Kinvara, County Galway, Ireland: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Kinvara is a sea port area located to the south of County Galway in Ireland with a population of just under 1200 people. It was once a thriving export location for corn and seaweed, but was diminished for a few years by a famine along with emigration troubles. The beautiful area has been steadily growing since the 1980’s and today is a stunning tourist location. It lies on an inlet of the Galway Bay offering various historical sites in addition to one of a kind landscaping. A few of the historical sites visitors can see while touring this destination include:

  • Dunguaire Castle – A historical tower house of the region visitors can find in the eastern portion of the village. Built during the 16th century, this castle remains a beautiful focal point of the town and was as the filming location for the home of the main character in the movie “North Sea Hijack”.
  • Athenry – This medieval settlement, established in the thirteenth century, is surrounded by a large curtain wall, a moat, and towers. A spectacular three story tower resides within the settlements defensive walls. It remains as a prominent tourist spot nearby the town of Kinvara.
  • Aughnanure Castle – Built in 1500, this historical sight resides near the Lough Corrib shores on a rocky island. It is one of the most well-preserved Irish towers in the region and offers picturesque views.

These sites deliver a look into the medieval significance of this Ireland region and additional ones can be found further outside of Kinvara. Several attractions are available for those who are not as interested in the historical background of this Irish town. Fleadh na gCuach or the Cuckoo festival in May is an event designed to welcome the upcoming summer. Visitors can listen to traditional music, see artwork, view crafts, and even experience a little local drama. The Festival of Crinniu na mBaid, held every August, is an event meant to commemorate historical trade relations.

Even if it is not a period of festivity, a visitor can find plenty of things to do when traveling in or around Kinvara. The Kinvara Farmers Market, located on the main street, begins to operate in April. Visitors have their choice of local fruits, vegetables, cheeses, organic bread, herbs, natural soap, and additional hand crafted, local items. Connolly’s Bar, most famously known for its live music and picturesque views, is a family business that has remained in operation for many generations. The owners celebrated the businesses one-hundredth anniversary back in 2008. Individuals can enjoy exquisite sessions while having a drink and overlooking the Galway Bay. Historical sights are one of the largest drawing factors of this location; however, numerous visitors also come to experience the unique heritage of the Irish. Whether interest resides in the past, culture, or supplied scenery, Kinvara offers a magnificent atmosphere full of natural beauty and one of kind sights. Visitors can marvel at the medieval architecture of the area, experience the Irish pub atmosphere, take in the natural scenery, or partake in the arts while enjoying a relaxing stay.