Boston, Massachusetts: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Boston, the largest and oldest city in Massachusetts, is well-known for its cultural roots in the New England region of the United States. The greater metropolitan area houses over four million inhabitants with a total of over seven million spanning the entire region. It was originally founded in 1630 by England colonists and later became the location of events such as the Boston Tea Party. The city offers multiple tourist spots centered on major turning points as the nation curved its path to what it is known as today. After independence was gained, the region became an important shipping and manufacturing location. It housed the first public school found within the independent nation as well as the first subway system.

Modern Boston

The metropolis offers an enormous look into the initial development of the United States to travelers. It has strong ties to the original New England customs and the accent heard by those traveling through the area is referred to as Boston English. Local food focuses on seafood with dairy and salt coming in at a close second. Government and religion in the region are greatly influenced by Irish culture. An abundance of theatres are spread throughout the city in addition to performing arts and classical music venues. Historic sites from the American Revolution time period have been preserved in the Boston National Historic Park. Visitors can move ahead a few years to explore the deep roots of hardcore punk as it was the original birthplace of the music genre. Religion remains as a prominent focal point in the region as well due to its historical background.

Versatility by Season

Every season in Boston offers its own little delights both in scenery and held events. Summer creates the perfect setting for strolling through a local park or sitting at an outdoor café. Fall is a great time of the year to sightsee along the many walking trails in the area including the popular historic Freedom Trail. The cobblestone pathways of the Beacon Hill portion of Boston make a memorable romantic atmosphere in the winter as they are lit up by street lamps. Whatever the time of year, Boston provides a welcoming atmosphere combined with stunning scenery and a variety of activities.

City Highlights

Museums in this metropolis offer visitors the chance to become familiar with local history or see artistic masterpieces. The Boston Tea Party Ships & Museum delivers a live reenactment of the beginning of the American Revolution that is a must see for any historical enthusiast. The Boston National Historic Park is another location where the roots of this region can be explored. It provides vast information about Boston’s role leading up to the American Revolution. Those wanting to take in the scenery have ample opportunities to walk in parks or visit a historic part of the city. Boston has an exquisite nightlife, countless performing arts choices, and numerous forms of entertainment. It is a beautiful place to visit any time of the year and a shining example of how a city can continue to grow with the times.