination, the information previously mentioned should provide more than enough incentive and drive to put in the extra hours and overtime for the opportunity to travel to a land with breathtaking locales and scenery. Cairns will surely be a trip you and your family will remember forever, and a place you will hope you can visit several more times, as its features are hard to replicate in any other place in the world.

The Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

The Opera House in Sydney, Australia

The Opera House in Sydney, Australia

Sydney, Australia is a tourist location known for vast culture, romance, culinary delights, stunning beach scenery, and unique adventures. This one of a kind destination can be found on the south-coast of the continent by the Tasman Sea. Sydney, also referred to as the Harbour City, is one of the largest as well as oldest Australian cities in existence. The location promises some of the most beautiful sights in the world in addition to a deep history, culture, food, nature, and fashion. Visitors come to enjoy the sandy beaches provided by miles of ocean coastline. Attractions such as the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge may be admired by individuals vacationing in this region of the Australian continent. Natural surroundings supply the perfect atmosphere for needed fun and relaxation individuals seek when taking a vacation.

Area Climate

October through April is the best time to visit Sydney with the summers delivering a warm climate. Winters in the area are mild as well due to the cities close ocean proximity. Extreme temperatures may be experienced throughout the year at locations further inland. January is the warmest part of the year with average temperatures being approximately eighty-six degrees Fahrenheit. Winter temperatures remain mild and hardly ever reach below forty degrees. The provided climate offers a warm environment during most times of the year with a natural sun-kissed appeal. The city has a relaxed atmosphere that is more in tune with nature than what might be found when visiting other travel destinations.

Local Districts

The Rocks is a diverse area consisting of the first colonial village and the Harbour Bridge. Visitors wanting to have the chance of viewing vast entertainment should consider seeing Darling Harbour. Residing near the Central Business District, this area includes restaurants, aquariums, museums, and boardwalks easily accessible by foot. City South includes sites such as Central Station in a market atmosphere with little café’s and shops. Those who love a busy nightlife or a trip to the coffee shop in the morning can achieve both in the City East district of Sydney. The western portion houses fish markets, a casino, and numerous other places to explore. Each offers a unique experience that keeps visitors entertained throughout the duration of their trip.

Top Attractions

The Sydney Harbor Bridge in an iconic visitor attraction spanning from The Rocks district to the northern portion of the city where individuals are allowed to cycle or walk across the bridge. Olympic Park, once the location for the 2000 games, has since become a park with many sporting facilities. The Sydney Opera House is a highly famous structure in the city centre offering amazing musical shows to visitors. Plant lovers can visit the Royal Botanic Gardens to see over seven-thousand species of herbal life. Visitors may also grab a bite to eat while enjoying Sydney Tower, one of the largest structures in the city. Historical sites, museums, galleries, wildlife, and a natural harbor deliver a vast array of experiences. It is a location of wonder and culture everyone should visit at least once in a lifetime.