Guanacaste, Costa Rica: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

guanacastePeople come to see the beautiful shoreline of Guanacaste and to enjoy the locations mild summer days. The province offers some of the best ocean shoreline in this portion of the world along with numerous memorable activities visitors can include as part of their Costa Rica experience. Those visiting this location for the first time will have plenty to do with surfing, horseback riding, and snorkeling being a few of the areas main activities. It is the breathtaking shoreline that attracts several visitors to the Guanacaste province each year for a relaxing or action packed trip.

The province can be found in the northwestern portion of Costa Rica along the Pacific Ocean coast. Nicaragua, Alajuela Province, and Puntarenas Province can be found bordering the region. Of all Costa Rican provinces, Guanacaste has the lightest population count making it an ideal location for a fun filled beach vacation. The territory was annexed to Costa Rica between 1824 and 1825 as a decision of local inhabitants. Today Guanacaste is recognized as the capital of this particular province but has since been renamed to Liberia.

Guanacaste Geography and Climate

Guanacaste Province includes various amounts of natural scenery including an eastern set of foliage covered volcanoes, the ocean, mountains, rivers, and rolling flatlands. Rivers flowing from the mountains create a deposit rich plain that empties into swampy wetlands in the area. Some portions of this destination are heavily forested while others have modernized atmospheres such as the capital city. November through April offers minimal rainfall with consistent heat whereas May to October supplies daily showers along with more moderate temperature spans. Guanacaste is one of the warmer provinces due to the region resting at a higher elevation.

Guanacaste Local Economy

This particular Costa Rican province has a heritage based upon cattle ranching due to land conditions restricting other types of agricultural economic ventures. The land is ridden by patches of rain forest, trees, and pastures of coarse grass which works better for beef than any other type of animal produced product. Cattle ranching activities have started to decline in the area partly due to natural changes as well as declining beef demands. Sugar cane, cotton, rice, and tourism are other prominent economical products within the territory.

Guanacaste Area Activities

Boredom is not an option at this unique beach oriented getaway destination because it offers plenty of activities to meet the varying interests of any group. Tours are provided to those visitors who want to experience the city from a local perspective. Surfing is a very popular activity since the beaches provide some of the best opportunities in regards to the sport. Lessons, shops, tours, and rentals are all part of the Guanacaste surfing experience. The Nosara Wildlife Rescue, a facility created to rescue animals for rehabilitation, provides vast information on local wildlife. Hiking, swinging bridges, zip line traveling, fishing, and horseback riding can add increased adventure to when visiting this destination. Visitors may lounge on the beach, receive massages, or enjoy several cultural dishes as well. Whatever the interests, Guanacaste has something to match each individuals idea of a good time with the perks of an incredible setting.