Guam, Pacific Islands: An Incentive Travel Destination

Those who are familiar with American history will know the United States has fought wars in Guam, the Pacific Islands, twice for control of the island and American territorial recognition. The first, the Spanish-American War, became the first time the United States held occupation over the island. America then briefly lost the island to Japan the day after the Japanese invaded Pearl Harbor, as they simultaneously invaded Guam. Fortunately, the United States regained control at the Battle of Guam in 1944. For much of its history, Guam, in the Pacific Islands, has been a strategic naval hub and port station, and remains so today. What many do not realize is over the years, Guam has quietly become a beautiful and enjoyable resort and vacation destination. You can soon find out how wonderful and mesmerizing the small island is through your company’s business incentive travel.

The Pacific Islands are home to thousands of islands in the Pacific Ocean, some of which have become awesome tropical vacation destinations—Guam among one of those tropical resort islands. Although it is home to a U.S. Naval port, Guam is also embedded with several wonderful hotels and resorts along its beaches. Not only can you relax on the beautiful white sand beaches and dip in the clear waters, if you wish, you can partake on several adventurous excursions, including scuba diving, parasailing, and even skydiving for the extreme sports lovers. For those who prefer or also enjoy their sports games to be on land, Guam is home to seven world-class golf courses. The island also has a desirable nightlife climate, with plenty of places to go for fine dining, dancing, and social gatherings.

Because of having been colonized by several different ethnicities, including Indonesians, native islanders, Spanish, Asian, and American, the culture of Guam is quite diverse. For those who enjoy historical and cultural landmarks, Guam is full of iconic statues and commemorative constructions of famous peoples and battles that helped shaped the island as it is known today. Guam also came under heavy religious influence, especially from Catholicism, and is home to one of the most wondrous cathedrals in the world—the Dulce Nombre de Maria (Sweet Name of Mary) Cathedral Basilica—erected in 1669.

Several tropical island vacation locales are offered through our business incentive travel program, but many of those might not have the interesting history and influence of Guam, in the Pacific Islands. Of course, all of our tropical destinations are magnificent and unique in their own way, but we are confident that you will fall in love with the history and culture of Guam as much as you will love the scenic virtues and beaches of this lovely island.