Cape Town, South Africa: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

capetownsouthafricaCape Town is a beautiful city situated on the coast of South Africa. There is an endless amount of reasons to choose the destination of Cape Town for your next trip. The oldest city in South Africa, Cape Town is enveloped by the exquisite Table Mountain. The diverse scenery the city offers ranges from beaches to mountains, wild life and forests, which has the ability to appeal to many differing tastes. With a National Park within city limits and two World Heritage Sites, the wide range of attractions becomes obvious.

Justice cannot be done to Cape Town without highlighting the top ten reasons to visit the vibrant city:

1)      It’s pure natural beauty. Few activities in this world are free. Discovering the exquisite nature in Cape Town is one of them. Located at the Southwestern tip of Africa, Cape Town is considered to be one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

2)      The weather in Cape Town is phenomenal. Conditions in the summer are warm and leisurely while winters are mild and moist, which amounts to a perfect Mediterranean climate.

3)      Affordability. Cape Town has been recognized as one of the most affordable destinations in the world and as a result, luxury is possible even with the smallest budget.

4)      Cultural melting pot. Cultural diversity within this cosmopolitan city allows for ethnic creativity and vitality.

5)      Superb cuisine (and, of course, wine). Home to traditional Cape food as well as first-class international cuisine, Cape Town is surprisingly enough a wine capitol of the world.

6)      Assorted Experiences. Cape Town offers everything from cuisine, nature, wildlife, adventure, culture, animation, and heritage which make for a vivacious experience.

7)      Simple Access. From a travelling stand point, Cape Town is extremely easy to access. With over 20 international airlines offering daily flights to and from the city, Cape Town International Airport links access to all major global hubs.

8)      Phenomenal Beaches. Cape Town has a total of 13 globally recognized Blue Flag beaches. So no shortage of summer fun here!

9)      Exceptional Infrastructure. Logistically simple transportation, pleasant lodging, and an abundance of restaurants compliment Cape Town’s excellent infrastructure.

10)   Security and Safety. Cape Town is thought of as the safest destination in Africa. The successful hosting of the 2010 FIFA World Cup is a reflection of this notion.

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