Tucson, Arizona: An Incentive Travel Solutions Featured Destination

Tucson Arizona is an exciting destination where travelers can experience a little adventure, spend a day shopping at the best boutiques, or tantalize their taste buds with amazing culinary creations. Located in the eastern portion of the state, Tucson sits in the middle of mountain ranges and the Saguaro National Park. Individuals visiting this busy location have the chance to:

  • Play on First-class Golf Courses
  • Try New Foods
  • Visit Art Museums or Galleries
  • Have Unique Cultural Experiences
  • Shop
  • Explore Nature
  • View Historical Landmarks

The city is also referred to as “The Old Pueblo” due to its rich past as a developing settlement area and is located on the riverbanks of the Santa Cruz River, which is now a dry piece of land with the exception of floods caused by seasonal rains. Its original development was based on a grid plan from the nineteenth century where the center of the city sat at the junction of Broadway Boulevard and Stone Avenue; however, this location has changed due to continued expansion. The metropolis holds a variety of historical neighborhoods including El Presidio, Menlo Park, and Iron Horse. Some of these are located in the downtown area while others are spread throughout the city.

Historical Attractions

Several historical landmarks can be found throughout the older neighborhoods in Tucson with the most prominent residing in the downtown region. Hotel Congress was constructed in 1919 at about the same time when the Rialto Theatre was built. They sit on the opposite sides of the street with the rear of the landmark facing the old Amtrak Station. The structure, originally just a hotel, now houses a restaurant, music site, and a bar with its most notorious historical moment was being the capture of John Dillinger. The Art Deco Fox Theatre, built in 1929, is still used as a performance location in the downtown region of the city. Visitors can catch various types of performances at this site ranging from modern music to ballets. St. Augustine Cathedral, El Charro Café, and the O.K. Corral are additional sites in the downtown area.

Modern Areas of Interest

The travel destination offers more modern attractions to tourists desiring to take some time for enjoying their favorite activities. Museums are not hard to find in this bustling city and visitors can spend a day viewing displays based on western culture, science, or artistic creations. A day at the one of the area casinos offers the opportunity to win big while enjoying great food and company. State parks, vineyards, and wildlife observatories supply their own version of fun. Travelers desiring a more active getaway have the option of spending a day in Mt. Lemmon Ski Valley or testing their skills on the local golf courses. It is a city of many cultures where history has brought together Native American, Anglo, and Hispanic backgrounds. Visitors have a broad range of choices when desiring to experience the local culture. Shopping opportunities are endless and the area climate promotes boutique browsing since most days are sunny. The destination offers so much to do and explore that many individuals come back to continue their experience of “The Old Pueblo.”