Campania, Italy: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

campaniaCampania, with a population of over five million, is the second most inhabited region in Italy. The destination offers widespread wonders on the southeast portion of the Italian Peninsula to visitors. This region was originally colonized by the Greeks, but later dominated by the Romans. Cities at this destination are popular for music, archeology, architecture, and other forms of culture. Greeks inhabited the area until the Second Samnite War when the Romans begin taking over the southern portion of Campania. It officially became part of the Roman Republic by the end of fourth century BC. Countless revolutions later, Campania was conquered by Napoleon Bonaparte who instated several kings during this time. The Austrian Empire overtook the created kingdom after the Neapolitan War and reinstated Ferdinand IV to the throne. Naples and Sicily, commonly referred to as the Two Sicilies, joined in 1815. The introduction of a railway system to Naples in 1839 transformed the region into a trading center.

Campania History, Culture, and Landscaping
Campania is known for immense culture and history, but also visited by many for its delivered beauty. Famous historical figures comprise of Parmenides, Zeno, Aristotle, Virgilius, Giotto, and Augustus. An abundant list of artists, philosophers, and scientists exists for this area during it natural historical progression. Culture has continued to be an active part of the regions development with individuals like Andy Warhol being included in the lineup. Numerous films have been centered on the tourist paradise or on famous individuals from the area. Quite a few popular dishes can be found throughout the country and Naples is specifically noted for the first pizzas. Spaghetti, cheeses, wines, and deserts are other divine creations of Campania. The area offers beautiful landscapes combined with a spring climate making it an ideal location to get away from the busyness of everyday life. Items that attracted Romans long ago can still be seen by visitors making their way through the region today.

What to Do in Campania, Italy
Tourists have the opportunity to experience area nature, take artistic tours, try out tantalizing food, or view historical sites. Archeological digs resulted in the unearthing of Roman monuments that are a must see for those interested in early architecture. Naples is an artistic city offering various theatres, museums, monuments, coffee shops, and eateries. It is a lively location every individual must visit at least once to gain the complete Italian experience. Nature attractions comprise of famous landmarks such as the Positano, Ravello, Capri, and Ischia.

The Tyrrhenian Sea is combined with small romantic towns to provide the perfect laid back atmosphere. A nature tour is recommended to see the region and individuals can spend a day at the Punta Campanella Nature Reserve or visit the Emerald Grotto. Additional recommended activities consist of bus tours in Naples, shopping in Sorrento, dining on fine cuisine, visiting the museums, relaxing on the beach, or taking some time to learn about the locations rich history. Campania offers years of culture combined with more modern marvels. It is the perfect destination for an individual to relax, learn, and try something new.