Mountains & Mozart – Splendor in Banff, Canada

It is the goal of everyone at Incentive Travel Solutions to exceed expectations.  Our destination partners are very important to our success and we welcome their suggestions, experience and local relationships. However, even the best destination suppliers can get into a habit of presenting the same concepts over and over. Therefore, we take pride in custom designing every function, tour and group activity that we present our clients.

In 2014, Incentive Travel Solutions had the honor of creating a client incentive trip for their 180 winners and guests to Banff, Canada. During a site visit, we toured a local ranch that could be used for horseback riding during the day or host groups for a traditional western style dinner show in the evening. The venue was fantastic and the setting was beautiful. However, the Incentive Travel Solutions Team was looking for a real wow, something that the guests would remember for a lifetime.

In speaking with one of the ranch hands, he mentioned a field atop the mountain that he would take the horses to run. He offered to show us the location. There was only one way to visit the area, so the ITS Team mounted horses and began the journey. Upon arriving, it was clear that the scenery from this mile-high location was unique. The 360-degree view across the Canadian Rockies was spectacular. The field however, was a bit raw and would require quite a bit of grooming. The ranch hand was proud of his secret location and was anxious to help us in any way.

So the day arrived.  This was to be a signature event and everyone at the ranch was excited to witness the occasion first hand.  The client’s winners and guests arrived and were greeted by the ranchers and local artisans.   Outfitted in western attire, the group traveled by horses and wagons. Accompanied by cowboys, and a riding western trio, the group blazed a trail into the mountains.  Soon, the group entered the clearing atop the mountain. The setting was breathtaking. Before their eyes, was the amazing view of the Canadian Rockies. At the end of the summit was a marquee tent adorned with summer flower centerpieces, crystal stemware, and servers in black tuxedos to greet the group. Outside the tent, an orchestra performed tunes from the Sound of Music. The client, his top performers and their guests were speechless. They were wow’ed that all of this was created just for them. White and red wine was being poured and the first ever white glove western bar-b que was underway.

An incentive trip must be memorable and inspiring.  Taking something ordinary and turning it into a once in a lifetime memory is what the team at Incentive Travel Solutions challenges themselves with each and every day. Contact Us today to get started.