Dubai, UAE: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Today, many company bonus plans include all expense paid trips instead of monetary payouts, and employees are starting to prefer this trend. Employee vacations on company pay are an excellent way for top executives and decision makers to reward their most successful workers. When people think of vacation destinations, most consider locations in Europe with beaches, famous cities, and perhaps a mountainous terrain with a ski resort as optimal places. However, unique incentive travel plans provide destinations most people would not think of as a great spot to spend some down time. One such city that would be listed under unique incentive travel plans is Dubai, UAE (United Arab Emirates).

The initial thought of traveling to the Middle East, to some,  may seem foreboding. However, to pass on the opportunity to visit Dubai would be to miss a city that has truly become one of the most beautiful, enthralling, and impressive in the world. The city is located near the Persian Gulf, which makes for enjoyable aquatic outings, including views of the spectacular islands and coral reefs, fishing expeditions, and yachting excursions. Dubai’s architecture and construction has created some of the most breathtaking skyscrapers and high-rise buildings the world has ever seen, making the city on the most popular new cosmopolitan metropolises a person can visit.

Dubai, UAE is home to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, and boasts several tall buildings that make for some of the most impressive views overlooking what is considered a beautiful and miraculously developed city. Dubai is also surrounded by the Arabian Desert, which is perfect for those who would love to travel into an expansive desert that cannot be embarked on from most regions of the world that do not have a dry enough climate to produce such terrain. Dubai has also become a business hub, not merely for the Middle East and oil company giants, but because of its embracement of Western style economic growth, the city is home to several financial corporations.

Do not let the fear of a contentious territory prevent you from experiencing a city whose business-oriented metropolis rivals any big city in the U.S., as well as the world. Worthy of mention is the culture of these great people, which is much more profound and vast than the stereotype created by a few narrow-minded media outlets. The true beauty of such a historic culture and people has not been given its just due. Dubai, UAE should be placed at the forefront of a list for unique incentive travel plans that companies wish to offer their top producing employees.