Aruba, Dutch Caribbean: An Incentive Travel Featured Destination

Aruba, an isle located in the Caribbean Sea, is part of what is sometimes called the ABC islands. The isle combines with three additional Dutch countries to form what is known as the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The region is flatter, has no rivers, and is most desired because of its famous white sanded seashores. Stunning beachfront can be found to the West and South where the land is protected from rough currents. The North and Eastern sides of the island do not receive this same protection. It is a destination tourist can visit year round with the average temperature remaining around eighty five degrees due to the Atlantic Ocean trade winds. Precipitation is minimal throughout the year making this location an ideal getaway spot. Visitors have countless beach areas with a widespread contrast in scenery to choose from.

The Beaches of Aruba

Nothing creates a more picturesque view than the turquoise coloring found in the Caribbean waters. A touch of sun, consistent trade winds, and the sanded seashore provide the ultimate atmosphere for relaxation and fun. A seven mile stretch of resort lined beach front can be found on the west coast. Visitors can find plenty to do on this portion of the island including:

  • Sunbathing
  • Swimming
  • Snorkeling
  • Tubing
  • Parasailing
  • Waterskiing

Those not wanting to take part in these activities can relax in a lounger reading a good book or just simply sipping a drink and observing everyone around them. While countless travelers stay on resort oriented portions for water related activities, the exposed portions of the coast offer their own magical wonders. These coastal points are not a good choice for swimming, but do provide a secluded atmosphere where limestone coves are abundant. Every beach on the island delivers a breathtaking view of the Caribbean Sea and is accessible to the public.

Things to Do in Aruba

Aruba may be known as an island paradise with endless water activities; however, it delivers plenty of choices for fun on land as well. The turquoise waters, an ivory colored coastline, and calm surroundings do make water oriented sports quite enticing. Individuals desiring a relaxing, laid back getaway can spend their time sunbathing, taking walks on the beach, or going on a horseback ride. Trails spanning over twenty miles of rugged territory can be explored by foot. Golf creates a whole new challenge with the trade winds providing a steady breeze. Nearby Arikok National Park delivers plenty of additional activities besides hiking to those wanting to experience nature on the island.

Aruba can be toured by motor coach, jeep safari, or by mountain bike with caution being recommended. Stretches of seashore with resorts supply calm waters perfect for a day of swimming. Wave conditions are challenging and this attracts several windsurfers to the area each year. All day sails, jet-skiing, fishing excursions, kayaking, and diving are additional activities offered by this destination. Aruba, Dutch Caribbean provides a large variety of choices to anyone desiring an active or laid back getaway. It is the perfect paradise for individuals to get a well-deserved breather from the stress of everyday life.