Luxor, Egypt – Executive Travel Destination

When most people think of Egypt, they probably think of an enduring and formidable civilization known for creating the most incredible monuments, temples, and other constructions during a period when the tools and mechanisms one would think necessary to erect such impressions were nonexistent. If you have ever held the desire to visit Egypt to see such monumental constructions, then we have a suggestion concerning the best city at which to stay on your vacation. Not only will the city of Luxor, Egypt accommodate your desire to visit these uncanny monuments and temples, there is an abundance of other features that make visiting this wonderful city an absolute must.

Due to the numerous monuments, temples, and colossal structures in or near the city, the city of Luxor has been dubbed the “world’s greatest open air museum.” Another popular draw to Luxor, Egypt is its close proximity to the Nile River—the world’s longest river. Many people enjoy taking ferry rides and sailing tours in the Nile River, as well as embarking on hot air balloon rides over the river, which also provides a breathtaking view of the city, as well as the ancient landmarks. Regarding indoor treats, there are several terrific museums throughout Luxor that provide incredible and rare artifacts and collections, along with abundant information regarding one of the most impressionable and mystical civilizations the world has ever known.

Outside the city of Luxor one will find, what may appear to be endless desert terrain and mountainous landscape. If you are in the mood for an adventure, why not book a safari and experience what life must have been like for a civilization that was able to thrive despite what might seem like near impossible conditions. As one might expect, the resorts in Luxor are lavish and extravagant, and staying in one of the city’s resorts will make you feel as if you are one of descendants of the famous Egyptian Pharaohs.   

You might be thinking to yourself that booking a trip such as the one described here would be financially impossible. However, through corporate travel incentive programs, a destination vacation to marvelous cities such as Luxor, Egypt is more realistic than you think. Many companies are now offering employee incentive programs that include an expenses paid trip to a unique city anywhere in the world for employees who have earned such a trip justified by their excellent work. If you are lucky enough to work for a company offering corporate travel incentives, be sure to take advantage so you do not miss the adventure of a lifetime!